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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

At last, Mistress's supplemental Home Office Power Tool arrived. I still can't tell whether the delay was caused by UPS or by the mail room guy at my office doing his own product testing.
Our CEO / Publisher's comment on the subject appears at the end of the blog from two days ago.Mistress's comment on arrival of her new power tool.

I am grateful to have my old job back, though I expect I will be on an extended probation until I can get back in our CEO's good graces.

Of course, the question is whether our Western Correspondent will allow the CEO to take her new tool out of it's box for a test drive before their conference call on Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Molly Collins here from her thrown aka our bed on a very cold night! WC has cut off my rights to power tool, but due to feeling under the weather am able to resist any temptation. Allow me to reiterate my gratitude to my subordinate, Mr. Mick Collins, who did come through on one of his most important 2010 objectives for our enterprise. He stands to receive a sizable holiday bonus from our undisclosed Mtn location later this month. I only hope that WC will afford me the same opportunity. A girl can dream.

nilla said...


i am sorry you are under the weather Molly, and doubly sorry about the power tool restriction...but i'm glad for the COO that the tool, did in fact, arrive.

i somehow think UCTMW Enterprises would not be the same without him....


beingaisha said...

Whew, Mick - I'm glad it arrived! Sorry your Mistress is under the weather... hope she'll be back having good times soon - or as soon as WC lets her.