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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It seems that as the winter of 2010-11 proceeds, Mistress and Slave have fallen into some rather lazy habits.

It snowed here again in River City yesterday. And the temperature has not popped above 28 or so since our return from our Western outpost about 12 days ago. That and the infernal early darkness has eliminated our proclivity for outdoor exercise when we get home from work.

So what happens?

We tend to burrow into our bed, and with laptops in hand, forage through all of our favorite blogs, spreading comments and sexual energy among you , only to delight in the waves of comments and sexual energy that come back our way.

Before this winter, Mistress was only an occasional blog reader. She would peruse something I figured might be of interest if I handed it to her. Or she might have her Slave find a particular entry if given special recommendation by our Western Correspondent.

No more.

Now Mistress is thrilling to the delight of a new entry that pops up on our blog roll, as if a little present has been discovered at the toe of her Christmas stocking (not the kind with the little cunning aperture, the red one hung from the chimney with care!)

And if she sees a particularly good one, she will send a text to our WC to make sure he is on it, lickity split. Well…. not exactly, but you get the metaphor.

Last night, after I had been allowed to help her peal away her clingy black tights, and kneel for her post work worship, Mistress suggested that we rest a bit before prepping dinner. And the first thing she did was pop open her laptop to see if there was anything new from you to read.

And sure enough, there was Suzanne, back from her trip with Jay, talking about her interview with Mistress Millicent, and getting home to Tammy, who has that unopened present that he is so curious about.

“Did you ever figure out why Tammy was being punished for something he put in those weekend blogs?”

“Uhhh…. No, Mistress.”

And there was Aisha, trying to figure out how to resolve the conflict between the scheduling demands of her new prospect, and her desire to carve out some time for Sunday Church. Mistress left her own comment about her thoughts on organized religion. And Aisha seemed to take them in good spirit.

Of course Mistress marveled at the evolving story of Kelly Red, Sin and their Big Bad Dom.

“There could be some real drama here, Slave…..”

“No doubt, Mistress….”

You get the picture. You have become our alternative universe. And you are so much more interesting than the daily demands and whines of our clients, colleagues or surly teens.

“Slave…. You need to ask our friends out there a question ….. do they feel the way I do these days…. That our sex blog friends are a lot more interesting that dealing with our “real” friends?”

“Consider it done, Mistress…..”

After dinner, Mistress caught up on some of the latest posts, and then tucked her lap top away…..

“Slave…. I think it’s time for sex…”

That reminded us both of some conversation on the way home from work.

“M and I are going to have a date Thursday morning, Slave…. Is that OK with you?”

Well of course it was OK. Mistress makes the call when and if she wants to have one of her hot phone sex sessions with our Western Correspondent. No doubt they need to catch up on editorial planning for the year to come, and what better way to do it than naked and prone, on their respective beds, with Mistress’s Hitachi and his special occasion cock fully engaged.

My only downside: I suspect that I will be required to wear my cage that day, since we will necessarily be driving in separate vehicles.

But then there was a twist, as I learned when M gave Mistress a call as we neared our home. Of course, I could only hear her half of the conversation.

“So you are imposing an embargo, M?”

Hmmmm. I had forgotten about this aspect of their planning. M likes Mistress nice and desperate before their dates. A small but compelling exercise of remote control. Just talking about it seemed to make Mistress all squirmy in her leather seat.

“And exactly how long an embargo….?”

“Slave, M says I can’t come after tomorrow morning….”

“Of course Mistress…. I will do my part in making sure you follow his instructions.”

Soon we were home. There was some fresh snow to shovel, so I embarked on that task, as Mistress lingered in the car to talk with M a bit longer. Further planning, no doubt to get Mistress all stoked for Thursday morning.

Which gets me back to bed with her last night.

“I guess we need to get you a few more orgasms before the embargo begins, Mistress….”

“That would be nice, Slave….”

As we proceeded, Mistress seemed particularly desperate and wanton. It seemed she came twice as my fingers burrowed between her legs, and her fingers gripped and worked on my cock, waiting her permission to fuck her properly.

And there were more for her, as I fucked her from above, pausing from time to time to focus attention on her nipples, or to strum her clit with a finger or two as I slowly slid in and out of her velvety folds.

Was her mind focused on M’s sentence? The 24 hours of denial she would soon be serving.

Poor dear.

In any event, she seemed to get her money’s worth from her Slave’s efforts, before giving me permission to come.

And, my homework now done, soon I will slip upstairs, to “top her off”, before her sad sentence commences.


beingaisha said...

To answer your question first - yes, it's easy to get more involved with the blog world than with the real world. I try not to let that happen... but still. Yes.

And poor Molly - I know it'll be along day for you!! I'm delighted how much interest you're taking in blog world though - and love your comments.


xantu said...

I world is rather limited to work, family and Master. I don't have any "lifestyle" type friends. So yes it is easy for the blog world to become increasingly important. That and the fact that I am a pervy little voyeur and I love to peek into other people's lives.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

yes, that voyeur factor is pretty addicting, xantu

SnowCaptive said...

I agree with Aisha, its is easy to get wrapped up in it all. Even more so now that I have my own little corner of the universe hehe.