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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caught Sticky Fingered

Yesterday was not unlike a typical winter Saturday here at the UCTMW World HQ in River City. Slave was up early, preparing our daily edition, then, when paged by our Publisher, I shared it with her. She languished in bed, legs spread, as I lavished her with worship, then allowed me to fuck her as recognition for a job suitably done.

Then we were off our separate ways. Mistress took sullen teen number 2 on a series of errands, including some nail maintenance and a trip to the grocery. I picked up my ever so cute grandson for a trip to our local farmers market, then back to our house for some book reading and play.

Mistress returned home with groceries not long before I was off to return the grandson home for his nap time, and as I was leaving she was preparing her self a lunch with some egg salad purchased at our local Bagel Emporium.

But when I returned to the house about 45 minutes later things were unusually …. Quiet. The kitchen was deserted, and Mistress’s egg salad luncheon was sitting at her place on our kitchen counter, half eaten.

Hmmmm …. A case of Alien abduction?

Possible, but unlikely…..

I crept upstairs, noting at the landing that our bedroom door was closed.

Hmmmmm ….. I could be discrete, and text Mistress to see if it was OK to disturb her. But sometimes this Slave cannot suppress his playful miscreant side. (Well, actually more often than not I have that sort of suppression problem.) I was willing to risk a good cropping to discover what I expected to find on the other side of the door.

So I popped the door open.

Sure enough, there was Mistress, splayed across the bed, her jeans open, zipper down, exposing that sweet lacy violet thong.

And Mistress had the phone pressed against her ear, a cat who ate the canary smirk across her face.

“M, guess who just arrived….. Yes, it’s the Slave….. M says ‘hi’ Slave…..”

I raised an eyebrow, looking down on my Mistress, who was clearly having a little post-phone-orgasm chit chat with our Western Correspondent.

“But where’s the Hitachi, Mistress?”

“Back under the bed, Slave….”

Soon Mistress was signing off. And we were heading off to our gym for an afternoon workout. On the way, Mistress explained her afternoon diversion….

“Hope you didn’t mind discovering me that way Slave…. But M texted while I was eating lunch, and …. Well, one thing just led to another….”

“Of course I didn’t mind…. After all, you were just exploiting your contractual rights… use them or lose them, as they say….”

“Yes, I was….”

“And did M get off too?”

“Yes, he was home alone for a while, lying on his bed….”

I know Mistress particularly enjoys those moments of mutual fulfillment.

“Good to hear that his equipment is beginning to function up to standards after that shocking injury this week, Mistress.”

“Yes, he does seem to be coming along….”

Later, back from the gym, it was our nap time, then more sex for us both. We “picnicked” at home, then went to a local bar for a few drinks and some music. And somehow the subject turned back to how M first introduced himself to the Collins’ clan.

“It was December 25, more than a year ago Slave…..”

“Remember all the kinky stories he would send us….”

“Yes, we were talking about that…. Stories about his days as a ski instructor, and his girlfriend L, she was married, about 10 years older than him….”

Well since our Western Correspondent has been even less productive than normal due to his cock rehabilitation leave, this morning I trolled through our old emails to find this gem, sent months before Mistress and M developed their special relationship. Enjoy.

In the meantime, Slave needs to focus on our Switch Day Plans.

On busy weeks like Christmas or Spring Break we would have to move in with another ski instructor so they could sell our rooms. L and her husband were there at Christmas and Eric (another instructor) had moved into my room.

Eric was of Viking decent and a very good looking blonde guy. He was a bigger dog than me, a real ladies’ man. He was into kinky shit too. His dad was a doctor and Eric had a real steel speculum he used to use on the ladies. He lent it to me sometimes but that’s another story!

Anyway, L 's husband was there so we couldn't use her room, and she asked what we were going to do. I said Eric would get out when I asked him to, or maybe I would let him watch us fuck. I could tell that turned her on but she said we couldn't do that. I made no comment.

