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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ass Week Can Have a Bottom SIde Too.

This brief counter-programming from the hype down on Dallas has built a little momentum.

Over at “Jumping On In”, SFP caught the spirit, with a cute little illustration dedicated to her “friend” D. SFP

When Mistress saw SFP's illustration she said, "I think her ass looks better than mine Slave." I was not taking sides, only commenting that both were excellent examples of the genre. This is not a competition! But of course Mistress knows how much I value hers.

And Tammy’s slender but well used ass caught a little extra attention from Suzanne’s strap-on over at ALL MIne.

Meanwhile, Slave’s butt got some attention on Wednesday that was a tad embarrassing.

I was at my Doctor’s office, which is affiliated with a large teaching hospital. As I am waiting in the examining room, my doctor sticks his head in, and asks if I would mind answering some of those typical screening questions by a 3rd year medical student he is training in the witchcraft of modern medical practice.

It’s happened before, and of course I had no problems with the concept.

Shortly thereafter in steps a rather tall female student, mid-20’s perhaps – not particularly alluring but clearly competent. We talked through her questions – all bland enough – my exercise habits, any complaints, medications, etc.

Soon my doctor joined us, flipping open his laptop, reviewing blood tests, and so on. All very pleasant.

Then the question that somehow I had forgot to antitcipate:

“Has it been 12 months since someone felt your prostate?”


Well, I mumbled out a “yes”, trying to put aside those Saturday ass fuckings that Mistress sometimes indulges me with. Or is she indulging herself?

“OK, well we’ll take care of that today…..”

Now I know many of our female readers are quite accustomed to intimate exams by male doctors.

But old Mick…. Never had to turn that particular table.

After following his instructions to strip to my undies and socks, He performed the preliminaries as his female student observed closely. The mouth and ears were examined. I did the breathing thing as he used that stethoscope. He had her feel my abdomen for some strange anomaly that went over my head.

Then it was time.

“OK, Mick, stand up and pull down your shorts. You can just lean over the table right here…..”

I was a big boy and complied.

I could hear the sound of the gloves snapping over someone’s fingers. But for the life of me, I could not tell which fingers were about to do their duty work on me.

“Now bear down.”

Of course, I am not unaccustomed to this sort of invasion. But the presence of this female student I had just had the pleasure of meeting was, shall we say, a tad humiliating.

“See, in here you can feel both sides…..”

His fingers were clearly the ones rooting away in there. A relief. And fortunately this little “show and tell” episode did not involve the student getting her own turn.

AS you can imagine, Mistress was amused when I shared this story.

“I guess you’re lucky I didn’t make you wear the cage today, Slave.”

Yeah, that might be a little hard to explain.

I did wear the cage yesterday though. Molly stayed home a bit longer Thursday, so she could squeeze in a date with M.

And last night, we had a reception for folks in my office, so we got home late, and a little tipsy.

As we lay there, catching up on the blogs, I asked Mistress how her date had gone.

“Oh it was nice, Slave.”

“How many, Mistress….”

“Probably 3 or 4. The WC was into all sorts of stories about what a spanking he would give me…. At home…. At a party in front of lots of people.”

“I see he’s gotten into the spirit of ass week too.”

“Yes… he says he’d give me a much crueler spanking than the wimpy ones you administer.”

“I guess that’s a challenge Mistress.”

But of course I kept my bluster to a minimum. Mistress still had not unlocked my cage.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

So my slave,
MY ASS. while I am certain that SFP has a delightful backside, what do you mean "you are not taking sides?" BS!!!! You did attempt to redeem yourself later in the entry, but this does not thrill me.
your mistress

sin said...

Hey Molly, The "I'm not taking sides" routine never thrills does it? My Dom does that occaisionally with me and the girl of the month (cause yes I do ask sometimes). And it bugs the hell out of me. And it's hard to express my displeasure from the bottom. But you... lucky girl, you are on the top!

I do think you have an awesome ass btw.

Suzanne said...'re "toast"

Seduction And Satire said...

Miss Molly,

As a longtime lurker and new blogger let me express my love of your posterior..... and your gorgeous legs... and those breasts... mmmmmmmm... There will always be a soft (and rather wet) spot in my "heart" for the lovely Miss Molly!

When paired with the sometimes sexy, sometimes ironic, and always entertaining words of your dutiful slave, lets just say you two make a perfect pair!

nilla said...

Mistress Molly,

i second sin..your ass is grrrrrrreat!


KellyRed said...

Molly, I have a huge "want" for those lovely lacey undies. Besides having a lovely ass, you have impeccable taste in lingere. Oh,(sorry, Mick)I'm right there with you on the whole "not taking sides" ;-)


Anonymous said...

I should be working -- but am VERY burned out. Long week. Thanks for all of the all are too kind. and mick does give me most of my lingerie and he does have fine taste...he will learn that he must always take sides and there is only one right one. that would be mine.

strivingforpeace said...


no chance in hell my ass is better than yours --
you have a very high quality ass

and frankly?

I hate you a little bit for it

in the future -- I'm thinking of using a stunt-ass on my blog because I find your ass a bit threatening.