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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Slept in here at the Collins compound. Guess I am still catching up to Mountain time. Either that or I am trying to block out the fact that our old neighbor (his family saloon is not far away from us) will become Speaker of the House today. I.e., it's a good day to sleep all the way through.

So I reserve the right to revise and extend my morning remarks.

Yesterday we got a bit of our work-a-day rhythm back here at UCTMW.

Hot morning sex. My cock and balls, confined in that hard steel ring, certainly were desperate for Mistress. So after I used tongue and lips to provide a little wake up excitement for her, she allowed me to take her before our morning . We had both forgotten how hard my cock gets, and how much extra energy it takes for Slave to come when the ring is seated in it's proper place. and all that extra energy gets expended making sure that Mistress is well and truly fucked.

She seemed pleased when the dust settled and I was granted permission to come.

After our shower, it was time to fit the cover on my little cage. and the lock secured me for the rest of the day. Though I did screw up in this sense: Mistress must have been busy, so I forgot to give her the pleasure of snapping the lock closed herself. That may explain subsequent events.....

I was off to a meeting out in the burbs, and Mistress had her own morning meeting, so we drove separately. But the plan was to make time for lunch together.

At around noon I was back in my office, talking to a colleague when Mistress breezed in, and took a seat. Like so many of my younger male colleagues, he seemed to get sheepish when she arrived. No doubt they all scratch their head at why the lovely and desirable Molly would cling to the old Mick. Can you imagine what they would think if they knew the "real deal"?

That Mick had a hard steel cage confining his cock, and that once the door was shut, Mistress would be sitting on her throne, siding off one black boot and one leg of her sensuous black tights, and requiring her slave to fall to his knees for some pre-lunch worship?

By the way, it was not until bedtime last night that Mistress chose to release her Slave from that cage. I wore it though dinner and some time watching an old movie.

"Slave... it won't hurt you to get used to some extended time in the cage....and I do feel so much more secure when I know you are so safely locked away."

"Of course, Mistress...."

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beingaisha said...

And as always, I'm just glad that you two can continue to take care of each other in ways that you enjoy.

Hope your day goes well.