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Friday, December 10, 2010


Mistress has a date this morning with M – let’s call it a conference to go over their mutual goals and objectives for the new year here at UCTMW Enterprises – so certain restrictions have applied over the last 24 hours.

First, she was instructed not to use her new Hitachi since it finally arrived, spit out belatedly from our balky supply chain management “system” – review of that will certainly me covered on Mick’s year end review by our CEO.

And that in itself was not an easy instruction for Molly to follow. I mean, “it’s son new and shiny, Slave.”

I tried my best to make up for it’s absence yesterday morning with lively tongue and hard cock. But…. I think Mistress was still longing for her power tool…..

Then yesterday M told her no orgasms until their conference.

Mistress began to wheedle.

She told me later about it, over the phone.

“Slave…. He’s told me no orgasms, but I explained we were planning to meet at your office before our parties tonight …. And….”

We had two parties to attend: one a group’s annual Holiday event, then an old friend’s retirement celebration.

“And you told him that you expected worship, Mistress?”

She had even worn her black peek-aboo tights for ease of access for me. Wasn’t she considerate?

“Well what I said is that Slave would be really disappointed if he did not get the chance to worship me.”

“I’m happy just to meet you at the Party, Mistress. That way you won’t have to walk all the way over here in the cold.”

“Oh, not necessary… it’s alright Slave…. M laughed about me being so considerate about your chance to worship me….’it’s just for Mick ….. right!’ is what he said. But he said it’s OK.”

Of course, I followed the “trust but verify” mantra of that former actor turned President, sending an email to M to make sure Mistress was allowed that extra orgasm in my office. M responded by email that, yes I could worship Mistress, but it was good of me to check up on her. She can be a little manipulative when it comes to be serviced early and often.

So Mistress found her way over to my office at around 4:45 pm. I pulled the chair over to bar the door. The red blanket was spread for her. She took her throne, not bothering to shed that swanky black Burberry coat, just hiking it and her dress up around her waist and spreading her thighs to give me access.

Her full lips were already a bit full and flushed…. no doubt from the cold walk over. Frost bite could be a concern with these special tights, I suppose.

And from my knees it was very convenient to bend to my purpose. It took a bit to warm Mistress up, sliding her clit between my lips and teasing it with my tongue seemed to help. And soon her tight covered thighs were squeezing my head as she climbed the wall and dropped over the side into her little world of pleasure.


But that’s been it for M’s “little vixen”. We made it home rather late, and she went to sleep with her hips twitching a bit. I could tell she would have been very happy for me to reach for the Hitachi on the floor next to us, and force an orgasm or two from her before she nodded off. But we resisted that naughty impulse.

“Just think how hot you’re going to be for it in the morning Mistress….”

“Just remember to wear your cage Slave….”

We won’t be driving together, so that is my rule for the day. So I get to sit at my desk, consider what Mistress will be up to with M, back in our bed, her Hitachi finally in hand, with my cock on lockdown.

Sounds like this quarantine applies to both of us.


beingaisha said...

Lovely, Mick, as always. Sorry you're on lockdown, but I know she'll make up for it later...



Suzanne said...

Good time of year for a "strategy session" that will set the direction for the coming year and take steps to avoid mistakes like the one that happened this past week. I think this lockdown should last a little longer than usual....

sin said...

Interresting suggestion from Suzanne.

I think frostbite might be a concern if things got cold enough. But I imainge Mistress Molly will figure that out for herself.

nilla said...

Poor Mick.

M really is a very considerate Dom...letting Mistress have that extra lil O in the office...

M? Don't you think Ms. Vixen would really have a huge experience if she had a slightly longer O-striction?

like a full-on 24 hours with no orgasms (sorry Molly--i'll be on lockdown soon myself, and damn if misery doesn't like company...laughing...)