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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking These Boots on the Road....

Molly and Mick will be up and out the door early this morning. Heading West. We hope to have more lurid details for you later today, but it may not be until morning.  In the meantime, check out Ms. Marie, who yesterday posted a lovely tour of her dungeon and rolled out the welcome mat for our WC and our bewitching if reckless CEO for that safety training update they clearly need.

Looks like it would be snug, but I think both could be accommodated. I am thinking front to front suspended from the ceiling, with nothing to separate them but some diabolical chastity devices.

I am sure that would focus their attention on protecting UCTMW Enterprises from excessive Worker's Comp claims.

Yesterday our Senior Correspondent, Donna, shared some lovely boots she found that she thinks would look nice on the CEO, budget be damned.

And as a bonus shot, here is the booted Molly, in our hotel suite over the weekend.  She didn't have them on too much longer.

Have a great day, and we will be back later!


beingaisha said...

Donna - you have fabulous taste in boots. I want those, for sure.

Mick - I'm surprised you're still walking that edge of talking about wanting to see "the CEO" in Ms. Marie's dungeon. You know, you're going off to faraway places and will be at her mercy...
Good luck!



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Aisha- I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment, not unlike your kinky self! Mick

WC said...

You must be Mick, our beloved CEO intends to see you get you comeuppance!

The still outraged on behalf of our fearless leader.


xantu said...

ZOMG, I just realized I posted a boot picture on my latest entry. Not a fraction as sexy as yours though.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hey My WC:
glad to see that your feisty-self seems to be back. Mick and I are en route from ATL to our undisclosed location. I will get him back with all of the tools in our remote hideout.

WC said...

Dear beloved CEO/fearless leader,and the one to soon give Mick Collins his comeuppance!

Just sent u a text for your arival at your undisclosed location. Enjoy the guac.



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Dear Dom WC,
can taste the Sangria and Guac Now...can't wait. long nap on first flight and plenty of energy to punish the insubordinate slave...
talk soon

Donna said...

Dear Molly and Mick,

I still think Molly needs those boots!

Nothing much going on here, except for a little altercation with a man named Guido who said he had been hired to take all the financial records from your office to send somewhere out West. Now, now, not to worry, it’s all been taken care of.

Okay, here’s the thing. Guido made the common mistake of assuming that a bootless woman in a wheelchair would be easy to handle. I played along, acting all frightened and bothered until he turned his back to open a file drawer. That’s when I used my (considerable) arm strength to speedily roll up behind him and bring my right fist up between his legs at full force. He is quite a big man to fall to the floor and squeal like that!

Fortunately, Bill happened to be arriving for a lunch break visit (What, you think you're the only ones?) and had brought with him a pair of our fur lined handcuffs. He snapped the cuffs (I love that sound) onto Guido. As Bill started to lead him off I shared with Guido the fact that Bill usually works on the dead and doesn't often get a chance to work on the living. I find it distasteful for a man of that size and age to scream for his mommy, don’t you?

In any case, the financial records are safe, the carpet cleaning company will be here soon to try to get the stain and odor out of your carpeting, and Bill has something to do to keep him occupied for the rest of the day.

Enjoy your trip. Everything here is well in hand.

Your bootless but most capable Senior Correspondent,

WC said...

Donna Donna Donna,
You didn't realy think I would fall for that ploy did you? Guido was just a decoy, an an expendable one at that. While you and Bill were busy dealing with him agent #2 slipped in and absconded with the records. The records are winging their way out west as we speak. Thank you for getting rid of Guido however, he was becoming a problem. Too bad you chosse the wrong side in the fight. As we speak our beloved leader is being driven to their secrete location by none other than Mike Collins! There he will face Dick Cheneys crew of waterboarders, and we will find all of the colaborators in this attempted takeover! And heads will role!

Our beloved leaders last loyal employee,


Donna said...

Attn: WC
From: Bill

Guido, in an attempt to save his worthless life, spilled the beans on the secret location. All is now safe for both Molly and Mick. Toys are stocked, lube supplies upgraded, batteries are charged, rope, floggers and paddles in place.

Dick Cheney’s waterboarding team has been diverted to a secret site in downtown Benghazi, where they will be dealt with accordingly.

In frustration over your inadequacies in this matter, Dick Cheney has faxed you a personal invitation to go birdhunting with him tomorrow.

Files taken were dummy files, so all is well in the office.

Donna’s Dom aka The Moral Atheist,

WC said...


Too too funny Bill. I will however, decline Mr. Cheneys invatation to go bird hunting. I would however, except one of those large bundles of hundred dollar bill he kept air dropping all over Iraq.

The could use $10,000,000.00 in unmarked hundred dollar bills,


Donna said...

Attn: WC
From: Bill

Well, WC, we may have finally found our common ground.

Donna keeps talking about wanting some damn expensive boots custom made for her, and I would like a laptop of my own so I don't have to keep using hers. With all the expenses, I could use a bit of that moola, too.

I'll be in touch after Donna is asleep tonight. Subs and slaves tend to stick together so we should probably keep this from her.

From the photos of Molly, that is one hot babe, boots or no. Not as hot as Donna, but right up there.


And, WC, what's with no boot shots of you? It couldn't be any worse than Mick's! LOL

WC said...

Hey Bill this is great. You have been named new director of security for UCTMW, and they have now idea that we have agreed to split the loot. Let keep all this a secrete and we will end up controlling the company

Your partner,