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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Strikes

I suspect this blog creates the impression that Molly and Mick are always chipper and upbeat. That we are relentlessly courteous to one another. That we live in a drama free zone where, like a kinky version of that mythical Minnesota Town, the cunts are always dripping, the dicks are never flacid, and the cock cages never get tarnished.

Hate to break the news, but even we can have a bad day here at UCTMW, one that requires a little energy and humility to overcome.

Our day started a bit too early yesterday morning. Both of us had early downtown meetings. And Mistress had been up the night before working on a project. So there was no sex to begin the day.

Strike one.

Then, in the car, as we game planned the rest of our too busy week, trying to figure out how to get Surly teen #1’s care serviced, get to the gym, make sure that a car was available for Surly teen #2’s dentist appointment, blah, blah, blah, Mistress got a little snappish:

“Don’t lecture me…..”

Strike two.

That quieted things down for the rest of the ride to work, as you might imagine.

I dropped Mistress at her meeting, then went to mine.

We did exchange mushy text messages from our meetings. Little peace feelers. And when Mistress called me on her walk back to her office, we seemed to be in a better space.

We also talked as she walked to and from a lunch engagement, at a posh downtown Club where all of the corporate lions of River City gather at noon time, to tut tut about our nation’s slow descent into socialism, as they export jobs and their bank accounts to warmer and more congenial climes.

No doubt he would be much admired in her black dress, with those lovely slits showing off those strong shapely legs in black tights and her over the knee boots. Very Tina Turner.

But it was around 3 pm that I got a rather snippy text from her:

“You never invited me over for worship today when I was walking around, Slave.”

Ooops. Strike 3.

“You seemed so busy, Mistress.”

“No excuse.”

At this point my initial instinct was to get defensive …. But I quickly realized that would put us back on a downward slope. Instead, I groveled.

“I deserve punishment, Mistress.”

“Yes, you do…. What if I come over now.”


Within about 5 minutes, she strode into my office. Looking hot. (I forgot to ask whether any of those corporate lions flirted with her…. Another demerit.)

“I can’t believe I had to ask for worship, Slave….. and here I am in my special tights.”

That was a surprise…. Usually I get advance notice, to remind me how to plan my day.

“Hmmmm…. Did you wear those for someone other than me, Mistress.”

“No…. but I probably should have.”

No further discussion was required. I pressed her “throne” up against the door, spread out the maroon blanket, and fell to my knees. With those peek-a-boo tights, Mistress was ready for action. No need to remove her boots.

“Take your time, Slave…. I’m taking a photo that I want to see posted on the blog.”

“Of course, Mistress.”

Suffice it to say that I did take my time, with Mistress’s legs over my shoulders, holding me firmly in place, as I proceeded to bring her to two robust little cums to break the chill.

Hopefully I had redeemed myself, but I suspected there might be further consequences for my poor attitude and negligent behavior. If any of you out there have any suggestions, I am sure Mistress would welcome them.

Later, at home, things were back to “normal”, which suggested that groveling was definitely my best path to redemption.

Mistress and I were sitting in bed, resting up a bit, checking your blogs on our laptops, before it was time to prepare dinner.

The WC had been texting Mistress, and I suggested that she ask him if he was going to respond to Suzanne’s comment, requesting that he describe his first use of the “diaper position.”

The WC, who apparently does not want to get all that lube residue on his computer keyboard, quickly responded.

“He says he is going to dictate the story to his Slave Molly, while she wears that buttefly vibrator, Slave…. What do you think of that….”

“I think you would probably like that, Mistress….”

“Yes, Slave…. I probably would.”

By the time the teens were fed, and we were done watching #POTUS do his #SOTU (too much tweeting last night!), there was still time for some hanky panky. And I was fortunate that Mistress was in a forgiving mood.

“Are you finally ready to fuck me now, Slave…”

“I am fortunate that you are allowing it after my misbehavior today, Mistress….”

“Yes, you are a very lucky, Slave.”



MissBehaviour said...

Over the past few posts we've been treated to some lovely partial glimpses of the 'act of worship' at work. You are to be congratulated at being such a naughty couple to treat your fans...

Now just keeping on teasing us little by little. You have a secret plan to get half the Internet (well - the filthy half anyway) drooling uncontrollably, don't you?


sin said...

Interesting point of view in the photo.

beingaisha said...

Nice photo!

Glad things ended up well for you, Mice - I was a little worried...


Suzanne said...

Lovely photo Molly! Everyone in their rightful place.

BTW, I hope the dictation of WC's diaper position tale is done correctly. Could the legal dept. hire a court stenographer just in case? Wouldn't want to miss anything.

nilla said...

great photo.

Mistress Molly...didn't i hear tell of a pair of pegs (clothespins) laying around from Sunday's wee frolic?

i understand some men find them quite...painful.
and perhaps stimulating.

just sayin'....


sin said...

Why Nilla, where are you suggesting that Mistress Molly should put those pegs on her man?

Just askin'

Little Butterfly said...

Very nice picture! :) Sometimes reading your blog makes me wonder how it would be to have a slave... Daddy was asking me what I wanted for our anniversary... *grin*

The POTUS thing made me laugh. I've never heard that acronym. Not enough twittering, I guess.

WC said...

Dear, U 2 studs,

Hope this find's u 2 well,

from your very good friend

the ever lazy and under productive,