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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Molly and Mick had a long and ugly election night.

No, nothing bad between us.

Just saw too many of our friends go down to ignominious defeat.

It may take another 24 hours or so for us to get back into our upbeat and sexy mood.

But we will make it.

I guess we could just accept the new world order.

Start smoking cigarettes.

Work on our tans and golf games.

Stop paying taxes.

Now there's a plan.


beingaisha said...

I"m with you - I think from now on, when I don't agree with someone, I'll get some of my friends to hold them down so I can stomp their head.


sin said...

Not sure I understand the stompling reference here?

nilla said...

@aisha--that was b-aaaa-d *stiffles giggles*

what a wild and wooly election this was. and ugly.
the mudslinging was the worst i've ever seen.



Anonymous said...

@sin...Check this out to learn about the "stomping reference."

Happy pet said...

From this side of the pond it does seem a case of one step forwards and three back, still we did the same thing too!


Anonymous said...

u 2 studs will have a great weekend.. don't worry, they will mess things up again, we just need to show people

love the blog

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks, friends.

HP, I know you guys are going through this crap too. But at least your elections are shorter.


sin said...

Thanks for the reference Anonymous. It's hard to keep up with all the nuances from outside the USA. Lots of nasty politics on both sides I think.