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Friday, January 7, 2011

So When I Got Home....

Had not planned on a new blog this morning, but did not want to keep those of you who pay attention on the edge of your seats.

The basketball game was a fun evening for Slave with some male buddies. The annual Intra-City match-up between the town’s two college basketball teams. And caged as I was, Mistress could be confident that her Slave would not get into any “trouble”.

(One slight inconvenience was that Slave had to minimize his beer in-take, in light of the inconvenience of relieving oneself at a crowded basketball arena while one’s cock is sheathed in a hard steel cage. But this is the price I pay for a night out… so be it.)

The game ended at around 9:30 pm. And as I headed home I called Mistress, who seemed pleased that I would be back soon. But then moments later I received a text:

“Going to have a short date with M, Slave.”

I.e., she was about to put that Hitachi to use, with M’s direction and permission. Why did that little text make my cock twitch inside it’s container?

About 30 minutes later I was home. I shared some small talk with the teens, then approached our bedroom, not sure whether Mistress was still on her “date”. But when she called out and asked “is that my husband?”, I figured all was clear.

Inside,  found Mistress naked from the waist down,  still in her work-out top. She gave me a warm hug of greeting.

“How was your date, Mistress?”

“Nice Slave…. I just finished up.”

“How many, Mistress?”

“Two, Slave…. Just two.”

She did have that slightly dazed look of someone who’s cunt had just been put through it’s paces. And as I undressed she busied herself in search of a favorite top she planned to wear in the morning.

“I suppose I should unlock you, Slave….. but then M says that it would be better to keep you in the cage for 4 or 5 days… he says that’s what you are craving…. That I need to be tougher on you.”

“That’s easy for him to say…. “

“But I told him what’s in that for me…. I need the cock every day.”

“Relieved to hear that Mistress….”

Of course, she had not answered the question of whether I might be liberated that evening, or have to wait until the morning.

 I settled into bed while Mistress bustled around, catching up on some of your blogs.

Ironically, over at Mischievous Little Vixen (link here:         mischievouslittlevixen ), Foxy was talking about the prospects of placing her husband in a chastity device from time to time as a matter of attitude correction…. Believe me, Foxy, the concept has it’s merits.

When Mistress finally joined me, she  gave me her verdict.

“Ok, Slave. I am going to release you now. But no sex for you until morning…. I’m quite satisfied.”

As she should have been. There was morning sex, afternoon worship at my office. Then her date with our Western Correspondent as I drove home.  No doubt her needs were well attended to, as they should  be daily.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

I was just relieved to be freed from those tight confines, as she used her hey to pop open the lock. It was then up to me to wriggle the little cage and ring off.

“ Awww….It looks all red, Slave….”

Actually, after about 15 hours, all was calm and comfy. Maybe she’s trying to slowly work me up to longer periods of confinement?

And as we settled into bed, reading a bit before lights out,   I had an urge to take her then and there as my cock twitched a bit, exercising it’s new found freedom. 

But a good Slave knows his place. And I was grateful that my place was at Mistress’s side, even if my satisfaction would have to wait until morning.


sin said...

Mick, how much does it rattle you to think you might be in the cage for longer? And how do you feel about the WC advocating for that? He says you want it, need it; do you think he is correct?

SnowCaptive said...

Hi :)

Thanks for the comment and the read. Yeah I've been reading your blog for months... but always been one of those people sneaking around. Figured it was time to join the non vanilla blogcommunity after thinking about it for what seems like forever.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Great to hear from you SnowCaptive.... and Sin, well, It's interesting to have the WC advocating form ore prolonged denial. I am not sure I really want it, but the thought does generate some heat, if you know what I mean.


Suzanne said...


It's very disappointing to see that you limited your beer intake at the game. Is it that difficult for you to "sit down to pee" like many chaste slaves do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys:
Sin: I LOVE boots. They are on my top three list! DSW for the pair in the pic! Boots have always been a fetish of Mick's too
happy shopping

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne- I have no problem with the sitting part... but at a crowded sports event the sitting options in the Men's room are very very limited. so it makes more sense to forgo the suds if you want to watch the game.

I guess that's a small price to pay to make Mistress feel that she can trust me on a night out with the guys.

Wondering if you have ever persuaded Jay to try this at a Pats' game? Just for an experiment of course.

Suzanne said...

Good idea Mick. I'll try to make that part of our bet this weekend :)

beingaisha said...

And I can't believe I missed this post yesterday, and was left in suspense...

The WC's role in things is interesting sometimes - it seems to me that he likes to stir the pot, so to speak, encouraging you to be firmer on switch day and Molly to be harder on you the rest of the time. I wonder if it's unusual for someone to take that role in a triad or it's just the way it works.

In any case, I'm glad you're out of the cage - laughing - if that's where you want to be.