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Thursday, January 20, 2011

HNT/ Ouch!

On Sunday, our switch day, Mistress got to sport some clothes pins on her firm and succulent breasts, at the direction of our Western Correspondent.  On Monday, this blog described the experience, and we even had a lovely shot of both of her wonderful breasts all “pinned” up for the occassion.

But when we sorted through the comments, Mistress was a little surprised:

“No one commented on my breasts, Slave…..”

Yes, we do pay attention to your fun and helpful comments.

“Maybe it’s because I buried that picture midway through the story, Mistress…. I didn’t want to give away what your punishment was by sticking the little lovelies above the fold….”

“M did mention it though…. He thought the photo was very hot…..”very nice breasts, Molly” is what he said. Though apparently B (his wife) also has some pretty hot breasts.”

“I am sure that yours would hold up very well in a side by side comparison, Mistress.”

Maybe we should schedule that, M…. what do you say?

So just in case you missed Monday’s shot, I am featuring it again, along with a lovely close-up out take from Sunday’s “punishment”, as choreographed by our Western Correspondent.

Fortunately, he did not impose an embargo yesterday. Mistress stopped by for some post lunch worship, and after I had done my pleasant duties, still there on my knees in front of her spread legs, she had a suggestion…. Well, I considered it more of an order…..

“Now, take a picture slave, and send it to M ….”

“Of course, Mistress.”

I snapped one of her in her “throne” legs spread, one boot off, and one leg of tights off, her clean shaven folds still glistening, a smug little smile on her face, then zapped it off to Mike for his approval.

If she is free to cavort with her Slave on the afternoon before a planned “date”, she at least can show her gratitude with a smutty photo.

And, as it turns out, their date is now in jeopardy. She had planned to stay home a bit later this morning, for their scheduled “conference call”, but now the snow is falling, schools are closed, and it seems she will have to drive with me, in our only 4 wheel drive UCTMW mobile unit.

Poor dears. Let’s hope  they can figure a way to reschedule soon. Otherwise, our WC is likely to fall even further behind on his 2011 strategic plan.


strivingforpeace said...

We're all just jealous

because -- I have to tell you?

yours look better than mine

particularly right now when mine is bruised as hell


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thank you! These 47+ (non surgically touched by anything) breasts need all the compliments they can get...the bruising will pass!

sin said...

LOL @ Mick reposting them for comments.

Well I noticed, cause I thought it was the first time you had shown breast shots, but then I wasn't sure and ... you know.

But yeah, very nice boobs Molly.

What did you think of the clothespins?

xantu said...

Very lovely.

Donna said...

Bill and I both enjoyed your breast photos!

Bill said your breasts look both lovely and lickable and that he would like to offer his services for a more in-depth analysis to determine those important breast attributes of squeezability and tongue response.

WC said...

Beautiful Molly!

From the at least you are nice to me,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks for making my day. WC and I had to cancel our date due to bad weather, etc...this cheers me up!

Little Butterfly said...

LOL Ditto on what sfp said! At least about the jealous part. ;)

Property of Mrs C said...

Well I at least have an excuse. I just discovered your blog from a mention by Suzanne. Your regular reader, however, have no excuse for not commenting on those mammary marvels! Quite exquisite.
Looks like you guys are having mucho fun. Keep it up and I look forward to reading your adventures.

Property of Mrs