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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slave Gets Extended Cage Time

First off, we want to say thanks to Suzanne at “All Mine” for the very kind shout out to the team here at UCTMW in her blog yesterday. She made a special mention of our Western Correspondent’s recent tutorial on breaking in a Slave to Ass fucking. See her post here:ALL MIne

Slave is not obsessive about blog stats, but I thought I would check this morning to see if Suzanne’s suggestion caused more eyes to find us yesterday. Sure enough, there were more than 257 page views of the WC’s clever tutorial, and more than 1000 page views of UCTMW yesterday, about 20% more than normal.

I’m thinking that there now may be more than a few extra broken in ass’s out there in the blog-o-verse, after their Dom’s or Domme’s decided to play along with M’s “How to” guide.

Of course, I suspect I will soon be hearing from the WC’s union steward, asking for some unwarranted salary increase. Ah well. I guess that’s just the price tag of success.

Suzanne, you should know that we’ve been keeping track and doing a little “Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing” about you, Jay and Tammy. In particular, Molly and the WC have been wondering about how you get Tammy to be so utterly submissive to you….You have a very compelling control over him. And now Jay is into the act too….Yikes.

Maybe you can get some product placement royalties if you promote the diaper brand you’ve been using.

Here at the Collins Household things were a little slow …. At least for Mick yesterday. After all that patting ourselves on the back yesterday about “quantity”, Mistress decided to impose an Abstinence Day on me. And I probably deserved it.

On Monday, Mistress finally received her package from M: One of those clever little insert able eggs that Aisha and Nilla have been writing about of late, but with a controller attached by wire.

I know M has plans for her compulsory use of that little toy. It was my assignment to get her batteries yesterday and …. Well….. Slave forgot.

Mistress already had the upper hand on me, since it was a cage day for me. I had been instructed to lock the little steel contraption on in the morning, since we were driving separately.

And because Mistress had to be out the door unusually early, we did not have time for our normal sexual activity.

Not that Mistress was bereft of sexual pleasure. That would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

As we showered, I embraced her warm, wet body as she rinsed her hair. My fingers dipped between her legs. AS well trained as they’ve become, it took only a few moments for me to have Mistress shuddering in my arms, a quickie orgasm to help brace her for the cold 8 degree River City morning.

I texted Mistress from my office about an hour later, suggesting that she stop by after her breakfast meeting. And sure enough, she popped in at around 9:30 am.

And our regular readers know what happened next. Mistress was soon in her “throne”, Slave was on his knees, and the grazing began. When She was satisfied – I think there were two involved because Slave was still hungry for her after the first one – I took a photo of her smug smile and spread legs and texted it to M:


About an hour later he replied:

“Wow, that’s early.”

And I was back at him:

“She has her needs.”

“Yes…. She certainly does.”

When I got home, around 7 pm, Mistress was still at the gym, to return a bit later as I was fixing dinner for us and the surly teens. The dreaded “stir fry”, in which Slave includes whatever her finds in the fridge.

Mistress knew the teens were hungry, and gave me a little kiss of greetings.

“I guess we will just have to keep the cage on for a while.”

And it stayed on until around 9:30 pm, through dinner and some Christmas Card addressing.

That’s when Mistress asked about her batteries. And I realized my error.

“Well there need to be consequences Slave…. Since I’m rather tired from spinning…. Maybe we cancel sex for this evening…”

She eyed the cage…. Of course I was naked, standing before her as she lounged in bed….

“Maybe you just keep the cage on and we will discuss this in the morning.”

Oh dear. And of coure, my cock gave off that pavlovian twitch when Mistress gets all dommy with me.

But I knew the cage could get a tad uncomfortable through the night…. When the cock inevitably stretches out as a result of who knows what dream activity.

“But how would it feel to have the hard, cold cage pressed up against your soft, warm bottom through the night Mistress….”

I knew I was treading on thin ice here….manipulative behavior could lead to treble damages… or three times the sentence with that dreaded cage.

But to my relief, she relented, apparently favoring her own comfort to my punishment.

“”all right, pitiful Slave… I will unlock you.”

So by now its been a dreadful 36 hours or so since Slave was allowed to come. Demand is more than sufficiently pent up.

So I know you will understand if I quickly post this sad tale and head up stairs to wake my sleeping Mistress.


Suzanne said...

First, let me thank you both for the kind words. As for my plug, I think it is well deserved since I really do enjoy your blog. I'm quite sure your stat counter will continue mounting, much like you do.

I'd also be curious to know how many subbie readers of UCTMW and All Mine found themselves in "The Diaper Position" over the past several days! WC probably does deserve a little something in his Christmas stocking.

As to how tammy is kept in line so well and subservient, well, first of all, youth has its advantages (sorry Mick, but you have a few decades on my tammy) and, as the old adage goes, it's tough to teach an old dog new tricks!

Note to Molly...While it's tough, it's not IMPOSSIBLE. Don't be in any rush to unlock him :)

nilla said...

This was a funny post...and i know how perverse that is of me, two...*shakes head* ...two of the luckiest people on the planet! I don't know if anyone enjoys sex as often as your Mistress and you do...

(yeah, that's envy talkin' there...a long story for another nilla day....)