"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dispatch from Our Director of Logistics

 D, our Logistics Director from the SBPP was kind enough to send this update on what's going on back in the homeland. I know you will share our satisfaction that it's not all work and no play. I know many of you have been curious about the oh so efficient D, so I thought I would toss in a photo of her at work on her old job before she was lured away by the SBPP with those higher American salary packages and benefits.

Dear Sam and Simone,

I hope all is well there in Where-there's-a-yak-there's-a-way-istan.

Thought I would catch you up on happenings here at the cabin. Bill is currently on his laptop reading his political blogs and listening to War by Edwin Starr at almost top volume. Can anyone hear that song and not sing along? War!...what is it good for?..absolutely nothing!...say it again...
Early this morning after I finished reading your post about your sexy adventures and Francois’ comment about aged meat being preferable, I thought, “This piece of aged meat is going to go jump the bones of my equally well-aged Dom!”  And so I did.
With meat on my mind, I crept down the hallway, slipped into our bedroom and slid between the covers. Bill was on his back, arms stretched out, in the perfect position for what I had in mind; and I immediately set to work. I slipped between his legs and getting up on hands and knees, leaned up as far as I could reach and kissed and licked my way down his sexy torso down to the land of Bill's Thrills.

I’m sure you won’t be terribly surprised to know that I teased him a bit. Holding his penis firmly in hand, I moved down to his balls and made giant sweeps of my tongue from under his balls to the tip of his penis, going from one ball to the other, slobbering just a tad while licking and sucking. By then Bill’s head (the one above his shoulders) was thrown back, his neck extended, and he was groaning deeply in his throat. My intention had been to suck up the tissue just under the head of his glans, but huge hands came up on each side of my head and fingers wove into my short hair, grabbing hold. I understood my role clearly and sucked his penis into my mouth as his hands moved my head to his desired speed and depth. 
Before long there was an explosion that surely registered on the Richter Scale.
I was flipped onto my back and the Hitachi deployed while Bill’s mouth worked over my nipples. Within a few minutes I heard someone yell out, and realized it was me. Never content for me to have only one orgasm, Bill grabbed a new toy that is somewhere between a switch and a cane but made of a different material that really stings. He ordered me to turn the Hitachi back on and hold it to my clit. I did while he proceeded to use the switch on my breasts. As soon as I came the second time he flipped me over and really switched my butt and the back of my legs.
After he finished and cuddled up to settle me and make sure I was in a good head space, he told me that he switched me more than usual because he wanted to make sure the endorphins were on high. We are boxing up our kitchen today for the remodel.  I think he made a good decision in getting the endorphins charging through my system and I think I made a good decision in creeping back to the bedroom.
I love it when a plan comes together!
I hope you guys have a good day skiing, making snow angels, and playing with the yaks.

Sending love and hugs from
your logistics specialist and friend,

The only thing I'm wondering is who these guys are --- the folks from A Team Construction who are doing your kitchen remodel?  If so, good luck with that. I'm not sure which fool to pity. 

Here in Yak-E-NutiI-Stan, it could be a long 24 hours for Slave. Mistress is actually off on a short business trip tonight, so I'm home alone in the Yurt. And Mistress is taking no chances.

"Make sure you put the cage on in the morning, Slave!"

I've already slid the ring on, smushing my cock and balls through it's tight aperture. So she gets the benefit of a particularly hard and desperate cock this morning before she's off.  I'm just wondering how many hours in the cage my work-a-day cock will have to endure.


Suzanne said...

Alone, in the cage and in the yurt. I suppose you're not so pampered after all!


Donna said...

What happy days those were working with James and the various M's! Using the alias of Miss Moneypenny worked well for me for many years before Bill came along, don't you think? Sometimes I carelessly call Bill "Mother", if you get my drift.

Perhaps I should assign some "00" numbers to you and Simone rather than names. Would you prefer that?

Sex Bloggers Protection Program

WC said...

Oh yes, he is still the over pampered house slave Suzanne

And very hot Donna!

Give me a call if u get a chance

Your coworker

The over worked and underpaid,


Anonymous said...

"Bills Thrills???" OMG, that's wonderful, D!!

And so is the song War - hadn't thought about it in a while. My sister did a song and dance routine to it when she was in 6th grade, and I still remember the arm movements.. lol...

Sam, sorry to hear you're caged - hope it doesn't get cold ~ the cage i mean.... yikes!