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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mistress Earns a Punishment

Friday evening. The end of a long week here in River City.

The teens were in absentia.

Bliss alert!

The plan was to linger in our bed a bit, reading first, moving onto ”other things”, then organizing a “picnic” for some movie watching.

So there we were in bed, perusing some blogs as a little warm up to some real life sexual drama, when Mistress’s little text message chime went off.

“It’s the WC, Slave…. He wants to know of he can call….”

“As always, that’s your call, Mistress.”

Isn’t it sweet that I sometimes have to remind her of her prerogatives in the Collins’ household? Or is she just polite?

Soon they were chatting, covering a waterfront from Suzanne’s latest
adventures with Tammy and Jay, to the tongue in cheek treatment of Jets' Coach Rex Ryan’s toe sucking travails by Patroits’ receiver, Wes Welker. (Mistress turned the phone over to me when it came time for football chat).Welker's foot puns

At some point I had shifted my web surfing to the latest news – some bozo Congressman from Texas who described having a gun as “the great equalizer”. Texas Bozo(Isn’t that what Booth, Hinckley, Oswald, Ray, Sirhan and the rest of the national rogues gallery of political killers would have said?).

And then I noticed that Mistress, at our WC’s suggestion, has shifted her lap top to something called

That caught my eye. Mistress had been instructed to find the site's cock collection.

“These are some really large cock, M…..”

They seemed more like arms or thighs to me. So I had to chime in.

“Tell M he should be careful. These could make the ‘special occasion cock’ look like something suited only for one of those lame Hallmark Holidays”.

Soon Mistress was being instructed to search for something closer to home.

“So I should search for “cuckold”?”

She screws up at first, spelling it “Cuckhold”, much to our WC’s amusement….

Over the months, M has taken some serious shit from our Publisher about the failure to deploy spell check on some of his dispatches from the frontier, after all. It’s what’s keeping him from advance to the next pay grade here at UCTMW Enterprises.

But with her spelling error corrected, Mistress has suddenly found a tacky porn treasure trove. Soon she’s viewing a sordid video of a woman tying her dorky (but nice haired) husband to a chair, as a prelude to her being fucked by some other, very well endowed guy. Here is the link:Tacky Cuckold Video

“Hmmmm…. He’s got a pretty nice body, M….”

The action proceeds apace, with the stud taking the wife from behind, as she teases the poor bound hubby. We’re not talking Oscar material here, unless the category was “best supporting cock”. But Mistress seemed moved.

“Oh yes… I can see this scenario….M wants to know if you would go for this Slave.”

“If Mistress would be turned on by it, I would be happy to provide the attentive audience.”

“In fact,” I reminded her, ”didn’t I offer to do this when you were seeing that starter Dom….”

“Yes, M, Slave reminds me that we almost did this with that other guy….”

I guess it’s a scenario that remains on the Molly and Mick bucket list.

Somehow all of this talk and video stimulation had distracted this Slave from the rant of the Texas bozo.

“Would Mistress like to be worshipped as she talks?”

“M, he’s finally ready to worship me…. Do you mind?”

Of course he didn’t. Soon I was pealing back Mistress’s black tights, leaving her only in that satiny black bra. And I was on my knees, at the side of the bed, settling into my starter course of succulent Mistress flesh.

Mistress was lying back, listening to M’s importuning. But something caught my ear as I pressed to my task.

“I know, M…. I deserve to be punished don’t I.”

Soon Mistress was lost in her own world of pleasure… her Slave between her legs, her cyber Dom in her ear.

Her words were losing coherence, but seemed to consist, of “Yes, M….. Of course, M ….. I’d like that M….”, before she tumbled over the edge, her thighs squeezing my head, her hips rising off the bed as I sucked her clit hard between my lips.

Once she was sated it was time for her to say good night to M, and she directed me to take off my shirt and underwear to serve her more completely.

Who was I to not follow those orders pronto. But I did have to ask about what her “punishment” might be for….

“Oh…. M had told me to bring the little bullet vibrator to work today, but I forgot it….”

“Bad Mistress…. Tell M that if he wants to send any instructions for switch day, I will do my best to make sure you get the punishment you deserve.””

And later, after Slave had his fill of Mistress’s delights, Mistress got some additional text messages from M.

“He wants to know if we have any clothes pins, Slave?”

Hmmm. I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

“Don’t think so Mistress….. if I can stop by the hardware store tomorrow and pick some up….”

She tapped away and soon had his response.

“You are to pick some up tomorrow, Slave.”

“Not a problem, Mistress.”

This morning I noticed that the WC had posted a comment to yesterday’s blog, indicating that instructions will be forthcoming.

You all may want to stay tuned.


SnowCaptive said...

as if i didn't have reason enough to read before ;)

beingaisha said...

Well, sounds like there's big excitement coming over here - i can't wait to hear more!


Suzanne said...


Make sure to enjoy yourself to the fullest this weekend. From the looks of things yesterday, your guys weren't that busy :)



Jen said...

:) OOH! I can;t wait for more!!