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Friday, November 11, 2011

Cover Blown Again?

Things had settled down to a nice comfy routine here in our not so humble Yurt after the election day dust cleared.  On Tuesday I had been called on to monitor balloting by the locals who were up in arms (and I don't use that term loosely) over some oppressive legislation that would have taken away the rights of local Yak herders employed by land barrons and war lords, to the 2nd Yak of any litter for their personal use and/or consumption.

You can imagine how the Yak herders felt about that!  They've come to rely on that extra Yak (and its progeny) for small comforts: like warmth in the winter, and food on the table. and also transportation and shipping. It's as if FedEx, Greyhound, McDonald's and the local energy company were all consolidated onto 4 hooves.

So somehow they ginned up a referendum to restore their traditional rights. The balloting was a little more primitive than we've come to expect. Instead of burdensome ID requirements, the poll workers would stamp a voter's thumb with indelible purple ink. Of course, just like money in American politics, those who want to game the system find a way. and when the War Lords determined to stuff the ballot boxes learned of this "ballot security" measure, they simply sharpened their knives and removed a few thumbs. Naturally, this led to protests to disqualify bloody ballots, and the whole thing is still undecided. They're thinking about calling in Katherine Harris as a consultant to sort the whole mess out.

Fortunately, my job was done late on election night, and though Mistress and Slave had a dry spell that day, we got back into the swing of things as the week progressed. There's nothing like the ritual of getting home from work, getting some exercise, then climbing into bed for some warm and comfy sex, before even thinking about "what's for dinner".

But here's the rub.  After Mistress published her little story yesterday about her frustration with E and WC giving her the fancy cock tease, but not pulling the trigger..... somehow the word got out that she is ... shall we say.... available.  The next thing you know our Yurt is a busier place that the SBPP contemplated.

First, this crew from NASA  sends a little solicitation....fresh from a mission and ready for action:

Mistress was not sure exactly what they had in mind - maybe weightless sex - but was certainly tempted by the variety. But it sure would take a while to get them disrobed.

The next thing you know, word about Mistress's proximity got out to the locals, and we had a virtual riot on our hands, responding to what was perceived to me another "casting call":

But at least for these guys, what you saw was what you got.  But the numbers seemed a little overwhelming.

Actually, Mistress considers herself much more selective. She seems content with occassional visits from Francois, but remains open to other, more discrete entreaties.

As for her Slave, well remain committed to my contract with her, that gives her carte blanche in this realm. And truth be told, the thought (and reality) of Mistress's involvement with other guys is still a pretty potent  accelerant for our sex lives.  And apparently we are not the only ones turned on by the whole "cuckold" thing, as shown by this article in Salon just the other day. It talks about how the fantasy of the "cheating Wife" seems to be the second most search engined sex topic these days, and sorts through the usual list of theories why that might be. "Sperm competition" seems a little too clinical for me. I just consider it something that makes my wife a lot hotter.... whether we are simply speculating about it, or acting out on those speculations.

But D, now that Mistress's cover in Hot-Damn-It- Stan seems to have been blown, maybe it's time to consider whether we can safely come in from the cold, particularly with a big NFL rivalry game in River City this weekend.


sin said...

It would nice to see you home again... You must be tired of that yurt?

Donna said...

The SBPP is always anxious to serve and there will always be others needing to hide out in that lovely yurt.

Give us 24 hours for Bill to do a bit of reconnaissance in River City, and you can make a decision based on the info he gathers. I do wonder if it is technically called gathering information, considering the methods Bill employs. Regardless, we will get the info to you ASAP.

Yours in SBPP Service,

Suzanne said...

Who would have thunk it? A big game in River City in November. Pussycats no more. Will the pats go 5-4?


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have you upriver again...