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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Contribution from the West Coast

Mistress is currently on an orgasm embargo, imposed by our Western Correspondent in anticipation of their date this morning. So that had both of us treading a little softly last night…..

Of course, it’s not that Mistress did not test her boundaries. As promised, I “topped her off” with some oral and cock-al stimulation yesterday before we headed to work.

But then Mistress announced she was wearing her peek-a-boo tights, with that cunning little opening between her thighs. “I’ll try to stop over for worship before my lunch appointment, Slave.”

But of course, I was very legalistic about this proposal.

“Wait… what about the embargo, Mistress? I thought you were cut off for 24 hours?”

I know, I probably shouldn’t question authority. But I wouldn’t want her to cross our Western Correspondent. It could make him even less productive. In this case the “Blue Flu” would take on a whole new meaning.

But I had an idea.

“Why don’t I text him, to see if it’s OK.”

“Go for it Slave…. But sometimes it takes him a while to get going. He is on Mountain Time.”

Now, in the meantime, there were other compelling developments.

The other day I posted a CM email from an interested East Coast Dom who told a rather sexy (if grammatically impaired) tale about his proposed debauch of the Lovely Molly while her Slave watched then “cleaned up” afterwards.

Out of the blue came an email the next day from a new blogger, a“gentleman” from the West Coast, who had an interesting proposition:

I read your latest blog post despite my slight disappointment when I realized the title referred to her mail in box, and well not.. suffice to say it was not the box I had in mind when I clicked on the link.
Regardless I read the email from east coast guy and my first thought was 'I could do better then that.' So I'd like to. This isn't a 'bid' for her, I hadn't thought much about it, however I would like her consent and yours before I write it. I haven't been following long so I don't know either of you too well but I still think I could write something enjoyable. Any kind of crib notes on your interests (or more importantly limits) would be helpful I'm sure. If not going in blind will be just as much fun.

Well who could say “No” to such a generous offer, particularly if it gave me food for blogging too?

Sure enough, just as we were headed to work yesterday, up pops a rather compelling tale, well written and….. I’ve gotta admit…. Very hot. Mistress scrolled through it on her I-phone as I drove her to her office. Those long legs, covered with her special black tights and boots, were stretched out onto the dash. And as she read…. Well there was something about her little squirms, her thighs ever so slightly moving against one another, that made her “interest” in this tale quite apparent.

When she put down her I-phone it was with a little gasp.

“What do you think, Mistress?”

“Hot, Slave…. Very hot.”

“His blog says he’s in law enforcement…. Sounds like he might be a police officer.”

“Hmmmm…. I kinda like cops.”

I emailed Will with our words of appreciation. And Mistress sent her own message of thanks. And we agreed he would post the tale on his blog, which I am linking here. Mick, Molly and Me

But here is a little “taste”:

