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("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shift Change at the Yurt

I suppose I was a little whiny yesterday about Mistress's 24 hour absence. We woke after sleeping in a little later than normal, and I made sure to enjoy my wake up sex privileges after the deferred gratification of the prior 36 hours or so. Plus I knew we'd be getting home a little later than normal from work on Thursday.

"Francois's invited me to go with him to some sort of social gathering for European Ex-Pats over in the adjoining village, Slave.... do you mind?"

"Well,  there's no need to ask permission.... but I certainly don't mind Mistress....we could be here a while so why pass up a good networking opportunity?"

"That's true Slave...."

"Plus it might be fun to go out on a 'date' with Francois.... I'm sure he'll be good company."

After work I had dinner with an Ex-Pat myself, at  a local dive just down the street from our "Court house". He's an Irishman who seemed to be on the lam himself, with some mysterious explanation related to "The Troubles". He was good company and we shared some "Red Breast" Irish Whiskey and talked about old times and departed friends.

At around 7:30 or so, as  we were wrapping up,  I got a call on my satellite phone from Mistress.  "We're heading back to the Yurt now, Slave.... Francois is going to stop by for a while.... so don't be long."

Well, I suspected that Mistress might get a little action in our Chef and IT Specialists hands, so lingered a bit, giving them some space, before I hopped on my Yak to cross the pass to our little valley. As I crested a hill, there was our little home away from home, all lit up, with Francois's Yak grazing in the "driveway".  So it seemed Mistress's "date" wasn't over just yet.

So how do you enter your own home, knowing that your Mistress / Wife might be "in the arms of another man"?


I mean you don't want to be loud and rude in a "honey, I'm home" sort of way and disturb them at an important moment.  But you don't want to sneak up on them either. 

I elected to quietly slide into the door and make just enough getting home late from the office sounds so as to not be accused of being a creepy voyeur. 

The plan worked. Mistress called out within a few seconds....

"Slave.... is that you?  Come on in...."

I stuck my head into our sleeping alcove to find Mistress lying, naked in our bed, a small fur pulled  strategically over some of her clean shaven folds, the glow of candle light bathing her smiling if a little stuporous face.  Francois was out of the bed, pulling on his rather colorful boxers.

"It's about time. We were just about to text you Slave.... it's time for you to take over and finish things up here...." he said with that sly Euro-Trash smile.

"I think I can handle clean up duties...."

I showed Francois to the tent flap, exchanging pleasantries, then returned to my Mistress.

"So how was that, Mistress?"

"Good WAS sort of like a date."

She talked about some of the folks she had met.  "He kept saying I was his Mistress.... and I kept looking at him like he was crazy." 

"That's probably how Herman Cain got in trouble."

By now, Slave had stripped away his work cloths.

"Have you had enough, Mistress?"

"No Slave, now I need my cock.... but go put in your device first (my aneros).... I want it particularly hard."

"Of course, Mistress."

She proceeded to fullfill that promise, using those recently manicured fingers and her warm mouth to sculpt it to her liking, then elected to ride it to a few of those nice moaning cums I enjoy so much.

"So how many with Francois, Mistress?"

"I'd say four, Slave...."

"And did he make you beg?"

"Of course..... that's the rule...."

By then Mistress was all tuckered out.... I mean she'd had to endure so many orgasms over the course of an hour or so.  But she did let me finish off on top of her, if only to balance the fun.

"It looks like I got back just in time, Mistress.... other wise who would have been able to fill in at the shift change."

"I agree, Slave.... just in time delivery is a very efficient way to operate."


Francois said...


Yes the during the kind of date with the expats I did had to throw out some totally of the cuff remark to throw of the scent of these expats.
Don't forget Simone did not spoke the dialect of these expats, so her being there without my flippant remark would have raised eyebrows and with the make believe crisis in Greece, some might have smelled 'reward $ or Euro'.
You ares still on the lam, even though during a discussion Simone and I had, we did came to the conclusion that it might be time to come out of hiding.

Sam, I know you like Simone to wear these smooth silky panties, the ones you showed on the Sunday picture. But Merde! Once we got back to the yurt, it was like cracking a safe! And when I have to do so I just use dynamite
Mon Dieu, when I instructs meat(s) for meetings, I always make sure they wear skirts and NO underwear. Why would I have to be bothered with wasting a few precious seconds to remove such items! So next time be so good to make sure access will be easier.

One of the expats brought banana beer, fortunately for you, I consumed a bit too much. So Simone did not got to ride the uncut cock. And your timing was perfect, because just as I reached out to text you to get your cock ( and body ) here Simone must have smelled your yak outside and you could jump right in.

What wil we do the 14th?

Francois aka EuroTrash

beingaisha said...

That must have been an interesting feeling, coming home... i'm so glad it's working out for you!


Donna said...


I'm sure Simone was simply making polite conversation.

Really, isn't it fortunate that you aren't part of the decision making process concerning when, if ever, the situation is safe for those in the Sex Bloggers Protection Program to return to their previous lives. Those with the most at risk get to make that decision.

Now the decision that does have to made is whether they need to be relocated away from Yak Land and whether I will need to find them a new chef and IT specialist?

Only The Shadow knows.


WC said...

Hey Shadow,

Pretty funny girl!

The likes the Shadow,