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Thursday, November 3, 2011

HNT / Slave Takes Mistress Out to Dinner

Thankfully, Mistress was back home last yesterday afternoon.  I hate to be a whiner, but it was pretty lonely back at the Yurt last night without her. And, well, aftet a day in the cage and a full 36 hours with appropriate exercise for my work-a-day cock, Slave had gotten a little desperate.  So when Mistress suggested we head home from work a little early, who was I to object?

I was inclined to cut to the chase once her saddle bags were off the Yak and I got the fire going. But first things first - Mistress was desperate for a little exercise, so we took a spin around our little valley on those cross country skis that Donna had delivered to get the blood flowing.

By the time we got back, the Yurt had warmed sufficiently to allow us to comfortably strip away our cloths, and  I got to see Mistress in all her glory after my sad period of solitiude.

"Would you like me to worship, Mistress?"

"I thought you'd never ask, Slave."

Soon I was where I belonged.... on my knees, Mistress lying back on or bed, taking her time to build to a nice powerful starter cum.

"I'd like to suck my cock now, Slave...."

"It's all yours, Mistress."

Sh pushed me back in the bed, toying with it with those well manicured fingers.

"Of course it is...."

Soon she was sliding those lush lips up and down my shaft, making me squirm and ultimately beg to fuck her.

"What' s your hurry, Slave...."

"Uhhhh.... it's been almost 2 days, Mistress...."

"You're just spoiled, aren't you?"

So it seems. In any event, Mistress soon relented to my pathetic pleas, and I made sure she got a few dividend cums before taking my own pleasure.

Ahhhh.... good to have her back.

We'd thought of warming up some left over Yak chili we had made for NFL watching on Sunday, but I figured it was a special occasion to have her back, and suggested that instead we  head to a new restaurant that had opened about 1/2 a mile across the valley.The sign was well... adorable, so we had to check it out, didn't we?

So we bundled up and crunched across the frozen landscape to find an inviting spot with some interesting menu selections not for the faint of heart.  Check out this video for an interview with the chef.(I'll have the Yak penis)

Now I've mentioned on these posts all the wonderful uses that these great beasts of the Steppes can bring us. Their dried dung heats the Yurt. The bear us and all our stuff from place to place. and of course they can provide shared bodily warmth for guests like the WC.  But I had never actually considered dining on Yak cock at a classy restaurant, no matter how classy the presentation.  But it does make for a nice HNT!

Francois, if you ever open a restaurant, this could be an interesting draw, that could ignite a little Twitter Buzz.

Of course, having drawn a few readers with that HNT tease at the top of the electronic fold, it would be unfair if I didn't toss you a different sort of bone.... here's another outtake from our last Switch Day...   Enjoy!


Francois said...


Yes That is a good idea to put on the menu. As you might recall I served a kind of similar item as desert on home cumin weekend, with the spoons !
I will probably drop by this afternoon, since I heard rumors of a local drinking activity, where I think Simone should go with me. Or perhaps screw that and just screw her?
The meat exploration expeditions have been fun, and I will share all my research with Simone later.

Francois aka EutroTrash

Donna said...

Well, that is certainly an interesting little video. I wonder how many snake penises it takes to make an order. There are so many truly horrible jokes that could go here, but I am trying to be a good girl this morning. Not to worry worry, that won't last long.


Suzanne said...

I passed on that dish during my recent trip to China.

Donna, at least share some of your jokes...please?


WC said...


You are such a charmer

you silver tounged devil