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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mistress "Works from Home"

As promised, Slave spent the work day in his cage yesterday., while Mistress spent a well deserved day “working from home”.

My first stop was at a lab near in River City’s big University / Hospital complex. My annual physical is coming up and the Doc always send me in for a blood test to check on my cholesterol, etc., etc. But when the perky nurse handed me the little cup for the requisite urine sample, well…. peeing into a cup through a cock cage can have its challenges….

Mistress was amused when I told her about that little adventure as I drove to my office, catching her on the way to the gym. And then later we talked when she called me from the nail salon. No doubt she was sending out important office emails with one hand, as the nail-lady worked on the other.

At one point, as I struggled through some rather tedious drafting of my own, Mistress texted: “Just used the Hitachi. Ha ha.” Of course, my “no touch” rule remains in effect – all hard cocks are at Mistress’s disposal here at UCTMW – but even if I had been of a mind to break it, well, the steel cage would have resolved that problem.

When I finally got home, there was some home made chili bubbling on the range, and Mistress seemed to be genuinely relaxed – a good thing after a stressful first half of her week. When I asked, she was more than happy to let me worship her. I knelt at the side of the bed. She tugged down her jeans, and I was able to dig in to her lovely damp folds. Once she had her fill she agreed to unlock me.

“But first, let’s take a shot of you in the cage to send to M….”

My trousers were already off, and I pulled up a T-shirt to give her the right angle. She then texted it off to M, presumably to bolster her Mistress cred.

At that point she used her little key to spring me free, and gave my liberated cock an affectionate pat.

“Sex after dinner Slave…. If you’re good.”

After feeding our surly teens – and congratulating the Senior who received an unsolicited scholarship offer from one of the Colleges on her short list (!!!!!!) – we adjourned to our bedroom. The plan was to catch up on your blogs, watch The Office, and then burrow into the sheets for some pre-snooze fucking.

But then there was a text from M.

“He wants me to call Slave…. Alright?”

“Of course, Mistress…. Let me know if you want me to leave the room.”

She just patted me.

“No you can stay here, Slave.”

I was still on my laptop as they chatted about their day. M was amused by the shot of me in my cock cage. And to be a trouble maker, I interjected a bit.

“Maybe you’d like to turn the tables and get M into your cage someday, Mistress….”

“Slave says you should think about being caged like that, M.”

“Although I assume we would need a super-sized version, don’t you think, Mistress.”

She laughed. Passed that uppity remark on….

“M says it would be way too frustrating for him…. He’s used to easy access…. At work, in the car….when B is out…..”

No I guess M doesn’t have the discipline to accept Mistress’s cage. But it’s an intriguing thought. I suspect we have more than a few lurkers out there who would jump at the chance.

“M thinks I should make you post the photo on the blog, Slave….to show everyone what a good obedient Slave you are….”

Blush….. that always is a little embarrassing. So I came up with a reason to avoid that posting.

“But Mistress, what if there are a lot of comments about my caged cock….. won’t that annoy you…. Since no one commented on your ass despite that lovely photo in today’s blog.”

She laughed……”Slave, wheedling, M….. I hope you don’t mention that in the blog, it will sound like I’m fishing for compliments.“


Somehow the chat about the cage had gotten to me, reminding me of that long period of denial, and I put the laptop aside. And you can suspect where I headed.

“Ahhh…. M…. he’s at it again…. he just can’t control himself.”

But Mistress did not push me away as my lips and tongue found there way between her legs…. All naked and ready for me.

“My parts are a;; exposed here M…. as they usually are by this time of the night. And I guess he just can’t resist.”

Soon M was playing his part…. Whispering those incendiary words and phrases that – combined with my avid ministrations – soon had Mistress bucking against me, her legs squeezing my head as she moaned her ecstasy into the phone to him.

We do make a good tag team, M. If you’re not going to write, at least this is one way to earn your over-budget expense account.

Mistress said “enough”, so I just laid there on her lap for a while, a bit zoned out, horny as hell after my day in the cage, but knowing “my place”, and waiting patiently for their talk to end.

As they talked on, I concluded that Mistress had sufficient rest and might welcome a little more intimate attention. So I was back at it, consumed by her sultry taste and musky aroma.

“He’s at it again, M….. he just can’t seem to get enough.”

Uhhh…. No, I can’t.

And M seemed more than happy to indulge Mistress with another round of salacious talk. Until she came all over my face again. Yum.

But soom their talk ended, and the Collins’ watched the Office, as planned (thank god for that instant replay feature on our cable box). The 30 minute episode gave Mistress a little time to relax before she let her Slave have his way with her.

“Why don’t you insert your little device first, Slave.”

It seemed inevitable, what with all that Butt plug talk in yesterday’s blog.

“Of course, Mistress.”

Luckily, it was not mistakenly placed in the freezer.

And so Slave was – at last – given permission to fuck his beloved Mistress, making sure she had at least two more orgasms before asking for my own permission to come.

And when I suggested that we watch “Parks and Recreation” – our other Sit Com indulgence – Mistress just rolled over, apparently zonked.

“I’m going to sleep, Slave…. Too many orgasms today.”

Poor Dear.


beingaisha said...

LOL. "Too many orgasms today..." Poor, poor Molly.


sin said...

Oh poor Molly, too many orgasms. LOL same comment as Aisha.

Mick I do wonder if you actually WANT to post a photo of you wearing the cage, you are kind of squirmy about it here?

Donna said...

Bill is upset with me that I read him your post yesterday but didn't show him the photos. I think a lovely punishment may be coming. :D

Bill would like for Molly to know that he thinks she has a perfectly lovely and firm heart shaped butt. Being a Southern Gentleman, he offers his considerable talents with massage oils and lotions to assist in keeping said butt soft and smooth.

* Molly, I must warn you in advance of any massaging action, that pink butt is one of Bill's very favorite colors.*

KellyRed said...

Molly has a lovely ass, very spankable,I'm sure you look lovely in your cage too, Mick. As an extrmely visual person, I must say, pictures are always a good thing.

Suzanne said...

It's refreshing to hear that there is such a thing as "too many orgasms." As to Molly's ass, please know that both Jay and sissy find it very, very appealing. I'll leave it at that ;)

WC said...

Dear Mick,

We do make a good team. Our CEO does seem to enjoy the attention of 2 men at the same time.

Now, since we are on such good terms, could u see your way clear to approve the cock cozy from Donna. If I could just get that, and a whirl pool bath and 20 sessions with a massage therapist , I feel certain I could make a complete recovery, thus sparring UCTMW any permeant total disability obligation.

So you see I really do have UCTMW's best interests at heart.

I found a very comely massage therapist over at craigs list. She promises complete fulfillment and only costs $500.00 per hour. Think of the long term savings UCTMY will enjoy with this small investment the the badly wounded WC'c recovery.

I trust this finds you well,

the ever humble an unassuming,


SnowCaptive said...

Sounds like a over all long day :P