"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mistress and Slave In Transit

While the sherpas ordered up by D from the SBPP did our packing, Mistress and her Slave lingered in bed Saturday morning, huddled under the Yak furs for the last time, and frolicked a bit. Slave lavished attention on those succulent clean shaven folds, and Mistress seemed pleased with the results.... it had been nearly 24 hours since she'd had a suitable cum. After my work was done, Mistress turned her attention (and lips) to my thickening cock, driving me to distraction until she finally consented to my increasingly urgent pleas to allow me to fuck her.

We were in that post orgasm zone, drifting back to sleep, when the lead sherpa knocked on the bed frame.

"The Yaks are packed, Mistress...."

(Note that he had been instructed to use proper terminology. D takes care of all the important details.)

We tossed on some traveling togs, took one last look around the Yurt and began our journey. It was all a little dizzying after that, but D had a staff photographer record  some of the highlights of our long day.

Here are some of the locals, bidding adieu to Mistress and her slave as our party heads the the local airstrip:
Of course, there were deep river canyons to cross:
And once at higher altitude, some brilliant snow fields:
D had a transport plane waiting for us when we finally arrived at the airstrip, and the yaks were loaded on board:

Of course the air plane crew was a little surprised at the cargo, but worked dilligently into the evening to load up all our accumulated detritus:
Finally, we were off:

Fortunately, for Slave.... back here in River City just in time for today's big showdown with that evil NFL team from up river.

We look forward to resuming our original secret identities and reporting to you Monday morning from UCTMW World HQ on Monday morning....


Bill, Dir of Security, SBPP and UCTMW said...

Be thankful the crew was able to land at River City Airport. The back up plan was to airland the cargo and then have you and Mistress sky dive in. Glad your back!

beingaisha said...

Woohoo! going to check it out now ~ neighbors again!


Donna said...

I think I may miss the yaks a bit, but I'm glad you're home.

SometimesSpanked said...

Greta story!!! :)