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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dream Machine

Mistress and I planned lunch together yesterday, and she met me at my office.

Well, I expect you know what happened next: the door was closed, Mistress sat on her throne and stripped off a boot and a leg of her black tights to allow me to kneel and worship her. By the time we were done, Mistress had that smug, contented look on her face, and Slave had a nice coating of her juices on mouth and cheeks, to remember her by for the rest of the day.

But before she reassembled her work costume, I suggested that we take a photo to share with M.

“Of course, Slave.”

I stayed on my knees, backed up a bit, and captured the moment. Then texted it off to M with a little caption: “Office visit.”

I hoped he would enjoy what I was appreciating: Mistress’s spread legs, that satisfied look on her face, and her glistening parts, freshly bathed with my tongue. And sure enough, as we were heading down to street level in the elevator, my text chime sounded:

“Feeling Deprived here, U 2 lunatics.”

Poor M. Missing the fun.

But what’s interesting about the Molly /M connection is their mutually supportive approach to their respective marital sex lives.

The other day, as she was talking to him on our drive from our hideaway to the airport out west, the first questions she asked him was “Well did you have epic sex this morning?”

AS Mistress said to me later, “we always talk about what sort of sex we had, Slave…is that strange?”

Well, whether strange or not, it certainly is nice, don’t you think?. They have each other’s back. Support for a healthy sex life with their respective spouses. And sympathy and consolation if there happens to be a dry spell.

On the way home last night, Mistress seemed particularly excited:

“M says I’m going to get a package from him: one of those Butterfly vibrators. He says he’s going to have me wear it to the gym.”

Hmmmm. Long ago, when Molly and Mick were married to others, but in a “relationship”, we had one of those cunning little devices. I can remember a particular occasion, at a fancy out-of-town restaurant. Molly was so shamefully young then. I was the older professional with the beautiful companion. And I had the remote in my pocket, toying with her.

My, did she squirm.

“I wonder if he’ll make you wear it to work, Mistress.”

“He might…”

Then the phone rang. It was M, joining us on our ride home. Of course, I could only hear part of their chat.

“Mick is wondering if you’ll have me wear it to work….”

“Do you think it will fit under my cloths so it won’t be obvious….”

She was doing that squirm again, her ass sliding oh so sensually against her leather seat.

“Slave, He wonders if he can get a remote that would work from where he is…. Just turn it on and off when he wants to turn me on…. M. I’m not sure AT&T has that capability.”

But I could tell the thought had Mistress going.

That’s where I chimed in, “Maybe there’s an App for that, Mistress….”

I do remember a story that ‘Nilla wrote several months ago featuring one of her sexy sub ladies, a distant Dom, and a vibrator he was turning on and off that was buried in her cunt.

I wonder if any of our readers can tip us off on where those might be found…. Or was that just another devious ‘Nilla fantasy?

(I found this odd promotional video on YouTube, but the remore only works from up to 7 meters away .... not two time zones. But what is with that odd accent?vibrating egg promo

AS we approached home, Mistress signed off with M, wishing him some epic sex with B, and promising him that was exactly what she had in mind for her and her Slave.

By the time Mistress and Slave got home we were “in a state”, so to speak. The sex chat had primed our pumps.

The Holiday candles were quickly lit. Trinkets were distributed to the teens. We got some chili cooking on the stove, then retreated to our bedroom, informing the teens that their parents would be “resting” while the chili cooked.

Their smirks were ignored.

Soon our cloths were off, and Mistress’s cunt was under siege by way of her Slave’s lips and tongue. She built herself to a nice robust explosion, then turned the tables.

Using her own considerable oral skills, with an assist from those well manicured fingers sliding the length of me, Mistress soon had my work-a-day cock close to it’s own edge.

“Please may I fuck you now, Mistress….”

“What’s the hurry Slave, can’t you tell I’m enjoying this….”

I could…. But to make her anxious for some additional attention, I reached around her, sliding a finger up her tight ass, and enjoying the sensation as she squirmed against it, impaling herself with delight.

Soon, my tawdry ploy had the proper, distracting effect.

“Now I want to ride your cock, Slave.”

“Please do, Mistress.”

Mistress was in control, and all Slave had to do was lay back and enjoy….as you know I did.


nilla said...

sadly enough, that eggstraordinary egg scene was simply fantasy.

i think it's an eggcellent idea for some tecchi guru somewhere to create a mobile app for a rea-aaaa-llly remote egg vibe... "connects easily to your ipad or iphone for recharging (please dry first), remote capability to infinity and beyond"

that's how i'd write the ad anyway..

you are two of the luckiest dang people alive. Phew!


ps no more egg jokes.

i pinky swear!!

SometimesSpanked said...

Lovely how Mistress and M are so supportive of each other's sex lifes.
The idea of Mistress squirming at the gym has me squirming here, lol! sooo hot!
And you having some fun with Mistress is even better! :)

Suzanne said...

Keep me posted with regards to any technological advances with "the egg." I really hope the chili didn't overcook.

nilla said...

i thought about that damned egg long distance vibe all day at work.

honestly, you make my mind do all sorts of naughty things...

i have so many stories...including a funny mini-vignette where a bunch of kinksters are at this home in the desert and they all have eggs, but anyones clicker and turn them on or off and everyone is set differntly and and and and...hilarity and orgasms ensue...

i sure hope there's not valuable rugs on the floor...


nilla said...

*PROOFREAD** nilla. sheesh..."but anyones clicker CAN turn them ...."

LONG day for nilla..

sin said...

you can find anything on the internet. I don't know if any of these would lead to anything. I like the geeky suggestions that it would be best to build something. Sure, cause that's always the easiest thing. Or that you could just use an insertable pager. Ummm

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I like the NASA suggestion. Certainly this would be a more productive use of NASA's time and resources than another boring space shuttle mission.

nilla said...

@sin...guffaws @ insertable pager....