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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Thursday evening we had our conference call with Aisha and her Master, D, to get our plans in order for tonight’s get together.

Ok. Let’s all read that again.

Yes, readers, blog and real worlds collide tonight for Molly and Mick.

Both Mistress and I are a tad nervous.

First, we’ve never stepped out of our relative anonymity to observe and participate in a public event involving bondage, impact play, and all the other kinks and curiosities that Aisha’s local “dungeon” promises.

Second, we are going to come face to face with folks who have access to (almost) all of our little personal secrets through their exposure to this blog.

They know about my submission to Mistress. About The cage that I will be wearing tonight. About Mistress’s wanton devotion to our Western Correspondent. And all the rest.

Other than M, no one really knows all this. And we’ve never really met M in the flesh.

This is a rather open book. And when we sit down with D and Aisha for dinner tonight, before heading to their Munch and after-party, we will know that they have paged through it, and probably smudged the good parts.

Of course, we’ve had great fun reading about their adventures too.

Mistress was particularly intrigued by that whole rope dress thing.

And I know I have a certain prurient interest in watching some of the things that Aisha has described to colorfully in her blog, if not tonight, then sometime down the road.

Our call Thursday held the promise of all that, and told us something about the relationship between the two of them.

I guess I should not have been a bit surprised about how Aisha stepped back and let D take charge of the conversation. As she said in a comment yesterday, they are in a D/s relationship, and she knows which letter she is.

But it was cute. And impressive. I need to work on my deference.

They shared a bit of the protocol for the evening. Guidelines on dress. And behavior.

Yes, the collar Mistress plans for me to wear is appropriate, with or without leash. (See our photo).

“I think we should pick a leash up, Slave.”

Of course we will.

As for the cage, D shared that at the last party there was a male slave wearing nothing but his collar and cage.

I’m hoping Mistress does not go in that fashion direction with me tonight. But then, it’s her choice, isn’t it?

D and Mistress played the “which tribal members did you know” game a bit. I suspect there may be some overlap there, which we may explore further tonight.

D explained to us that under house rules there should be no actual sexual engagement. And while Mistress and I have played out some fantasies on this page about worship and cock sucking, we are really the types more likely to take things slow in any event.

And D was very solicitous of our Western Correspondent’s thought about all this.

“Is he OK with you attending this Party, Molly?”

I guess there must be some mutual back watching on the Dom circuit.

“Oh… M is very laid back about this…. I just think he’d like to be there too. And it will be hard for him because we can’t provide instant reporting back to him on a Saturday night.”

I shared D’s concern for him with M in an email yesterday.

“M…. Aisha’s Dom wants to know if you are OK with your little Slave attending the Party Saturday…. Maybe you should write her a permission slip….”

Still waiting for that, M.

Yesterday, on the drive home, Mistress dialed up the Western Correspondent, who was anxious to hear about our plans.

She stretched her long legs, with those sexy black tights and boots, onto the dash. Her dress was hiked up, barely covering the apex of her thighs, and she settled back to chat with her long distance Master. My right hand settled on her thigh.

Of course, I could only hear one half of the conversation.

“No, Mike. No sexual contact at the party. Does that disappoint you?”

Mistress squirms a bit in her seat, ankles crossing and uncrossing on the dash, as she falls under the spell of M’s voice.

“I guess that’s true…. We did almost get tossed out of the swim club last summer for PDA’s…. but we won’t embarrass Aisha and D. we will be on our best behavior.”

Mistress begged off playing with her self on the way home.

“It’s pretty cold here, M. 47 degrees. Raining. I really don’t want to pull down my tights.”

M must have been indulgent, and did not insist.

Mistress debriefed M on his “epic” morning sex with B.

“You really did it for two hours? Must be nice.”

I do think Mistress gets a tad jealous when she hears about all the time M gets to spend in bed with B on those occasions when she does not have an early call to work.

“And so how many times did you actually come today, M?”

She laughs. Holds up 4 fingers.

I am in awe, M. No wonder you don’t generate many column inches. You have a higher calling.

“Yes… I was worshipped twice today, M. I’m not complaining…. And I suspect there is more to come.”

Somehow all this talk and anticipation had Slave feeling rather, err, needy, by the time we pulled off the expressway.

Fortunately, it was not a cage day for me. My cock was beginning to fill out. I was glad we had an open evening at home, that our surly teens had plans to be away, and that nothing would prevent us from going directly to our chambers.

Mistress seemed to capture the spirit too.

“Why don’t you strip and insert your device Slave…. “

“Of course, Mistress.”


sin said...

Mick and Molly, I completely understand your nerves, and we are all envious and want to go too.

And I also wondered if M was feeling a little wistful.

Molly and D will play the tribal game til they get a couple of hits. It's pretty much obligatory. Which makes me wonder too of course...

Enjoy, we are all dying to hear the two different versions of things.

No compatring text beforehand ok?

beingaisha said...

Eight hours and forty-five minutes to go - but who's counting?

The collar looks great!

See ya soon!


mouse said...

Mick and Molly,

This is so exciting for you all! Can't wait to read all about it!