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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mistress Gets a Pass On Switch Day

For those of you who tune in here on Monday morning for one of those tawdry photos of Mistress in some form of bondage, and a tale of her succumbing to the compelling vibrations of her favorite power tool..... you can move on now.  With the cute co-ed back from campus briefly on an I-phone repair mission, it seemed a little "awkward" (as our teens now say), to force too many plaintive cries from Mistress. 

So our morning sex - after I prepared Mistress a coffee and we read the morning papers huddled under the Yak furs - was more of the vanilla variety.

Not that I can complain. Mistress rewarded my worship with an extended period of teasing my cock with those lush lips, until I was quite literally begging for the privilege of fucking her.

After that, we took an early morning ride on our mountain bikes, exchanging greetings some of our neighbors along the trail.

Later, Mistress went on the expedition to the Black market, finding the Apple stall, where some genius popped open the little Co-ed's I-phone.  Mistress sent me a text photo back, accompanied by the dreaded message "water damage".  Oops. Say goodbye to this one, and the fantasy that the warranty would cover another I-phone breakdown.
But I must say the "genius" sure looked like he knew what he was doing.
With the little princess's problem finally resolved, it was time for her to head back to campus. Mistress rode her via Yak to the local airstrip where D, our Director of Logistics had a private jet waiting, courtesy of the SBPP.  Love those deep pockets.

Once she was off, Mistress called me via satellite phone and said she was stopping by Francois's Yurt, sort of on the way home, for a cup of his special Tea.  I told her to enjoy, and decided to take a few more photos to share with our readers.

You've heard me talk a little too much about the useful Yak, and particularly how we heat our Yurt by burning dried Yak dung in the open fire. Well here's a photos of how the locals dry this bountiful substance: by smearing it on walls until it's .... well ..... done. The next time the WC shows up, I have an idea how he can earn his keep.
And here is the finished product, all stacked and ready for a long cold winter ahead. The only trouble is that the distinct aroma of the smoke does have a tendency to blot out Mistress's sultry perfume.
Not long after I came back from my little stroll, Mistress's Yak pulled up in front of the Yurt.

"How was Francois, Mistress?"

"He was fine, Slave.... I had some Tea... he fed me a few chocolates.... but no hanky panky...."

"Poor Mistress.... are you in need of a little more sex this evening...."

Actually, it turned out we were both more in the mood for hunkering down on a Sunday evening.... our empty nest restored .... nice to see our beloved daughter.... nice to settle back into a very comforting routine too.


WC said...

Sam I'm not coming back to stack Yak turds!

But i will share some golf jokes/stories

Guy comes home from playing golf and his wife asks him how it went

He says it was just horrible "John had a heart attack on the third hole and dropped dead on the spot"


Your telling me for the rest of the round it was hit a shot ... drag John..Hit a shot drag John!

Moses and Jesus Christ were playing golf with to other guys

The first three played 5 irons to a par three over water

Jesus grabs his 8 iron and hits it right in the water

Then he curses and walks out on the water to get his ball

One of the guys asks Moses ... who does that guy think he is Jesus Christ?

No he is Jesus Christ... he thinks he is Tiger Woods

LPGA lady pro is playing a pro am with three amateur middle aged males

She hits a 7 iron stiff on a par three

One of the guys askers her what iron she hit

Then he asks his caddie fora a 8 iron

Lady pro says to his caddie

While your at it get him a sand wedge too .... cause he is going to need it!

True story

The full of golf stories,


WC said...

One other golf story for the day,

I play a lot of golf with my icelandic nemesis

And have picked up a few words of Icelandic.

UMSKOW for example

Whenever I hear a driver being slamed into the ground and an anguished cry of UMSKOW!

I know what it means

Roughly translated it means:

"Mother fucker I just hit a hight towering hook dead left out of fucking bounds, and now I have to re tee and play three of this goddamm tee!"

It is my favorite word in the icelandic language:)


My miss off the tee is also a hight towering over drawing shot to the left


The WC never slams his clubs or swears:)

The god faring,


Suzanne said...


Switching is often overrated. Besides, I think you prefer the other six days of the week.

WC...why does a golfer bring two pairs of pants to play a round?

In case he gets a hole in one.

The only has a few golf jokes,


WC said...

Funny Suzanne

Anonymous said...

we adore you...but this is a SEX blog. I know that you like gold better than sex..but can you stick to the subject matter please

Anonymous said...

Dear Simone,

I'm glad you said that. I was getting ready to go google golf jokes so I could fit in. Thank goodness you stopped me.

The non golf playing


WC said...

Simone, I beg to differ,

This blog and your former one has always been much more than a sex blog

Sullen teens, travel, skiing, jobs, politics, yak dung, etc etc etc, I could go on and on

The problem with most sex blogs

Is after a while they run out of material

Same thing every day

And they peter out

That is why first rate blogs like Sam and yours and Suzanne's, and others

keep being interesting

So I clearly disagree with you

But you are still red hot

So I don't really care

Don't publish my comments if you or Don think they are not proper for your blog

The may get fired


I don't make that much anyway,


Anonymous said...

I don't have a golf joke (but I did enjoy the WC's interjection of links humor) and wanted to say I'm glad to have found your new blog. I'll definitely be including it on my blog list. I'm always open to learning about far corners of the globe.