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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing Through

Despite his oath never to return to our Yak infested  adopted homeland here in Hot-Damn-It-Stan, the WC apparently had a change of heart when he learned that the greens fees at the "course" not far from our Yurt were deeply discounted after the first fall snows. So on a day when Mistress was buried in work, and Slave was doing his best to introduce the locals to a crude form of Democracy, who shows up at our door but our former Mountain West employee and his brother, the guy with the finger that finds its way into the strangest places.

Of course, they felt compelled to go "native" when it came to suiting up for the course.  I was a little too busy to hit the course myself, but I handed the WC my digital camera, and after a day out on the links he shared a few photos with me before he and his brother caught the next SBPP shuttle back to the states.

Here is a photo of the caddy shack, near the first green.

 Rather than golf carts, golfers traverse the course using these four hooved transportation devices. God forbid aging duffers like WC and his Bro. actually walk the course.

The best feature about a good old American golf outing are the "beer carts" often driven by hot babes in skimpy outfits, pouring drinks and serving up snacks. But out here in the wild, the refreshments are....well.... fresher.

One advantage of golfing the course hear is the highly skilled (and armed) group of caddies available to coach newbies like the WC through the ups and downs of the native terrain.

But once out on the course, our fearless adventurers had lots of open fairway available to slice and dice to their hearts content.

And while the environment skews to the dry side, eliminating the ability of course designers to incorporate water hazards, there are other hazards that have been added, to keep the match lively.
 Finally,  after a long fruitless battle to achieve par, the two itinerant "players" were able to adjourn to the local version of the 19th hole:
BTW, we promise to get back to what used to be a sex blog soon!


Donna said...

Love it! WC and his brother look quite fetching in their native wear. And personally, I think the hazards are very appropriate. It would keep the riffraff and slow movers off the course, probably permanently.


beingaisha said...

LOL - I'm glad to know the WC and his brother were able to put in some time on the course. Looking forward to the sex part of things, of course.


Francois said...

Mon Dieu

Sam I understand WC ( aka "the head") made some golfing comments, and that as a grown man he prefers to hit a defenseless small ball with a iron rod. But showing up like that .......does not show good maaers.

I on the other hand prefer to hunt for meat and use the riding crop to get it to the right moisture level, so it can be enjoyed more.

The good thing with most meats is that once it has tasted the riding crop, or the bare hand to make it more tender, it keep cumming and cumming back for more.

It was awfully nice of you to let 'the head' barge in, but should they not pay homage to Simone first?

Francois aka EuroTrash