The phone rings. Without thought you answered it “Collins residence.”
“Put your wife on the phone” answered back a commanding voice. A submissive inspired ripple rushes through your body.
“Yes Sir” is your trained reply. You could hear traffic from my side but no other clues. You we all had plans together later that night, hours from now, and thought I might be pushing it back. You found your Mistress in her office and handed the phone to her and whispered “It’s him.”
“Thank you slave” she took the phone from you and you could tell from the look on her face that she was just curious as you. She held the phone to her ear and turned away. You know she gets annoyed when you hover over her shoulder so you return to your chores, trying to put the phone call out of mind.
Hardly any time passes before your startled by her calling out for you. You were sure she’d be held up with me longer then that. You return to the office and find her absent until she called out again. You hope you wont be punished as you hurry to the voice calling from the bedroom. “Yes Mistress.”
“He’s rescheduled, we’re to be there in an hour.” Even the way she walked impressed you. Graceful and confident looking through the drawers and then the closet, at the same time you knew her well enough to know when she was on alert. She was like a deer who knew it’d fallen in the hunters sights. “Get my shower ready”
“Yes Mistress” You stepped into the bathroom and started the water, waiting a minute before checking it. After a few more adjustments you announce it’s ready. Her hand on your shoulder startles you.
“And don’t ever make me call for you twice again” you inhale slightly more then normal at the sight of her naked form as she steps under the water. Even watching her bathe is breathtaking in your eyes, “No of course not. Any special instructions tonight?”
“You’re to wear your device” she mentions casually while white suds follow the curves of her body from her breasts down to her ankles “and fetch our collars.” She looks at you while water slides down her body and gives you a rather stern look “Did you think I meant tomorrow slave?” You snap out of it and apologize.
“I’m sorry Mistress.” You turn from your goddess and go to the closet, moving aside the coats to reveal the section reserved for items hidden from potential casual observers. You open a box and start wondering what may be in store for you tonight if anything. You ran your finger over the cock cage and went to the bed. While putting it on you immediately hoped you’d be free of it later tonight. The pattern of water falling changed. You locked it in place and your terrycloth clad Mistress approaches. She reaches out and grips your locked up package to double check it, giving it a tug. “Mmm.. Good boy” You whimper softly because that’s all it takes to make you strain against the metal, and begin your discomfort. “Go wash up.”

The story gets even better from there, so make sure you go check it out. (It’s also listed in our blog roll). It seems we could have a Pacific Correspondent to add to the UCTMW World Media Group. Watch our Ruppert Murdoch!

So where were we…..

Yes…. Mistress was dropped off at her office, charged up for the day by Will’s story.

Her parting words as she slid out of the car were “Now don’t forget to ask M about worship, Slave….”

And once I was behind my desk, I texted M:

“Mistress wants to know if she can be worshiped at lunch time.”

I though about adding a phrase that “of course, I could just tease her a bit….” but that would have been so very wrong.

At around 11 am I got a curt response:


And I passed that on by text to Mistress:

“Good!”. Was her response.

Sure enough, Mistress arrived right around noon for her “treatment”.

AS I closed the door and pushed the chair against it, she mentioned talking to M on the way over.

“he says I am allowed to come one more time now, but he demands a picture, Slave.”

So before applying my lips ar cage.”

nd tongue to the task at hand, I knelt and took a photo of Mistress, legs spread, her hungry little lips all pink and delicious, poking out of that opening in her tights.

I texted the shot off to M with the comment “Mistress is grateful.”

And as I bent to my task, she seemed quite ready for me. I could swear she had not one, but two quick and satisfying cum’s before I was released from service.

“I hope he won’t object to that second one, Mistress.”


At home last night, I teased her a bit. and she even offerred to let me fuck her without her coming. But that seemed rather cruel. I elected to join in her embargo.

But the sad part (for me) is that mine will end up last longer.

“remember Slave, since I will be staying home later in the morning, you need to wear your cage….”

How could I forget?


SnowCaptive said...


sin said...

Sweet - you have extra writers. Where can I get extra writers??

Good story - both of them. My Owner would call Molly on her "oops" I am sure. I suspect that M won't but should be interesting to find out?

beingaisha said...

Lucky Molly... Here I was thinking that she was gonna be all heated up by Will's story, and left to simmer by M, but no. Not only does she get that extra orgasm - then she works in an EXTRA orgasm.

{laughing} Way to go Molly!

Hope you're having a lovely morning at home...


WC said...

You are right Aisha, I am far too easy on Molly,

BUT why limit her fun?

BTW everybody

Mick and Molly have the house to themselves for the next few nights

Hide the women and children

No telling what those 2 lunatic will be up to!

The ever lazy and under productive,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thankfully WC is a loving and generous master! He is indulgent and I love that. Mick and I have invited him to join in for our childless weekend! I can zip over to the airport in a moment's notice....

Suzanne said...

Quite a literary effort from Mr. Will. A weekend without the kids...are we to assume you will be too busy to blog?