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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I collected Mistress in front of her office building yesterday, a little past noon.  She had just emerged from one long car ride, from Music City, and we were embarking on another: up to Lake Michigan to meet two of our “out west” friends for a little college football weekend action.

Standing on the side walk, as I pulled up, Mistress was a sight for sore and needy eyes: stylish fitted black pants, a black top showing off her buff arms. That long dark flowing hair.

Later in the car, we talked:

“After you’ve been away, and I see you for the first time, I’m always reminded how lucky I am to have you, Mistress. Or to be had.  You are ravishing, you know….”

“Mmmmm. Music to my ears, Slave.”

Mistress was tired from her earlier drive, and napped some as I steered us past the cornfields and back to my old alma mater where we collected our friends.  Then onto the Lake Michigan shore where we had reserved a charming two bedroom apartment in an old Victorian Inn.

Quarters were close, and we had our friends to catch up with, so Mistress had to settle for some quick worship in our bedroom as our guests changed. 

She sprawled back on the bed, caught up with Friday’s blog and your kind comments, and spread her legs for me.

But before I caved to the impulse of falling to my knees and tasting the juices Ihad been denied for TWO WHOLE DAYS …. I had to snap a photo.

“I am sure M will want to know you got here safe and sound, Mistress.”

“Go for it Slave.”

After I had finished my brief but productive feast, the chime on my phone went off. That was quick.

“You’re killing me here, Mick.”

Cruel, I know.

Then there were drinks, chat, dinner. And it was late by the time we got home to break Slave’s fast.

We said quick good nights and adjourned to our chambers. We got naked very fast.

And  there was a veritable frenzy of fucking.

At some point, as I was slowly sliding in and out of her, savoring the taste of her neck, Mistress asked the question that she is allowed to ask….

“What are you thinking, Slave?”

It’s in the contract. Although tempted, I can’t blow it off. So I was honest.

“It was about you and the first M ----(her ‘starter dom’, that guy from last winter / spring before she and the current M became an ‘item’) --- I was thinking about you stripping for him. Allowing him to inspect you, play with your cunt.  Was that a turn on Mistress?”

“Oh…. Well yes, it was Slave…. Pretty hot….”

We talked a little more – her being fed his cock for the first time, being fucked by him with her legs over his shoulders -and Mistress began working herself into a frenzy….

“Can I get on top, Slave….I guess I really don’t have to ask, do I?”

Of course she doesn’t.

Now she was up there, riding my cock, hard, grinding against me, and muttering some dark and enticing fantasies.

We were onto the upcoming play party. And what might happen.

“How would it be to watch me suck off another man, Slave…. Do you think you could handle it?”

“Ummm…. I could, Mistress….”

“Wouldn’t it be humiliating to see your wife, on her knees, submitting that way to another man … and enjoying it?’

“Yes…. But also very very hot, Mistress….”

“You know we’re going to do that someday, don’t you, Slave?”

Mistress was gasping now, getting near her point of no return.

“I suspect so Mistress.”

“I want to have you watch me, seeing you play with your own cock while I take another man on…..”

Then Mistress was crashing hard over the edge, moaning, collapsing onto me, rolling off … breathless.”

“Fuck me slave…. And tell me about it.”

I did my duty. Con mucho gusto.

It’s very good to have her back.


sin said...

You two complement each other very well. You are lucky but you also both work at it I think.

Anonymous said... hot! M and M

beingaisha said...

Very hot post, Mick!

i'll be checking with Sir on rules and protocols for the play party...


Jen said...

You have such a beautiful connection, Mick and Molly.

It always makes me smile :)

Thank you!

H said...

Molly/Mick, thanks for the sexy post.