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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chief Procurement Officer Concerned About Supply Chain Breakdown


TO:  M, Western Correspondent

FROM: Mick Collins, Chief Procurement Officer

M, just wanted to update you on the rather dicey situation here at the World HQ as a result of a break down in our supply chain in this critical holiday season.

As I mentioned in a dispatch late last week, I had ordered a replacement Hitachi Magic Wand that our CEO has come to rely upon for use exclusively at the World HQ. We decided to leave our original “Power Tool” at our secret research facility in the Southwest to avoid the prying eyes of those cracker jack TSA operatives. There is always  the risk that one of them might be on the payroll of a competing sex blog enterprise.

I had taken precautions to make sure our supplier had the order in early last week, to be sure there would be no service interruption here at the World HQ.

Unfortunately, I had to report to the CEO again yesterday that there was no package at our shipping depot again yesterday.

As you can imagine, she was not pleased.

When we arrived home from the office yesterday, it was my assignment to prepare dinner. Since some of our competitors are trying to enhance market share by pandering to the all important cooking blog market, I’ll mention that dinner consisted of flank steak, marinated in some olive oil, garlic, pepper and some stor bought teriyaki sauce. There were roasted red potatoes, quartered, coated with olive oil, salt and pepper and cooked in an oiled pan at 375 for about 45 minutes, and broccoli prepared in a wok with olive oil and some soy sauce. (No SFP, we did not have sex while eating. The teens were here).

The CEO mentioned that she had not been able to talk with you much during the day about your next writing project, so she excused herself to her executive suite to phone you while I prepared dinner and watched the evening news.

When she was done with your conference, she invited me upstairs. She had a more sanguine look on her face, and I assumed that you and she had been involved in some “diversions” during your chat. And the presence of those long black leather gloves, laid out on the bed, made me wonder whether she had been looking for some manual substitutes for her trusty power tool.

But she insisted you had just been “catching up.”

In any event. Something you had talked about seemed to put her in a much more forgiving, and randy, mood.

After dinner we watched the final episode of “Boardwalk Empire”, and Mistress insisted that I rub her feet, spread across my lap. Of course, I happily complied. I figured I was way ahead as long as she was not wielding the riding crop on her failed procurement officer’s ass.

When the show ended she insisted that we head to bed immediately.

“I want you to fuck me tonight, Slave…. Are you up to it.”

“Gladly, Mistress.”

We soon were in bed. Our CEO had on a short, black nighty. Her Slave was suitably naked.

I commented on the spicy and alluring aroma of her perfume, which blended so  nicely with her natural scent at the back of her neck.

“Cinnabar, Slave.  Its better in cold weather.”

Works for me…. My cock was responding to it, along with the undulations of her ass against me as my hand wandered around her hips to focus on the aapex of her thighs.

Mistress was particularly sensitive last night. Maybe it was something you told her, or the sound of your voice. Or maybe the absence of her Power Tool has her a bit on edge. Whatever the cause, I found that the slight touch of my finger tip against her most sensitive part was driving Mistress crazy.

So why mess with a good thing. She squirmed and moaned as I let that finger tease and torment for quite a few minutes.

In this case, less was more….

Ultimately, she came just for that little finger… bucking and moaning, her ass squirming against my cock, which was already hard and ready for her.

Afterwards, despite my shortcomings as Chief Procurement Officer, she allowed me to fuck her. 

Very Nice.

So I am still hanging by a thread here at the World HQ, trying to distract Mistress from the absence of her favorite tool, and hoping that our supplier comes through for us today.

Hopefully, I will not find myself among the expanding ranks of the unemployed this Holiday Season.

Will keep you posted.


beingaisha said...

Poor Molly! I hope the package arrives today. I hate to think what will happen if it doesn't - I suspect I'll be saying poor Mick!! I'm glad she's been understanding so far... :)

Good luck...


MC said...

Very clever Mick,

Must be all the holiday mail slowng things up, hope my packgage gets there too so we can field test it too at the gym work? maybe it could slip past TSA

hope the problem is soon remedied so the chief proqurment officer remains gainfully employed

I remain your loyal


strivingforpeace said...

How sad

My blog really is becoming a cooking blog

must do something about that


Donna said...

Hi Mick,

I am sure you must realize that even should The Power Tool of Preference arrive today, you have not heard the last of this. I suspect the next time your Mistress has a bad day and feels the need to work out frustrations by a bit o'floggin', you will be reminded.

You did pay the little bit extra for two day delivery, didn't you? If not, I can pretty much guaranteed that handsome ass of yours is about to have some red stripes. Maybe you can think of it as a seasonal, candy-cane lick-able look? Eh?

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks for your sympathy.... Mistress has been talking riding crop as a result of this breakdown....I may get demoted to mail room. Mick

Anonymous said...

This is Molly from the office! I usually do not comment from my remote downtown office tower -- as the IT folks might have my ass (literally)...but I am compelled to let friends know that now only does Mick still have his job, but he has been promoted to the role of "officer." In this new role, he is permitted to watch me use the new Hitachi this evening! I am a bit concerned though about troubling rumblings from WC. He is attempting to divert Hitachi intervention till Friday. We will conference on this development later. Stay tuned.
Molly Collins
wife of Mick
friend of WC
Chair, UCTMW Enterprises