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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Sex Blog Universes Collide

Over the last few days, some of us who follow one another’s adventures (or aspirations for adventures) in the sex-blog-o-verse, seem to have been popping up on one another’s pages at a furious pace.

Maybe it’s because the WC finally got his computer back in action at our Mountain Zone UCTMW satellite office. Or because Mistress has been more obsessive than normal in chiming in with her own comments. As she told me the other day:

"The trouble is that our vanilla friends are so darn boring compared to our sex blog friends."

But it was particularly charming to see Suxanne’s Jay citing the WC’s tutorial on breaking in a virgin ass in yesterday’s episode of ALL MINE.
All Mine

Then the WC was egging Jay on, despite Suzanne’s apparent discomfort with the notion.

When Suzanne, who takes guff from no one without tossing it back with even more clever gusto, speculated about whether our WC would be willing to be on the receiving end. Both he and Mistress confirmed that he has expressed a willingness to turn those “cheeks”. if and when the opportunity arises.

Now that would be an interesting development. Mistress might have to go shopping for a “special occasion” dildo for her harness as a matter of symmetry.

There was some similar banter on PuppyTales earlier this week, when Mistress and Brooke compared notes on the risks of posting photos of their ling distance Master’s cocks.

Puppy Tales - Phone Sex

And Sin had a posting addressed to me talking about the challenges of a Poly relationship(s).

Finding My Submission - Dear Mick

All of this interaction among our blogging personas brings to mind my days in elementary school, when I was a comic book addict. And the biggest development that would make my little pre-adolescent jaw drop (other than the drawings of Wonder Woman about to ensnare some baddy with her golden lasso), was when a super-hero from the DC “world” would pop up with one of characters from the alternative Marvel Universe. Say…. The Hulk and Superman go at it to see who is stronger; or Green Lantern and Spider Man take on Sinestro and Dr. Octopus, while comparing notes on how their alter egos should handle their neurotic girl friends.

Our WC has sometimes suggested that our blog personas are sort of sexual super-heroes, out creating multiple orgasms in a single bound. And now our world’s are colliding all the more frequently –as Molly and Mick did a few weeks back with Aisha and D in their community dungeon.

Maybe we need to form a sort of sex bloggers Justice League with our own fancy high tech club house? At least in a virtual sense. The possibilities are endless.

We could share recipes and sex toys.

Compare notes on kinks and techniques.

Feud about which Slave's  job it is to clean the refrigerator.

Break into factions.

Hold elections.

Gossip about one another.

Trade costumes.

Ask Suzanne to show us the content of her diaper bag.

But if the WC invites his brother, let’s make sure he washes his hands frequently.

And from a Sub’s point of view, if we invite Ms. Marie, could we politely ask her to leave that dreaded rat trap at home in her own dungeon.

‘Nilla Mom --- I think this is another story idea!



Giles English said...

I think fetlife serves as a clubhouse already. But I do appreciate being able to learn from other peopple's experiences.

sin said...

Wow, that sounds so fun. All of it.

I'm not cleaning the fridge. Unless The Man makes me.

What's the rat trap? Dare I ask?

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Ms. Marie had a "trust" exercise photo involving a very hard cock and a very nasty looking rat trap.

oatmeal girl said...

A cock and a rat trap?!
No way I am following that link.


foxy said...

Okay Mick, I thought I'd take just a tiny peek at my dashboard before rounding up my toys this morning and decided to read up on you guys. What? No M & M antics to enjoy? But yet you still delivered! I smiled, I laughed, I nodded my head in agreement about the beauty of worlds colliding.....then I was struck with an epiphany of sorts when I spied that photo of Wonder Woman.

I've been listening to Axe's Masocast podcast recently and he asks all of his guests how they got started in kink. So many can recall something from their childhood that was the catalyst. It got me thinking about how I'd answer that and I was clueless until just now.

It was Wonder Woman. She's strong, powerful, can force the naughtiest of men to do the right thing, and that lasso......*sigh* I watched the t.v. show religiously as a little girl and idolized Lynda Carter. I even had W.W. Underoos! :) So now I know. Thanks Mick!

KellyRed said...

Combine this idea with the idea of a Fourth of July blogger conference at the mountain hideaway of UCTMW? Club house? costumes? kink? I'd walk, if I had to, to attend.

beingaisha said...

Yep, I'm with you KellyRed - I was thinking about the kink convention driving home from work today. We need to start planning.

And what a great post, Mick!! It is very fun...


mouse said...

LOL M, M, and WC,

Merry Christmas and Happy new year! And a special thanks to you for sharing your lives, adventures and everything else!

With hugs big enough to get all of you,