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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mistress Flies Solo

First, thanks to UCTMW’s  southern photo-correspondent and seamstress, Donna, for this contribution. Her generous offer to prepare a cock cozy to aid the rehabilitation of our Western Correspondent following his bout of cock-bite has been greatly appreciated.  Now she’s found the perfect accessory for Mistress to try out on the WC’s special occasion cock,  once rehabilitation is completed.

After we got our 6 inches of snow Thursday, the thermometer plummeted, so Molly and Mick has a very cold Friday here in River City, with temperatures in the single digits last night.  And unlike some people, we did not use it as an excuse for a late night bike ride.

We did try to generate some heat in our own way though. There was some vigorous morning sex, after Mistress chortled through my morning’s effort.

“I’ve already told him that I am happy to come inspect and help him nurse that frozen cock to life, Slave… what more can we do?”

Then Mistress stopped by my office for some post-lunch worship.  


WE met some friends for dinner after work, slogging through one of our more charming urban neighborhoods, through hard packed snow and a little slush.  By the time we were back in the car and headed home, it was fairly late, we were very cold, and I was feeling the relaxing buzz of a Jamieson, neat.

“Will you be in the mood to fuck me tonight, Slave….”

Hmmmm. I was making no commitments. Just looking forward to sliding into a warm bed and cozying up to Mistress.

Then her text message chimed. It was our WC. 

“He’s still talking about his need for rehabilitation, Slave….”

“Doesn’t he know a good ambulance chaser….”

“and how mean a General Counsel you are….”

Awww. Poor M.

“I’m reminding him of my offer to come inspect…. Nurse him back to health.”

“Nothing like a hands on CEO, Mistress….”

“And I’m also telling him that Slave isn’t sure he wants to fuck me tonight.”

Ahhh. The gauntlet is thrown down. What is a slave to do?

At home we prepare for bed, after fending off complaints from a surly teen about our nerve in entering her room to bid her goodnight.

Mistress is naked, soft and warm. And she is sharing a few more messages with M before signing off for the night.

As I get cozier with her, my thoughts turn to more carnal subjects, and I am about to reach for one of Mistress’s more responsive zones when she throws the curve ball.

“Hand me the Hitachi, Slave….”


“I’m happy to handle those duties myself, Mistress….”

“No…. I’m in charge here, and I will be happy to handle it all by myself.”

Oh my…. I wonder if I am about to become redundant.

But I dutifully turn over the power tool, switching it on for her.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to do the honors, Mistress?”

“No Slave….. I’m going to do it the way B (M’s wife) does…. Feel free to watch, and learn…..”

So I cuddle in tight, kissing her deeply as her hand works away under the covers, the buzz of the machine dampened a bit by the warm comforter that shrouds us.

At some point she reaches for my cock, which is already filling out. Apparently it had not gotten the message  that it was not needed, at least not yet.

With remarkable efficiency, Mistress soon brought herself up and over the edge, quaking and sobbing in a remarkably robust climax.

And by now her Slave was definitely in the mood to participate.

“You can put this away now Slave….. and then you can fuck me….”

“Happily, Mistress.”


sin said...

Doing it by yourself is one thing, doing it in bed with the Hitachi is something else isn't it? Because there's no discretion, no possibility of not noticing or of ignoring. It's loud, intrusive, makes the message clear "I'm getting MYSELF off today".

WC said...

Funny post Mick

from the also relieved of duties from operating the power tool


beingaisha said...

Great post, Mick - I love the pictures - thanks, Donna!!


WC said...

Checkout the kinky courtesan... kind of like the tutorial.