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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mistress Gets Her Squirm On.

As Switch Day dawned here at the Collins family compound, I really had no specific plan for Mistress, though my bottom still had the faint memory of the cropping I had received the afternoon before.

I suppose some Slaves with a switch option in their contract might jump on the opportunity to “return the favor” particular when sporting fresh, hard earned welts.

But oddly, when Mistress gets all dommy with me – wields the crop and deploys her strap on – it really makes me a bit more subby, and much less inclined to highlight her own, much more shapely bottom with some tender red stripes.

Oops. Maybe I should not have disclosed such a weak-kneed proclivity.

In any event, after Mistress paged me, I brought her up the Sunday papers. We perused them for a while, before I handed her the laptop for her morning blog read. As is typical, I feaster on her parts, got the juices flowing, while she read my morning homework and scanned a few other blogs.

But then it was time for her to face the music.

I reached into our little bed side table, pulling out the red leather wrist cuffs, and the companion locks.

This was the cue for Mistress to wrap herself tightly in the covers.

“But its cold, Slave.. “

She does like to whine and wheedle.

But ultimately she was a good sport. Though she expressed a little surprise when I locked her wrists behind her back.

“What are you up to Slave?”

Then she squirmed some more – more complaints about the “frigid” air, as I reached for her ankles, linking them together under the covers with some leather binders.

This is where my improvisation began.

I don’t recall ever having Mistress in the classic hogtie position.

But there is a first time for everything.

And since I had decided to give her a pass on any serious cropping or spanking, I didn’t have to worry about full access to her lush bottom, did I?

A length of rope stuffed into that bedside drawer would provide the proper link. SO the covers came off, her legs were pulled up towards her wrists, and the connection was made. Not too strenuous…. But enough to make those strong muscles in shoulders and legs strain just a bit… and how does she look dear readers, all vulnerable and bound?

I took a few photos then.

“Remember Slave…. I get approval rights before any of those get posted….”

“Does that really apply on Switch Day, Mistress…. I’m not sure you’ve read the contract carefully….”

“You know it does, Slave….or you will really be in trouble….”

Can anyone recommend a good ball gag vender. I do think that might be a good addition to our toy box.

After our little photo shoot, I slid down onto the bed next to Mistress, stroking her with my fingers, nibbling a bit at the lovely expanse of helpless flesh on display for me.

“You really are quite beautiful like this Mistress….”

She just cooed into the pillow a bit as I explored a bit. the squirming had begun.

But then I reached for the Hitachi, parked, as usual, just under our bed. I thumbed it on.

“Don’t put it on ‘Hi’ Slave….”

“Ohhh. Listen to you, still giving orders….”

But I had no reason to put it on “hi”…. Not hurray here.

The business end of the pwer tool slid nicely between her thighs from behind… probably not exactly where Mistress would place it if she was at the controls…. But then that was the fun part…. Seeing her wriggle, squirm and buck a bit to get just the right purchase….


Her musky scent was beginning to fill the room. A slight sheen of perspiration was springing forth.

“Still cold, Mistress….”

“Uhhh… guess not, Slave….”

“remember, you must ask for permission….”

“Yes Slave….. “

She seemed to be in the spirit of things now…. Wriggling to and frow, straining to spread bound legs just enough to get her sodden parts just where that little churning machine could do its optimal work.

“May I come now, Slave… please…..”

Who could deny such a pitiful request. Well, sometimes I could… but not yesterday…

“Of course you may, Mistress…. Go for it…”

I could tell she had been holding back … just a bit…. maybe afraid that I would say “no”…

So it took her a good 30 seconds or so to get full cummy momentum and then plunge full speed over the edge…. Humping the mattress, and moaning into her pillow. After the aftershocks subsided, she suggested that had been enough.

“You can stop it now, Slave.”

But I didn’t. She didn’t seem so desperate for the end… not just yet. I “cruelly” forced one more out of her, her leg muscles straining, shoulder and arms stretching as she tried with a certain delicious determination to clutch at the tool as it took her back over the precipice one more time.

By now her body was nice and sticky with a combination of salty perspiration and her juices…

“Now Slave…. Please turn it off.”

“As you wish, Mistress….”

I let her rest a bit, cuddling next to her, as I untied the rope that connected wrists to feet. Then I took off the leather cuffs at her ankles, letting her stretch and rest a bit.

She wiggled her wrists.

“What about these, Slave?”

“Ohhh… not done yet, Mistress….”

My next little experiment was having her ride my cock with wrists bound….

It took a little more effort than you might imagine. Her body was a little tired and tight, but with some helpful pushing and prodding I had her up and over me, and her fingers were quite helpful in guiding my firm and friendly cock where it was destined to be.

Suffice it to say that Mistress, once on top, got into the sprit of things…

Her bound hands were at just the right position to toy with my balls, even as my fingers could tweek helpless nipples.

“I bet M would like this, Mistress making you ride his cock with your hands all helpless….”


Her eyes were shut tight… envisioning it no doubt.

“And I bet you’d enjoy that too, wouldn’t you….”

“I would, Slave…”

Make a note, M.

Soon she was coming again, with a loud moan of surrender to her desires, then collapsing onto me. As I hugged her close, my cock still sliding into her, but at a more relaxed pace, I realized that I had taken her about as far as seemed fair on our little Switch Day.

So I helped her roll over, unfastened her wrists, let her stretch out a bit, then took my own reward.

And it’s funny how, even on Switch Day, things always seem to end with me asking for her permission to come.


beingaisha said...

Lovely, lovely picture, Molly! Sounds like fun too... Nice that Mick's a good slave even on switch day - and I know he enjoys it as much as you.


WC said...

Duly noted Mick

love the pic, very hot.

The still sleepy ,


nilla said...

Great post, awesome pic....

you two and your sexcapades....*grins*


Suzanne said...

Personally, I think you should ask for permission to cum at all times, "switch day" or not!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I seem to be pretty well programmed to do that, Suzanne....

tamingofthebitch said...

WOW! Very hot! I also enjoy switching as well. I do love how you still had permission to cum at the end :)