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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mistress Toes the Line for our Western Correspondent

Our Western Correspondent had Mistress on an orgasm embargo yesterday morning, in preparation for their 10 am phone sex “date”. But the problem was that my early morning reading and writing in the morning had her Slave on a sexual edge.

So, when I climbed the stairs, prepared to show my ‘homework’ to Mistress, I was wondering whether I would have to share in her embargo, or simply slink off for the day, all caged up, with thoughts of Mistress waiting for M’s call in my head.

As Mistress read my entry – the first real one of the week  it seemed- I followed M’s direction: teasing her with my tongue and lips until she was all damp and fragrant for me.

When she slid the laptop to the side, she grabbed my hair (gently) and eased me up next to her, expressing her appreciation with a kiss. And her fingers quickly found my firm and throbbing cock.

“Hmmmm…., what to do Slave?”

“Would you mind me fucking you, Mistress. I’ll go easy….. I know you’re not allowed to come, but…..”

“But you’re desperate, aren’t you, Slave?”

“Uhhh, yeah….”

“Then go ahead…”

I proceeded gingerly…. Not wanting to drive Mistress too crazy, but responding to my more primitive needs as you might expect from a lowly Slave who lets his cock do his thinking for him.

When Mistress’s breathing and wanton wriggling signaled to me that I was getting into dangerous territory I backed off a bit.

“Sorry, Mistress…. Is this too challenging …. Having to curb your enthusiasm while I get all the fun….”

“It’s ….  Unusual ….. Slave”, that “just get on with it” tone in her voice.

“But you know your sacrifice will be worth it Mistress….. he’ll be so pleased when he hears how desperate you are when he gets you going with that Hitachi in just a couple of hours.”

Mistress was bighting her tongue at this point, maybe mentally calculating the balance of her checking account, and I was begging fro permission to come.

Not surprisingly, permission was granted.

She is a very considerate Mistress, don’t you all agree? I could hardly complain when she insisted that I wear my cage to work. She took time from perusing her work emails in bed to snick the little lock shut.

“Be good today, Slave.”

As if I had a choice in the matter.

Later, she called me on her drive to work, following that much anticipated date.

“How was it, Mistress?”

“Very good Slave….he had an interesting story he wanted to share….”

“So tell me…..”

“If you are good I will tell you all about it in bed tonight….”

So I suppressed my curiosity, figuring we would catch up in the evening. But at around 2:15 pm I got a text from Mistress.

“Bored with work, Slave.  Can I visit?”

I knew what that meant. Mistress was already horny for more ‘attention’ to her luxuriant folds. And of course, Mistress gets what she wants. She left my office with a contented smirk, leaving me with her taste and aroma to remember her by. And the unsubtle reminder that my steel cage was locked on tight.

Mistress released me at around 8:00 pm or so. We had arranged to talk to Aisha later about our weekend plans with her and Sir D.

But this time Mistress agreed it would be better to get some other ‘business’ taken care of first. We did not want to abruptly end the call to satisfy our baser impulses as we had done to poor Aisha the last time we had talked.

Slave was instructed to insert his little white probe.

We rolled together under the sheets, my cock already stretching out following a long day in its confinement. My finger found it’s way between Mistress’s firm and well exercised thighs. Hers’ were now wrapped around me, toying and teasing.

And she finally shared the details of her morning’s activities.

“So how many, Mistress…”

“Quite a few Slave…. We must have been at it for more than 30 minutes….”

I tried to do the math …. One every 5 minutes or so…. Or more. But Mistress’s fingers somehow distracted me from my multiplication tables.

“and what was the story he told you, Mistress….”

It was very elaborate Slave…. We were at a party in his hometown …. Sort of like the one we are going to Saturday with Aisha and D.  But he was auctioning me off…. “

“And where were to proceeds going, Mistress?”

“I asked him that and he said ‘be quiet Slave, I’m telling the story…. But then later he said, maybe groceries and tequila….funny….”

We were fucking by now, me on top, slowly pumping into Mistress….

“And what did the guys buying you get for their money, Mistress?”

“I was sucking their cocks, Slave….and M was watching.”

Our legs were wound around one another’s by now, and I was sliding my hips left to right, pressing down hard against Mistress’s clit, her breathing was ragged, she was close. And I had no reason to hold back now.

“How did that feel, Mistress? … sucking all those anonymous cocks because M told you to do it?”

“It was humiliating, Slave…. But….”

Mistress was coming now, burying her mouth in my neck. And soon I was asking for permission to come as well.

We lay there, spent. Clinging to one another for a while.

Then we remembered our call…..

I was planning to tell you about that this morning, but time is short, Mistress awaits. Guess I got carried away…. So we will cover our conversation and plans with the charming Aisha and the commanding D tomorrow.

Have a good Friday, all.


beingaisha said...

Oooooh - tell your Mistress I think auction fantasies are very hot too!!!

So, I was looking forward to reading about our conversation too - now I gotta wait til tomorrow... I was gonna pout a little, but then I realized I hadn't really done the conversation justice either - BUT I have to hurry up and do some touch-up cleaning on my house before I go to work, and I have to be a work early today.

Of course, ok, I guess you have time constratints too... {Laughing}

Great post anyhow!


mouse said...

Mick and Molly...

mouse totally has to agree with aisha, auction fantasies are very hot.


SerenaDante said...

Sounds like fun!