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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Own Private Wonder Woman

Somehow Molly and Mick made it through that first ugly week of the new year, bouncing back from their long car trip and settling back into our work-a-day domestic routine here in River City.

And by Friday morning, Slave was back into his early morning rhythm of rising before 6 am to blog, then waking Mistress at 7 am with the hopes of some indulgence, if she was pleased with my “homework”.

Of course, By Friday morning I was particularly amped up, after a day in the cage, and then coming home to a very satisfied Mistress following her phone sex date with the WC, and her favorite power tool.

After I had lapped and suctioned Mistress to one suitable climax, she reached for my cock to see whether any extra effort might be required on her part before I was allowed to fuck her.

(Of course, there was the risk that if too much effort was required, she might tell me to wait until later).

Fortunately, she was more than pleased.

“Oh my, Slave… what a nice and hard cock you have.”

Uhhh, yeah. So true.

And I was then allowed to put it to it’s highest and best use, taking an approprite amount of pre-work day time to fuck Mistress and produce all those little lovely moans of satisfaction that are music to my ear.

And by the time she gave me permission to come…. Well …. Let’s just say I am glad she did not hesitate, because that train was already leaving the station.

It’s been cold here this week …. Not crazy single digits cold, but cold enough to put a chill in you that lasts long after that first cup of coffee at work.

So Mistress was all wrapped up on the way to work.: Her over the knee boots. Her black tights. And some lovely turquoise leather gloves that kept her fingers warm. They also make a lovely contrast to the black ensemble as they rested there on her legs, stretched out onto the dash as I chauffeured her to work. I made sure I got a photo to take to share with our loyal readers, who can’t seem to get enough of Mistress in her lovely boots. Though maybe I am just projecting….

Mistress’s work day domme costume somehow got me thinking about a post from about a week ago and a response from one reader – Foxy was it you? – who said that her inspiration for dabbling in female domination came from her early exposure to Wonder Woman….. you know, the buxom superhero with the golden lasso and it’s special mind control powers.

I must say she had a certain appeal to me too…. Though I am not sure my pre-pubescent brain went directly to “god, would I love to be at that Broad’s mercy.” And of course, for the switch’s among us, there were more than a few scenes where some evil villain (or villainess) turned the tables on Diana Prince , aka, Wonder Woman, and trussed her up in some “inescapable” bondage. Often with her own lasso.

Of course, Foxy and I weren’t the only ones to latch onto Wonder Woman in our formative years as a source of kinky inspiration. According to this link wonder woman(which has some lovely illustrations to go with it). Wonder Woman was created by a fellow named Charles Moulton, who also was the inventor of the lie detector (and isn’t that what the golden lasso did too?). He is quoted as saying that:

“Wonder Woman satisfies the subconscious, elaborately disguised desire of males to be mastered by a woman who loves them.”

So when Mistress dons that Dommish costume for me, so much more stylish than WW’s red white and blue glorified bikini, she is my own private Wonder Woman, mastering her devoted Slave.

Part of yesterdays costume were those tricked out tights. So when Mistress stopped at my office around 5pm before we headed to a birthday celebration for one of her work colleagues at a local watering hole, Mistress was readily accessed for worship.

I slid the chair to my door…. Spread the absorbent blanket (by now redolent with Mistress’s alluring musk), and fell to my knees.


After she was satisfied, she rose to primp a bit, and sent a text to our Western Correspondent, to keep him up to date on the day’s developments.

She showed me the screen of her I-phone. I couldn’t help but notice that she had sent M a shot of her turquoise gloves, with this clever message:

“Would love to wrap these gloves around your cock.”

So maybe Mistress does not have a golden lasso. But the gloves could certainly take her a long way in the Super Sexual Hero milieu.


gary said...

Love the turquoise gloves! And this is certainly a profound statement to ponder: “Wonder Woman satisfies the subconscious, elaborately disguised desire of males to be mastered by a woman who loves them.”

sin said...

Mmm, the little feminist in me loved Wonder Woman, but I think the little submissve (and bondage junkie) had other heros/models. But I can't think of who right now. Suggestions?

beingaisha said...

Fascinating. The quote that is - and kind of reflects what I've been thinking about - how society is complicit in ignoring BDSM even when it's clearly out there.

I loved Wonder Woman too, as a feminist of course. Submissive role models? Hmmmm. Was there a hint that Catwoman would have surrendered and been submissive to Batman?

Thanks, Mick! And Molly - the gloves are great!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hard to think of any true subs in mainstream fiction, isn't it?

foxy said...

Yep. That was me! :)

Terrific quote, too.

Married Domme said...

Love the gloves!!! thanks for sharing


sin said...

You know Mick I think there are probably tons of subs in mainstream fiction but would I have liked or admired any of them, or just thought them weak? Have to think about that.