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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update: Permission Slip for Molly

We are here in AIsha's hometown, downriver from River City.

I am all caged up.

Mistress has slid into these very hot black tights, with a strategic cut out, just in case.

We've packed up our bag of tricks.

The Western Correspondent has kept in touch, and made sure to get Mistress off once we got checked into our hotel.

M, I do like the way you make her beg before she comes with that Hitachi.... even if it means I have to suck her feet a little longer.

And M did send us that permission slip, in case Sir D has some concerns:

"Molly, you can play with anyone you want to, except Slave has a veto for anyone he thinks is an assholre.

Unnecessary, because Molly would think he is an asshole too. but it's important.

Any way, what kind of sex party is it when you can't have sex!

was too much fun talking to Molly on the way home!

Love you 2 studs"


We'll make sure we fill you and him in on the details.


mouse said...

Mick and Molly,

Bet everyone is counting down the minutes! Have a great time!


nilla said...

oh, i'm soooo excited for you all...and wish i was there too!

that shot of Mistress is absolutely delightfully composed.

You won't read this until "after" but i hope the "before" and "during" segments of today were fun, exciting, fulfilling.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

yes, lots of before and during fun. will fill you in in the am, though the posting may be a little later than the norm. long night down river....

beingaisha said...

Hey, Mick,

I hope you're up and bloggin'. {Laughing} Can't wait to read about our adventures!