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Monday, December 27, 2010

Apres Ski with the WC.

I know that some of you may pop over to UCTMW this morning, expecting one of our elaborate Switch Day scenarios to unfold for your greedy little eyes.

Well…. sorry to disappoint.

When Mistress woke, she was feeling a little under the weather, and her Slave still had a glowing bottom, which probably put him in the “less inclined to be a hard ass Dom” frame of mind. So instead of binding her to the bed, or suspending her from a ceiling beam, for a turning of cruel tables, I chose the path of least resistance.

I brewed her a latte.

Then Mistress read the blog, as I slid my tongue across and through her moist folds. But she was feeling her oats with the reprieve she was awarded.

“Stay down there Slave…. I’m going to see what our friends are up to. She even read me a few passages from SFP’s blog about her new “bilingual” D, and typed off a sweet reply, which she read to me as I tended to her.

Only then did she put down the laptop.

I had decided she was in need of some power tool therapy, so popped out of bed long enough to retrieve her Hitachi from its drawer and plug in the extension cord.

But before I could click it into gear, Mistress had a suggestion….

“I’m sure you’re rather horny this morning Slave… but for extra fun, why don’t you put in your little device.”

Ahhh. The Aneros. Who could resist when Mistress put it that way. I happily obeyed, abandoning all pretense of taking charge. Once the device was lubed up and slid home I returned to her, my cock already aching for release.

I slid into bed with her, the Hitachi in hand, sliding it up the inside of her thigh to it’s natural resting place.

Soon Mistress was vibrating in tune with its powerful touch, and coming with those lovely bucks and moans that please me so, until she pushed it away.

“Enough, Slave…. Now I want my cock.”

We cuddled a bit as she toyed with my un-powered tool, until it met her high expectations. Indeed, it was soon me begging for the privilege to fuck her. To prove my devotion, I fingered her to another sweet explosion before permission was finally granted.

Ahhhh. Sweet release.

It had been a whole day, what with my “harsh” punishment of the evening before. I was very grateful for that long period of denial to come to an end.

We lingered in bed a while, me reading the Times on line, Mistress posting some family photos to facebook. Then we were off in different directions. I dropped Mistress and surly teen #2 at the Ski Mountain, then headed south to pick up Surly #1’s boyfriend who was arriving via plane to join us for this last week of our vacation.

After the three hour drive – with me acting as chauffeur as the two teen lovebirds sat in back on the drive home – I took a long bike ride in this unusually mild and sunny weather. (Suzanne, we should be the ones getting the big snow storm, not you and Tammy!)

Mistress got a ride back down the mountain from friends, and I was looking forward to a hot shower with her and a possible “round two” in our chambers, when she returned at around 3:45.

But she had other plans.

She took me aside, after greeting the visiting boyfriend.

“Slave…. our WC wants me to call him …. You don’t mind, do you?”

Well of course, who was I to object.

It had been a long holiday weekend without much chat between them. I settled down in front of the TV to watch some football and read a book. Mistress closeted herself in our room. I could here the sound of her voice from time to time, but not their intimate dialog.

After about 30 minutes of watching M’s home football team engineer a comeback with the help of a rookie Quarterback who’s name conveniently rhymes with a cut of beef, the door opened.

Mistress motioned for me to come hither, and whispered in my ear.

“Slave, it turns out M is home alone…. And well …. He wants to have a ‘date’… could you please get out my equipment.”

Of course, I could. Retrieving it again from its drawer, plugging it in and handing it to my sweet Molly, who would now be at the controls, responding to M’s directions.

I left the room, resumed watching the game, which soon ended. Then their were NFL highlights brought to us via the cliché bound former jocks and coaches rounded up for such occasions.

I marveled at M’s focus at having foregone his home team’s big come from behind victory in order to direct Mistress to a few wanton cum from the power tool climaxes.

Unless he is good at multi-tasking.

About 45 minutes later the door opened. Mistress had a towel wrapped around her lower half, looking a bit dazed, but happy.

I shut down the TV, and went to her, and the door closed again. Not that the two teens reclining on the guest room couch, doing their own “catching up”, paid the old fart parents any mind.

“How many, Mistress….”

“Oh, I lose track, Slave…. Maybe 2 or 3.”

I’ll count that as 3 or 4. But then, who’s counting.

“And did M get to partake as well?”

“He did Slave… his family was at the movies…so…”

“I suspect you liked all those sounds he made.”

“I did Slave… I did….”

(And I was not referring to the sound after the interception that clinched victory for his local team.)

But there was a happy ending for Slave too.

Mistress seemed determined to make sure my “lonely” cock was in the game too.

Soon we were both stripped and on our bed… our belated trip to the shower delayed one more time. And after mistress used her skilled lips to make my work-a-day wonder firm and ready for her, she rode me hard for two more robust orgasms before flipping over and allowing me to finish the job.

My athletic and well conditioned Mistress had a full workout for the day – on the slopes and between the thighs.

AS you can see, Après Ski in the Collins household can get a lot more complicated that some spiked warm cider and a dip in the hot tub.


sin said...

Après ski chez vous doesn't sound restful AT ALL. You may need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Or Molly might at least.

And I was thinking some things, after reading your blog the last couple of days. That although we don't switch at all, there are times when it might be nice. Want to guess what made me think that?

And that once again I am amazed at your lack of jealousy. Amazed and a bit envious.

Really enjoying your blog these days.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

You've got me stumped, Sin.... but I am glad you are enjoying our little adventures. and as for jealousy, Molly gives me lots of attention, so I can hardly complain.

strivingforpeace said...

I do love the picture of Molly reading my blog while being worshiped


it makes me wish I had something racier to report.


beingaisha said...

This was even better than Switch Day thrills. Lucky Molly! And you...