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Thursday, February 17, 2011

HNT / Hot Shoes and Some Angst

We’ve been getting some wonderful correspondence from Donna, our Southern Correspondent, who has been picking up the slack for our WC during his period of infirmity…. More on that later…..

As you may recall from some earlier entries here, Donna has some physical challenges, but she and her husband have risen to the occasion by keeping a high kink factor going in their marriage, as demonstrated by their contribution to “The Asses of UCTMW” a few weeks back. (Well, Donna’s contribution. We are still waiting for Bill’s show and tell).

They are great roll models for us here at UCTMW.

Yesterday we got this great dispatch from Donna, which we had to share, along with the wonderful photo:

“I would love for us to get together sometime and have a chance to get to know each other, share a drink and dinner, visit and laugh. Until then, I enjoy being able to share some of wonderful things that happen in life.

My family teases me about boots all the time. It is a habit of mine to send my sister and daughter-in law pictures of shoes and boots, especially boots, that I think they should buy based on what I would like to wear. When our son and daughter-in-law were married I had to wait until the wedding to see her bridal dress but, as a gift that said she knew me well, she showed me her wedding shoes weeks earlier. And they really were spectacular! She is about 4'11" and tries to keep her weight up to 85-90 pounds! Our son is 6'4" and a very muscular 240 pounds. She said she didn't want the wedding photos to look as though he was marrying a midget, so she hunted until she found just the right thing, lace ankle boots with very high heels. Gorgeous! Do you want to guess which spouse rules the roost in that family? lol

But, back to the point of the email, I love Molly’s boots. I mean I love that wonderful assortment of gorgeous boots. The pictures with them on the dashboard of your vehicle are great, and I especially love those very hot - over Mick's back- view of them. I think maybe my husband may have become a bit tired of hearing me talk about them.

Yesterday we were out and about when Bill surprised me by pulling into the parking lot of a store, saying we were there to try on some shoes. That was all he said. He got my chair out of the back, rolled me in, and I continued to think we were going to be looking for shoes for him. No! He wanted me to be able to try on some sexy boots and take some pictures I could have. How amazing is that? The boots didn't work out. One foot is fused so it wouldn't make the necessary bend to get into the boots and the other foot just isn't cooperative. Not fazed in the least, he rolled me around to choose the most outrageous "come hither" shoes in the store, picked out boxes of them - several sizes too large so the foot would slide along the top rather than be pressed to the bottom. He knelt like Cinderella's balding and bearded Prince Charming, placed a shoe on my foot and took a picture with his cell phone. And then did it again. Thirty one years of marriage, friends since we were nine years old, and he can still surprise me and give me goose-bumps.

Hooray for romance!


Considering that Donna and Bill seem entertained by Molly’s extensive boot collection, we are thinking next week has to be “Boot Week” here at UCTMW…. Maybe we can get some of our readers (or other bloggers) to join in the fun by sending or posting some kinky boot shots to share?

We will be thinking of some clever shots to share!

Now back to our regular programming….

Here at the UCTMW World HQ there was a certain degree of angst yesterday.

As we have reported with what turns out to be way too much tongue-in-cheek (or wherever), our Western Correspondent has been under the weather, and for a change, we had become convinced that he was not simply featherbedding to jack up the value of his worker’s comp claim.

But yesterday …. Well, he just fell off the radar completely.

Mistress and he are usually in pretty regular contact during the work day. And when she did not hear from him, she texted …. but no replies. There were some calls from his line at some point, but again, when Molly called …. No reply.

And no one picked up at his office either, when her Slave attempted to see if there was a problem.

As we took our end of the day bike ride in beautiful 60 degree weather here, we talked through various scenarios, none of which were pretty.

Molly and M have grown very close over the last year. I know she was troubled about what this silence meant. And I was trying to be supportive, spinning the situation to help her retain her optimism.

We even made a date to talk it over last evening with our friend Aisha, who we figured could have some professional insights.

Then, after dinner, Mistress saw another call had come to her phone from M. She rang him back ---- he finally answered.

M is in the hospital.

He clearly was very grogged up, presumably on pain killers or sedatives. Fortunately he retained his cell phone and could squeeze in a call, despite all those signs about “no electronic devices”.

I won’t go into the details…. can’t violate our WC’s HIIPA rights! But M claims he will be sprung loose today. Here we are hoping they keep him under close watch for another day or two to make sure he is fully functioning.

(My sense from the sounds of Mistress’s giggling voice, upstairs as I compose this at the kitchen counter, is that M may already be on the mend.)

And at the least, before his discharge, the nursing staff should be allowed to conduct some experiments with the special equipment he brings to the gurney. I mean, shouldn’t there be some perks in the stressful job of restoring our WC to robust health?

Get better fast, you big lug!!!!


Serving B said...

Your blog is very entertaining!

sin said...

Wow, M in the hospital - you know I wondered what was up, it sounds like he has been sick for about a week. Tell him get well soon from the sub-sisters!

Suzanne said...

I am glad to hear that WC appears to be on the mend. Part of me feels bad because of all the shots we took at him while he was down. I think we may all be in for a bit of payback.

I did hear that they are releasing him as quickly as possible out of fear that his brother may visit. You know, the one with the human rectal thermometer?

I am away all next week and will miss boot week. We really need to manage these weeks better on the calendar!

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks so much for sharing Donna's incredibly moving correspondence. SO much love...


nilla said...

wow, a *full* post...Donna,what a beautiful story...what a great guy you have there...i'm smiling like crazy...

and, that wasn't good, at all to hear...but i had to giggle @ Suzannes comment.....Hope *all* of you is on the mend...

nilla has no boots, only a boot fetish. sigh. i have bright blue winter hiking boots, and i'll see if i can work that into something appropriately inappropriate, k??



Anonymous said...

WC still in the hospital, but on the mend...he assures us that he will be ok...he has even threatened to ski this weekend...

beingaisha said...

Donna - I LOVE the picture and the story. You and Bill are a wonderful couple and hold off my total cycnicsm about marriage - well, along with Mick and Molly. Great boots though - you clearly have good taste!

I might have some boot pictures to send for boot week...

As for the WC - I'm just relieved that he's been found and is ok, and hope he's all well soon. Not just for his sake, although that for sure, but I wouldn't want Molly to have to go through the trauma of only having Mick to take care of her - or Mick to be on his own!


sin said...

Whoa, imagine if Molly had only Mick to take care of her needs!