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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mistress Simone on Pulling the Trigger

I am currently reading  Joe McGinnis’s bio of Sarah Palin. Makes me needy for home – I am told that it will be safe to leave our remote locale soon. If Alaska’s ½ term Governor is even 1/8th as bad as written, this nation dodged a big bullet. Bullets, weaponry and pulling the trigger are a consistent theme in Palin’s life. She threatens folks that she will pull that trigger daily.

Back here in the land of “Simone” and “sam”, I only hope that a few brave men actually fire. Or I had hoped by now they would…. but now …. who knows.

Let me take you back to the early days of the origins of  the notorious Molly and Mick Contract, and this blog (and its predecessor).

Over two year’s ago I was contacted by an old college lover who claimed that he had spent over 20 years looking for me. He is a cyber sleuth and it turns out I was pretty well hidden. “E” told me that I had been that elusive one who had impacted him. One thing led to another, we flirted, talked about hard-core sex and about hooking up.

Only problem: his wife said he could sleep with anyone in the world, BUT me. I guess decades of pining made her nervous. SO … I became personae non grata. We are not yet at the end of the story. Earlier this week he was on the phone to me again. Yes…even 2 years later (but what is two years on the top of my recent calculation that says really 28 years total?).. He still says he wants to get it on. Of course, my contract with “Sam” gives me carte blanche. But I still don’t believe that he will ever pull the trigger.

Then there is the WC.

We have been engaged with one another for close to two years also. I have a library of his beautiful “special occasion” cock shots. We’ve had some hard core phone sex. And he has stayed in touch with me consistently. By and large, he is a guy who does exactly what he says he will, except meet me. Now he claims that we actually will. But I still don’t believe that he will pull the trigger.

And then there is real life. Francois. A man of action. We have an arrangement that is easy and seems to work for Sam, F and myself. Is it heavy? No. Angst? No. Fun, yes. Threatening to anyone? No. I dig it.

So my big mystery is will man #1 or #2 actually take action (like Sarah P.  would) And how much do I want that to happen? Fuck, after all of this trumped up sex talk…I am curious. But then there is this other part. I am thought of by some as  some mystery sex queen. The truth is that I am a 48-year-old woman with an active sex life, good imagination and a husband/slave who gets off on it. I am not counting on either man coming through. But am curious as hell.

I guess that I could wish that they were more like Sarah, but then maybe I wouldn’t like them as much.  Who knows.... maybe they're just shooting rubber bullets .... or bands.

 Frankly, I am a lucky woman with the two that I have in my own arsenal right now…

Happy Thursday



Donna said...

Great post Simone, and interesting thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly about Palin, and her associates are in the same category.

Having met you, I do think of you as one sexy lady, no question about that. And you are fortunate to be in a relationship with a man who has an equally active sex drive.

About the rest, my personal opinion is that there are a huge number of people, especially in this country, who do not or cannot separate sex from love. Certainly when we love someone sex is part of that equation, but there can be good sex, fun sex, explorative sex without love and lifelong commitment as long as everything is totally in the open with all partners.

I think you rock, Simone. Keep on rocking.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

Excellent post Simone. Forty eight can be a very exciting age, make the most of it!



Anonymous said...

Nice post, Simone. I've also wondered what your thoughts were on this very topic - thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Simone Merci,

yes many here can not separate sex from love. But i have to admit sex with you is more than sex with meat :)

Thanks for your support in regards to the medical diagnosis of my side kick.

Francois aka EuroTrash