So I told Eric to leave us alone and we went up to the room, got naked and started fucking. One of the fantasies I used to tell her to make her cum was that I would make her get naked on the bed on her knees and elbows with her legs spread wide open. I would tell her that way anyone who came in the room could see her asshole and pussy and that both holes would be right there ready for them to use. Then I told her I would let the French ski instructors come in and fuck her for $20.00, $40.00 if they wanted to fuck her in the ass. I would tell her this fantasy as I fucked her and she would always cum hard.

On this day, I changed the fantasy and told her I would let Eric come in and fuck her for $20.00. If possible, she came and came and came even harder.

Afterword we were talking and I said “let’s do it, I will sell your ass to Eric just like our fantasy”. I started rubbing her clit and trying to talk her into it. She started cumming and cumming as we talked about the fantasy. We came to an agreement that she would do it, but he had to wear a condom and would fuck her pussy, not her ass. I agreed, but added that I would whip her ass hard with the belt before he fucked her, and after I would fuck her ass. I just told her that and she came again. She was very nervous about the whole thing, but ready to go. She thought Eric was good looking but thought he was arrogant. Actually that was true, but he was a nice guy.

We set it up for a couple days later. Eric agreed not to come to the room after skiing until 5 PM. I told L to come to the room right after skiing. When she got there she was still in her ski clothes and I told her to strip naked. She did and lay down next to me. I started rubbing her clit and telling her what was going to happen. She was so turned on she was shaking. I just kept edging her. Her pussy was soaked and my fingers slipped in effortlessly. I had her get up on all fours. I took the belt and doubled it over and started to whip her ass really hard. When she was turned on she could take a real hard strapping and it turned her on like nothing else. When I was done I told her to spread he knees wide open and put her elbows on the bed and arch her back.

She was waiting there naked in the most lewd position. It looked hot. I continued to rub her pussy and she was still shaking. When the door opened she actually jumped. I told her to close her eyes and keep them closed. Eric walked in and said "oh it looks like you have been a naughty girl." Then he shoved 3 fingers in her and said " I can't believe how wet she is".

Eric started rubbing her clit, and she came HARD right away. He was still dressed in his ski uniform and he just pulled down his pants and I handed him a condom which he put on. Then he got behind her and just jammed his cock in her in one thrust. She let out a howl and started cumming again and again. He came pretty fast too, and then I nodded to him to leave. He left and she started saying over and over again "I can't believe we just fucking did that" and "that was so fucking hot".

Then I took of my clothes and got behind her with some lube. I lubed up her asshole and my cock and gently pushed it in. Once she got used to it I fucked her hard right up her bottom. She kept coming and so did I. The whole thing was crazy hot, but she was a little embarrassed when she saw Eric later at dinner. Hope you enjoy the story."

I note that our email response to this story said, in part, "Molly thought this story was pretty hot". Obviously, M planted the seeds for what has become an intriguing relationship by sharing these moments from his past in those early emails. In a way, he was already auditioning for what was to become role here at UCTMW.

He is a crafty, if malingering Correspondent, isn't he?


beingaisha said...

Omigod. Now that is hot. Whew

Great way to start a Sunday.... hope switch day goes well for youall!


Suzanne said...

Pretty steamy! Keep an eye on WC though. His productivity should be back to normal soon...unless he is "milking" this injury.

WC said...

Funny, Eric is now a pilot for a major airline

You may have ridden on his plane!

And Suzanne I am milking injury for all it is worth!

The i like milking ,


MissBehaviour said...

I have it on authority that WC and the 'Boss' talk frequently enough to convince her that he is sort of who he says he is....

WC said...



Just sent u2 nuts a pic of me and Eric back in the day.

Am interested to see what Molly thinks of Eric.

That guy out did me with the ladies.

was incredible

and btw

Molly tells me Mick was quite the ladies man in his day.

and she says he is still quite the flirt,

The didn't get laid as much as Eric,

But did get laid a lot,


sin said...

It sounds to me like you guys need a lock on your bedroom door. Not to keep Mick out but those teens...

And M used to write didn't he? Why doesn't he anymore?