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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mistress Gets a Homework Assignment

We are settling into a comfy routine here at our remote UCTMW location in these last few days before the long slog back to River City.

I wake early, still dark out. Peruse my emails and several of your blogs, then do my own posting for Mistress.

She calls for me at around 7 am, and we share some coffee, before she reads the blog as I worship her, stringing things out a bit with several of her other favorites. If she is “pleased” (as she routinely is) her devoted executive editor is rewarded with the opportunity to fuck her.

By then it’s time to rouse the teens, and head up the mountain for some skiing. The sun has been out, keeping spirits light and minimizing the complaints about cold toes and faces – though that seems about to change as winter begins to squeeze its way back into our beautiful valley.

We return around 3:30 pm or so, for some R & R before dinner, last night with a large group of friend at a local honky tonk where the music was rousing and the wine and margaritas flowed.

But yesterday afternoon there was a little twist to the routine before our afternoon “nap”.

“Slave… I think M wants to talk again this afternoon … maybe at around 4 pm…”

“Of course, Mistress….”

We showered together, and we had some time before Mistress’ date, so settled onto our bed. Mistress made sure her power tool was on hand.

Then Mistress picked up her laptop.

“He gave me some homework too…. Before we talk….”

“And what’s that, Mistress?”

“I’m supposed to read Aisha’s story about the Training School….’to get me in the proper frame of mind’, he says.”

Ahhh. It is an amazingly well written and very hot story…. I’d been meaning to encourage her to read it…. Glad M is on top of this one.

(here is the link, in case you’ve missed it. ….Aisha- Back in the Training School )

I helped Mistress find the beginning, and as she read I perused a few blogs myself…. Suzanne at ALL MINE had an interesting story about disciplining her husband that caught my attention. (Funny, I have no problem if Mistress asks me to carry her purse for her.)

I was lying there nude, next to Mistress, as she would require. And I was curious about the effect Aisha’s tale of submission (with a cameo by ‘Nilla as the person with the “killer” ass that undoes the Headmaster), was having on her. So I casually reached under the sheets covering her to slide my fingers between her firm thighs.

“What are you doing, Slave….”

She wriggled a bit at my touch.

“Just checking to see if you like the story, Mistress…. And I see you do….”

She was sopping, as one might expect, reading smut, as assigned by her cyber Master, anticipating her “date”, and the command performance with her power tool.

“Be careful, Slave…. M says I’m not allowed to come until I talk to him.”


“Oh, sorry…. Did’t know you were on embargo, Mistress …. I bet that turns you on even more,,,,”

Can you hear a touch of sarcasm? I guess that’s not a proper Slave demeanor.

My finger was twirling and probing a bit…. but I had no intention of spoiling M’s fun, or causing Mistress to break his explicit instructions.

“It does turn me on, Slave…. But what about you…How does it feel …. Knowing that he’s in charge here, at least for now…. Because if I can’t come, neither can you.”

She must have looked down at my cock, which seemed to have decided to join the conversation with a little twitch and a nod.

Now it was her reaching for me….

“I think it does turn you on, doesn’t it Slave.”

“I can’t argue with the physical evidence, Mistress.”

She enhanced my frustration a bit with some gentle applications of her lips to my shaft. But then the little chime went off on her phone.

“Guess it’s time for my call, Slave….”

I slid into some jeans and a T shirt, grabbed my lap top, and went off to our living room, leaving Mistress to her demanding Master.

Some music helped distract me, and mask the kids from the wanton sounds that surely were to be heard by a discerning ear.

And not long after that, Mistress beckoned me back into her bed.

“How many, Mistress?”

“Oh…. I think two Slave….”

I suspect they were good ones by that dreamy look on her face.

“But now, get out of those cloths,,,, I want my cock, Slave….”

I snapped to it, appreciative that M had taken care of the foreplay duties and that I was destined to move on quickly to the main event.


sin said...

I was going to say that we bloggers are part of the foreplay. Do you think we are? I hope so, I kind of like that idea.

I wonder what would happen if M decided on an embargo of longer than a couple of hours for Molly and perhaps Mick too by implication. Would Molly and Mick rebel or submit?

SometimesSpanked said...

Thanks again for all your sharing and hot posts!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Sin - I suspect that it might depend on the length of the embargo....

WC said...

That is a very good idea Sin,

we will have to experiment!

The just back from skiing,


beingaisha said...

Omigosh, Mick - thanks for the plug! No wonder I got a zillion hits yesterday! lol

I'm so glad I could be of service... and can't wait to see what happens with WC decides to extend the embargo. Especially since I'm about to go into the orgasm denial zone myself.