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Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Alone

Surly Teens were absent here last night, and there are good prospects that both will be gone for this long weekend. One is visiting  friends in the Sunshine state (already texting us with taunts that she will be adopted by a family down there, but might honor us with her company on weekends); the other was over-nighting with a friend who goes to our local University.

So Mistress and her humble Slave came home to an empty house, with the prospect that things will be rather “lonely” here all weekend. 


Of course, I had been in my cage all day. When Mistress had called to check on me at around 11 am, one of my first questions was how her telephone “date” with our Western Correspondent went.

“How many, Mistress?”

Ohhh…. Several, Slave.  Several.”

Sounds like Mistress had lost count. And also that M had been able to deploy and exercise his special occasion cock, something that makes Mistress all the hotter.

This sort of talk, and reading over Will’s sordid tale of cuckoldry, had Slave more than anxious to be sprung from his cage when we got home to our teen-less household . After all, while Mistress’s embargo had lasted about 20 hours, I had been left high, dry and caged for going on 32 hours by now…. But then who’s counting?

Our plan was to lounge in bed a while, then prepare dinner.  It did not take me long to strip down to my undies. Mistress, who was decked out in a lovely black dress, tights and boots, was just beginning to peel off her layers when she got a text message.

“It’s M, Slave…. He wants me to call.”

“Of course that’s up to you, Mistress….. would you like me to leave the room … or maybe go to a corner, like Tammy at ALL Mine?”

She laughed….

“No, Slave. You can stay here …. M’s had plenty of time with me solo today.”

AS she talked she asked me to unzip her rather form fitting black dress, which I was happy to do, taking the liberty to run my hands over her breasts, and tweek her nipples just a bit.

She seemed to like that.

“Don’t stop, Slave….”, she said as I tried to step away. So I lingered a bit, before she moved to drop her dress, all the while chatting with M in that girly, flirty voice she moves to when her long distant Master is on the phone.

Somehow we ended up lying on the bed, Mistress, head toward the foot, still in her black tights and bra.

I had my head propped against the top of the bed, perusing some of your blogs as they chatted amiably about weekend plans.  In fact I noted the WC’s comment on Suzanne’s blog and pointed it out to Molly.

But at some point, my impatience got to me. That lovely body was so close, so tempting.

I found myself setting the laptop aside, and pressing my face against Mistress tight covered ass as she continued to talk with M, inhaling her musky aroma. And discovering that Mistress had on those peek-a-boo tights again. 

Too delicious.

During their conversation, they discussed Will’s intriguing story about a three way involving Mick and Molly…. Well a two way that Mick gets to observe would be a fairer description.

“We could reenact that right here this weekend, M…. I’m happy to pick you up at the airport.”

Unfortunately, other duties call for M. though I suspect the thought has a certain appeal to him.

By now, Mistress was getting increasingly saucy herself, grinding her ass against my face, and stretching one of her feet out to caress my crotch with her toes.

Then she reacted in surprise.

“Ohh dear… I forgot, Slave still has his cage on….”

“No foolin’ , Mistress….”

She laughed with M.

“M wants to know if you are straining against the cage, Slave….”

“You could say that, Mistress.”

That seemed to make them even more jolly. 


My face pressed against her ass again, a tongue probing between the fold of her tights to find some nourishment.

“M, I think the Slave wants to worship…. Is that OK with you?”

Apparently the answer was “Hell, Yes.”

“Then let me get in a proper position.”

She rolled over, spreading those tight covered thighs, allowing me an “All Access Pass” to her promised land. And of course by now, my cock really was getting rather uncomfortable inside that steel cage.

I went to work though, confident that a job well done would be rewarded. 

Mistress screwed her eyes shut, focusing on whatever magic spell M was casting… and the lips and tongue plying their craft between her strong and shapely thighs.

Soon she was tipping over the edge, moaning into the phone, bucking against my mouth.

Afterwards,  lingered a bit there, making sure Mistress had been played out, all those little post orgasm after shocks exhausted, until she said, “Enough Slave.”

Their conversation went on a while, but she was in a generous mood.

“Slave, why don’t you unlock your cage now….”

At last.

When their conversation concluded, I commented on her rather dramatic orgasm.

“Mistress, you seem to come quicker and more enthusiastically when he’s on the phone than when it’s just me worshiping….”

“Of course, Slave…. I’ve got too of you working on me… double the pleasure.”

“And what was he telling you when I was down there?”

“I was sucking his cock, Slave…..”

Ahhh… the special occasion cock.

The Holy Grail of UCTMW.

Fortunately, Mistress still had some energy left for me. Indeed, she always seems to want her Slave’s cock after one of these “double headers”.

And I was allowed to fuck her through the aperture on her tricked out tights. A “Holy Grail” of sorts if you have a tights fetish like I do.

Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all on our first night Home Alone. 

We will keep you posted.


MiWill said...

I love the look on their face when they've been left with an order for ever (in your case your cage) only to discover it's been completly forgotten by the Owner

beingaisha said...

Glad your embargo's over and that you have the weekend ahead of you!


sin said...

Mmm, don't you just love home alone.

And poor Mick. I did giggle a little when they forgot the cage and you said "Fuckers."

WC said...

Very funny Mick,

but Fuckers?

You know I have your back..... but may start to embargo you to!

Instructions for Sunday will be on the way soon>

Molly was a very bad girl and needs a very strict bare bottom paddling!

Your ever loyal and trustworthy ,

hard working and under paid


WC said...

And by the the way Mick,

I am a card caring member of the teamsters since the sex workers of America decided to merge with the teamsters.

So mister if you are planning on replace me with the Pacific correspondent, you can expect swift legal action against UCTMW!

So.... just remember what happened to Tom Delay.

Stay on your toes and put you best foot forward take one step at a time, and remember your QB has great footwork and quick feet.

the WC