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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not So Empty Nest

I'm a lucky Slave that we  made time for some robust early morning sex yesterday, because our Saturday turned out a little busier than we normally plan, particularly out here in On-the-Lam-I-Stan. I had woken earlier than normal, so spent some time on the blog and catching up on the week's news from back in the States. By the time Mistress called for her Slave, I was more than ready to worship at my personal altar. Fortunately, I was rewarded for my efforts.

After Mistress was suitably fucked, I drifted back to sleep for  a while. Then we were off to various errands and tasks we had put off during a busy work week.

The unexpected development was a brief overnight visit to the Yurt by our sullen teen. She had the ultimate sullen teen emergency; her I-phone crashed!  The horror. It must be like flying blind in the world of a college freshman. And of course, this is a problem only Mommy can resolve.

Fortunately, D, our SBPP logistics coordinator was up to the task of organizing  last minute travel arrangements to our very remote hideout. I won't go into all of the details. But they did involve mid-air refueling and a double humped ground delivery system.

So there the little cutie was, at our Yurt flap  step by midday. I will confess it was good to see her. And I think Mistress misses her girls more than she likes to let on.  They spent a good part of the day doing girl type things, enjoying some local confections, tending to beauty processes (not that they are really needed) and making an appointment with a local black market "genius" to get her I-phone crisis resolved later this morning, before she heads back to campus.

Last evening the two girls settled into watch back-to-back "chick flicks" in one corner of the Yurt. But Slave had other plans. Both of my alma maters were on TV, playing in different cities. But with the benefits of satellite TV,  the extra plasma screen and other necessary furnishings that D had air dropped to us just in case of this type of "crisis", and some handy local sherpas with time available now that climbing season is over, I was able to construct a "man cave" of my own in a remote subterranean area of the Yurt.

Hunkered down with some exotic local brew that had the faint aroma of mangy Yak to give it an unusual kick, I was able to click back and forth through the evening, and watch both of my teams come from behind in the 2nd half to maintain their trajectory to one 2nd tier bowl or another.

And I was even able to catch the end of the "Redneck Riviera Super Bowl" from Tuscaloosa, where two groups of over paid under the table teens battered one another to a 6-6 tie. At that point, it seemed more appropriate to go into extra innings than OT. Fortunately, the team from Bayou country put a swift end to this mediocre misery, with a walk-off field goal. After that sad display, both teams should sink in the polls. 

Sadly, by the time my total college football immersion was done,  and I climbed out of my cave, Mistress was already settled into bed under her Yak furs. It was a little too late to expect a victory lap within those clean shaven folds. In fact, I may deserve a well earned punishment due to my negligence.  I just hope I don't lose my Man Cave privileges until after today's big  NFL showdown!

As you can see, there isn't much sex to report on today, but Slave can't complain! And somehow I think we will make up for lost time, after the camel comes to collect our sweet little co-ed this afternoon.


Donna said...

Hi Sam,

I love that photo of the sky from inside the yurt! Gorgeous.

I'm sure the teen's world will now be able to return to normal with a repaired I-phone, as well as having spent time with you and Simone. I suppose I should have put you and Simone first there but it was, after all, a teen with a damaged I-phone!

Victory lap? Cute.


sin said...

Total college football immersion. Wow, doesn't that sound fun!

And I certainly think that a teen with dammaged iphone is about on par with a man with a man-cold. Something that must be attended to ASAP.

beingaisha said...

A day without sex??? For the two of you??? It's so hard to imagine, and yet reassuring in some way.

Glad the teen is taken care of, and hope you're not in trouble...


Anonymous said...

OMG Sam,

I just finally read the blog,

Bad me

Was busy all day (playing golf)

And shot 1 under par!

And beat my icelandic nemesis by 5 strokes!!

All good and I am a happy... golfs in jeans and tee shirt guy

Is funny to play with the cool crowd in their fancy duds and the kill them by 20

Sorry shouldn't be bragging

Great you got to see one sullen teen

Very funny blog

Your erstwhile employee,


Mistress and Slave on the Lam said...

@aisha-- read carefully. there was wakeup sex. just no afternoon - evening sex. Keepin' hope alive....

@WC- good job on the course there dude. wondering....are you allowed to move a ball if it lands in a Yak turd?


WC said...

Too funny Sam,

I would... fuck the rules!

And who wants Yak turd's on their clubs?

There is a limit.

I once landed my ball on a half eaten goose and moved my ball...

So there you go

Winter rules and all that

Don't you know

Go pussycats!

The will improve his Lie,


beingaisha said...

@Sam -O, thank goodness. It was late, apparently my short term memory wasn't working so well.. glad you've maintained your position as role models...

@the WC - and I'm glad to hear you think there are limits! That's kind of a surprise to me...