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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stress Relief

Sometimes this blog gets hijacked by breaking developments, not unlike the front page of your local newspaper, if you still have one.

Maybe the editor figures at the noon editorial meeting that the big story of the day will be how many cops will get laid off in the latest budget crunch. But what if, around 6 pm,  the local NFL team fires the head coach for too much on-line naughty. Then the scandalized coach becomes the headline you read over your coffee in the morning, and the out-of-work cops are lost below the fold.

So it went for this managing editor yesterday. I had a few good ideas for storylines, particularly yesterday’s morning ritual. You know, when Mistress is reading my blog, and I am favoring her naughty parts with much devotion with my well practiced lips and tongue. After she finished UCTMW, she casually says:

“Stay down there, Slave…. I’m going to read a few more….”

(Maybe my Justice League for Sex Bloggers theme was an insufficient inspiration?…. Point noted.)

I suspect she went through “Nilla, SFP, Suzzanne, maybe Aisha, before she set the laptop aside and proceeded into a rather dramatic series of orgasms that had her modus hiving and shaking and rising off the bed. Who knows what lascivious thoughts were intertwining that all of you inspired, and  that gave her that delicious wake up treat.

You all get an assist.

I was planning to spin that episode out a bit longer, and talk about how nice it was to be permitted to give her a few more orgasms with my “work-a-day” cock, before being permitted to come. 

But then there were further developments here in our little UCTMW remote location that moved that story below our cyber fold.

We spent the day on the ski mountain with the teens. Down here it’s scarily warm. All our snow has melted under the influence of the evil La Nina. But up on the mountain, about 2500 ft. above us, it was a winter wonderland of snow. 

We ignored the whining from the teens and skied until our legs said, “no mas.” 

Apres Ski, we were looking forward to some special “cuddle” time on our return, but duty intervened for both of us.

Each of us had nagging clients with their own pre-holiday emergencies. I dealt with mine via laptop and cell phone. Mistress was also on the phone, giving some well deserved back sass to an ornery client, and giving support to  staff member the client had unfairly berated.  I could tell she was agitated.  It was all in a day…. But…. Stressful.

By the time we were done, our R&R time was pretty much shot…. Old neighbors were coming over for dinner in about an hour, and Mistress had to primp.

As I climbed out of the shower, Mistress was glancing at her I-phone. 

“M says to tell you that Rex Ryan (bombastic Jets’ Coach) is in trouble over some on-line foot fetish videos, Slave.”

I laughed.

I’m going to tell him he can call us to tell you about it.”

Sure enough, M was soon on the phone, sharing the amusing details. It made us glad that we are not “public figures” who can be sucked into a public controversy over some on-line excess.

But before I handed the phone to Mistress, I mentioned to M that “our girl” may be in need of some stress relief, after an unpleasant hour on the phone with that impatient client.

He got the idea.

Mistress was on the bed, slathering moisturizer onto her lush body, while chatting with M. I went to my knees prying her legs apart.

There was not much resistance. 

Mistress’s  side of the dialog went something like this:

“M, the Slave’s on his knees and going at me, and I ‘m just trying to moisturize.”

“Mmmmm…. Yes, M…..”

“I understand…. M…”

At this point the bottle of moisturizer seems to have disappeared. Mistress is focused on M’s voice and what’s going on between her legs. I am suctioning her moist folds with my lips, my tongue pressing it’s advantage against her ripe clit.

“He’s really going at me M… “

Within moments, Mistress is bucking against my mouth, moaning into the phone.

I eased up a bit, but did not cease attending to her as she laid back on the bed, phone still pressed to her ear.

“It’s funny…. I always like it when Mick told me stories when we have sex…. but of course he can’t tell a story when he’s worshipping me like this…But now I have you telling me the stories and him worshipping … what more can a woman ask for….”

After that, another M story must have kicked in…. Mistress was doing her sexy  …”Yes….M….. I’d like that M “ again. Then soon falling over the edge into another robust cum for him, as I picked up the tempo.

There was a bit more talk. Slave, not having been dismissed, kept up his attentions, It had become a bit of a blurr by now.

I do recall Mistress saying….

“He’s like a human suction cup down there, M….”

That was just before her third orgasm.

Sadly, we were now running out of time, Mistress relieved me of my duties, with a gentle shove against my head.

“That really is enough, Slave….”

AS she finished up her chat with M, comparing notes on snow dumps at some ski  resorts in his neck of the mountain time zone,  I dressed and lit a warming fire for our soon to arrive guests.

When Mistress emerged from our room to greet them about 30 minutes later, looking ravishing in black dress, cowboy boots and silver and turquoise jewelry, I must say that the stress of her client conflict seemed to have been fully relieved.

That always makes this Slave feel like his daily mission has been accomplished.


strivingforpeace said...

You know Mick -- I can buy that Molly might be reading our blogs during worship - but I think you're too talented for her to actually leave COMMENTS on blogs while worship - and since Molly's had some very sweet and helpful things to say as of late -- I think she must have been reading Nilla, Sin and Aisha


Suzanne said...

On my third cup of coffee here and the crowd has thinned, giving me the opportunity to share this little gem with you before I sign off, courtesy of one of the local sports wags and a rather comical viewer of Rex Ryan's cute little video....says the wag "The only reason Rex Ryan didn't come to New York to kiss Bill Belichick's rings is because he wears them on his fingers instead of his toes!"

Kudos to Rex!

WC said...


I knew Suzanne would be all over the Rex Ryan story. Too funny.

Think what the opposing fans are going to do or Jim Rome and the clones.

Too too funny

Hope the lake is good Suzanne.

As always Mick great blog.

Miss Molly will talk to u today

your devoted


wc said...

BTW for the sub sisters

Molly reports the Mick is the worlds greatest clit licker

Any other nominees for the category

The ever curious


Anonymous said...

Mick and WC:
thanks for the constant stimulation and attention and yea, I am high maintenance and need it from both of you. I am a lucky girl on all counts!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne and WC: It is good to know that Coach Rex has apparently broken out of the boring NFL coach mold, at least when away from the locker room.

beingaisha said...

What a delightful post, Mick! I'm glad you shared the late breaking news with us {laughing} and am delighted to think that possibly my blog is contributing to Molly's pleasure...