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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mistress's Switch Day Bonus

Molly and Mick had a busy day here in River City, and Molly is working even as I type this on Monday evening, editing a proposal that was rather poorly drafted by some of her less than conscientious colleagues.

Poor Mistress. She has every right to be a little cranky. Toleration of fools is not a strong point for her.

Then it’s an early rise for us for some command performances at 8 am. That explains why you will be able to read tomorrow’s blog tonight.

We left off this morning with Mistress’s difficult choice: braving the cruel clothes pins in order to enjoy a soothing orgasm after all that Switch Day teasing.

But she might have made a different choice if she knew what was in store for her later that afternoon.

She had taken Surly teen #2 to the movies, while I visited my cantankerous Mother. We both found ourselves back at home again around 4:30 pm. When Mistress walked in, I was in guy heaven: watching the NFL playoff game and reading the Times. Mistress joined me on the couch in my “man cave”, but within a few minutes, her text message chime went off.

“It’s M, Slave. He wants to know if I am available to talk.”

“Of course you are, Mistress. I don’t think either the Bears or the Packers will notice that you have lost interest.”

Mistress was clearly excited to get the call from our Western Correspondent, and quickly adjourned to our bedroom. And as I became engrossed in the Bears comeback attempt, ultimately frustrated by a very large dude’s unlikely interception for a TD, I probably lost track of time, and her.

But about 40 minutes later, there she was, a bit flushed, a wicked smile on her face, sliding down next to me as the game neared it’s end.

“Did you miss me, Slave….”

“Of course, Mistress …. but it looks like you had some fun….”

“I did Slave….”

“How many, Mistress?”

“Two, Slave…. Just two.”

“And the WC, Mistress…. Did he get off too?”

“No…. he said he took care of himself earlier, because he wasn’t sure I would get back to him in time….”

“Sounds like that special occasion cock is on the mend….”

“So it seems, Slave….”

Good to know. I guess I can call off that private eye who was commissioned to photograph him in compromising positions to rebut that bogus workers' comp claim.

In fact, Our readers should know that the Western Correspondent was happy to see that old story from his private email last winter reconstituted in our Sunday morning blog. I suppose it takes a bit of pressure off his productivity expectations during that lengthy rehabilitation. So here is another story from his old emails to us, describing his further adventures in his ski instructor days:

"I had one experience with cuckolding from the male dom side that I thought you guys might enjoy. I had a doctor named Mike from LA in one of my ski classes. I was having dinner with him and his wife L one night, and she was really flirting with me. After dinner he excused himself and went to bed. L and I ended up in the disco pretty drunk and making out in the corner. We ended up in my room fucking for hours. She was a very lusty lady and very good looking. She was also submissive. I asked her what her husband was going to think of her coming back to there room at 4 in the morning. She said "oh. my husband knows me".

Anyway this started a thing between us that lasted about 3 years. She would spend 4 or 5 weeks a year at club med, usually without her husband. I would sometimes meet her at a resort in the summer and spend the week with her.

I remember one time in particular that I thought you guys might find fodder for a fantasy. I was dancing with L in the disco and I was grabbing the back of her hair and making her look right in my eyes while I looked intently at her and told her about the things I was going to do to her. With my other hand I was grabbing her breast and pinching her nipple hard. I could tell she was very excited and kept asking her how wet she was. She kept telling me she was soaking wet.

The disco was in the basement, as was the make up/dressing room for the nightly shows. This room had no lock and there was a very real possibility that someone might come in even late at night. Several people actually worked in that room, the professional actors and dancers and the make up and costume people. I took her in there and pulled her blouse and bra up over her tits. I started pinching both her nipples hard while kissing her. I remember my cock was rock hard and standing straight up, the way a 26 year old cock can do.

I pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles and pushed two then three fingers up her soaking vagina. I then rubbed her clit and she came very hard. The I pushed her down to her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. As she was sucking my cock I told her that I was going to whip her ass with my belt. I had her turn around and lean over a dressing table and grab the other side. I took off my belt and doubled it up and really laid into her ass. She had bright red stripes across her ass, doing that made my dick even harder. I then pulled her ass apart so I could look at her asshole and pussy. I remember telling her that she was lucky I didn't have any lube or I would fuck her in the ass. Anyway I started fucking her and she came and came, as did I. We then pulled up our pants and went right back in the disco. I remember her telling me that she was sitting in a puddle as we had another drink. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story as much as we have enjoyed your stories, and I hope that it did provide some fodder for your fantasies.

Yours truly,



beingaisha said...

Yes, lovely story.... The WC does have some good tales!

Suzanne said...

He sure does. I'm curious to hear about the first time he put "the diaper position" to use!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

maybe we should ask WC to report on that, Suzanne, though it could interfere with his arduous rehabilitation regime. Mick

WC said...

Will answer the question you guys,

I had typed up long response and then lost it. Am not a computer wizz. Molly was laughing at me today about that. Oh well, will answer Suzanne's question, but it might take a few posts.