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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HNT/ Opening an Interesting Door....

Molly and Mick noticed that some of you out there have made reference to as a place you have looked and to some extent found interesting interactions in the broader BDSM community. You know who you are, and I need not name names (or in this case, Nomes de Blog).

So we were lying about Tuesday night, perusing blogs, and Mistress was focusing on a new one, on the subject of “HotWifing.”

“here’s a good one Slave…. She’s got 3 or 4 lovers at a time…. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it!”

“Very interesting, Mistress….”

A little twitch from my cock told me just how interesting it might be.

I somehow merged those two thoughts and popped over to “”, opening a very non-descriptive  profile for Mistress and her devoted Slave, with some basic facts – interests (maybe a Dom for Mistress), height, weight, age….

I figured it was a way to explore around and see what was on the sight.  What I did not expect is all the emails that suddenly began popping up in our joint in-box, addressed to Mistress or the both of us.

Of course, some of the “names” used by some of   the enquiring participants were a bit of a turn off. Mistress seemed a tad put off by “FilthyFucker”, even before his message was opened.

One guy went straight to the point. “Hello, have you both been trained?”
My guess is he did not want to take on a project. Only well trained prospects need apply.

Others seemed a bit out of our reported range of interest, like a woman who described herself as a 23 yr. old lesbian dominant. It’s hard to imagine her taking my wily and more experienced Mistress in hand, isn’t it?

And some were just too darn short.

“Slave, it would be hard to take a Dom seriously who is a shorter than me.”

Yeah, I can see that…. But then Mistress is a few inches shorter than me, so….

One fellow described himself as a big bad Dom, but then when you clicked on his picture, there he was in a sequined, royal blue dress.  You’re sending mixed signals there, pal.

Of course, there were a few solicitations that survived the snicker test, one guy who described himself as an Ivy League refugee who had an interest in exploring options. And a couple from down river who described themselves as a Dom/Domme.

Of course, Mistress described our little experiment to our Western Correspondent who was more than a little amused.  And Intrigued. My sense is that he had no problem with Mistress checking out her options, but then….

This message popped up in her in-box soon thereafter:

“You have a message on Collar me from Colorado Dom the meanest nastiest SOB west of the Mississippi!  Sadistic brutal pain giver but with a sense of humor and a heart of gold that will have you rolling as u writhe in pain U can have the best of both worlds with me, BDSM and a comedy show, the ladies love me I and I dress in really creepy clothes like leather aprons to keep body fluids away from me 

contact me for the time of your life on Collar Me, I am the Dom of your dreams,, see attached pic of me in costume. “

Yes, our WC has a robust sense of humour.

On the way home last night, Mistress was exchanging texts with the WC and the conversation went to Mistress’s thirst for adventure. She reported a bit of their exchange:

“He says maybe he should lend me to other men. He would get paid in tequila and “laughing cow” cheese.”

(We get COSTCO charges for both on the WC’s UCTMW credit card. Have to keep the branch office well stocked to keep his “creative” juices flowing).

“Do I get a cut, Mistress?”

She tapped away on her I-phone, and reported back.

“Yes Slave…. He says you can both drink tequila and eat cheese while these other guys get a crack at me.”

Call us crazy, but by the time we got home, I was in an urgent need to worship Mistress. And she seemed equally anxious for worship.

Those black work day tights were unpealed, to reveal some juicy and swollen parts all ready for my tongue and lips.

I will take that little treat over Laughing Cow cheese anyday.


strivingforpeace said...

should have warned you


literally hundreds of messages in a day



PS -- Molly -- are you going to hog ALL the available men out there?

save some for the rest of us

sin said...

I SO hope that wasn't my Big Bad Dom in the royal blue sequined dress.

beingaisha said...

LOL - great comment, Sin! And I agree with Sfp - leave a few, Molly... please.

As for Collarme, my strategy is to get on for a little while, then when it gets too overwhelming, hide my profile for a while. I've just recently popped back on. It's a great way to kill time.

Fun post, Mick...


Anonymous said...

so looks like in the new year, I am going on our site from work....we will see if i get slapped for this...few comments about collar me:
1) while it appears that I am the Dom in the story of m/m...i clearly am not in charge.
2) collar me was mick's attempt to see "what was out there."
3) i have no intention of getting involved or communicating with any of these dudes and i have let mick know this as well as the WC.
4) gang, this is mick's attempt to learn more about the BDSM community -- if i see anyone of interest, glad to pass them your way.
5) sadly, there are some disturbing types out there, but such is the way of the world
have a great day and happy hunting!

Suzanne said...

Great post! Had me laughing as well as reflecting on my own collarme experiences, which are best left forgotten.

Your sense of humor is always welcome, appreciated, and a nice way to start the day.

Keep up the research Mick, and Molly, keep close tabs on him :)

KellyRed said...

You know Mick, if you don't like tequila and cheese, you could always pour the tequila over your Mistress' treat.