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Monday, February 21, 2011

These Boots are Made for.....

First, we need to link you to some theme music…..Boots (check out the boots in the video).

The initial shot was on the fly this afternoon at my office. The weather was a challenge, a cold soaking rain, but Mistress stopped by for some worship before she headed to a dinner engagement. I made sure I got the “one boot on, one boot off” shot to share with you.

Then there is this lovely boot shot from our  down river blog colleague, Aisha. She has a great story that goes with it, and here is the link.  I do find the laces appealing.

Our Southern correspondent, Donna, sent us some photos she selected as part of our boot week extavaganza, which are definitely enticing. Here’s one of them.


And one more shot from her husband Bill. He clearly opts for utility, rather than style. You have to respect that in a man.

Now, as a point of personal privilege, your humble slave will now don his hat as the hard working HR and Risk Manager of UCTMW Enterprises, LLC. (If you did not read yesterday's comments, make sure you scroll back to see the buzz saw of whining from the WC that I stirred up yesterday with my gentle reminders about our sensible corporate procedures here at UCTMW).

I know there has been some push back from our hard (and or not so hard) working Associates about what they perceive as draconian policies designed to cover the corporate ass at the expense of loosey goosey lifestyle choices they choose to make. But let me fill you in on the disturbing facts that gave rise to yesterday’s memorandum.

On Saturday, Mistress shared some concerns she had about our Western Correspondent.

“He says he disconnected his IV’s and announced he was ‘checking out’”.

“Sounds a little crazy, Mistress….a very Hunter Thompson-ish move...and I’m sure some of those nurses felt short changed….”

“Then he says he went home and tried to ride his bike…. He almost crashed….”

“My guess is he forgot to zip up too, Mistress….”, risking a frozen cock relapse.

So you can see the basis for my concern. A correspondent gone rogue, still under the influence of prescription pain killers, trying to peddle off into literary history.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Mistress, Slave, and the two surly teens drove back from Chicago yesterday morning. When we got home, it was my mission to do the grocery shopping for an overly ambitious dinner party we were hosting for my family here commencing at 6 pm.

Mistress was off on a bike ride to care for that lovely body.

But when I got home, what did I hear?

“M called my on my ride, Slave…. And when I tried to answer, well … I had a crash….  I had Trouble getting out of my shoe clips.”

I inspected her carefully for damage. Fortunately, she was wearing her helmet, and there were no obvious scrapes or bruises. I was not looking forward to licking loose gravel from her luscious body.

But can you now understand why, as Director of Risk Management, I was concerned about this gross deterioration in safe workplace habits?

I guess I could just go out and buy some “Key Man (or Woman)” Insurance, sit back and wait to cash in as these two act with increasing reckless disregard for their own health and safety. Or I can try to politely remind then of their obligations to their employer and, secondarily, their loved ones.

'Nuff said.  I will forego quoting from Shylock’s speech in the Merchant of Venice.


MissBehaviour said...

I love the gentle teasing that the 'UCTMW' burlesque show is putting on... Gradually more and more glimpses of parts of the divine Molly and her accoutrements. Pretty soon we'll be able to build up a full montage ;-)

Striptease with tights and boots is a welcome change from G-string and pasties, though the clima(c)tic conditions are contributory, I think.


beingaisha said...

Omigosh, Mick - I love that song and the video... but you might have guessed that!

Sorry to hear about your insurance problems... that WC, it was bad enough when he wasn't taking care of himself, but if your Mistress ends up hurt - well, that's just not ok!

Good luck trying to manage them... I could always come up for an intervention of some sort...


H said...

that first photo is so damn hot... well done

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I am not sure an intervention will cut it for these two.... I wonder if Ms. Marie would agree to take custody of both of them for about a week for some "re-training". I bet she could get them to toe the line when it comes to safer work habits.


Donna said...

Molly, you always look so sexy!

Bill likes the picture, too, but from a different point of reference. I hope you're not offended, but he sang the Campbell's soup song when he saw the picture.

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a sexy boot fetish. I know it may seem surprising, but Bill's boots just don't fill that need. I anxiously await the unveiling of more of your boots and hearing about what Mick and WC.


WC said...

My dearest Mick,

As i know the last thing you want is a union shop, I am offering an olive branch to bring this nasty dispute to an conclusion.

I think it very presumptious of you to offer to send your CEO to mistress Marie for "retraining" and ever worse the you offered me up as well!

Nevertheless, I propose a compromise. I will give up my efforts to unuinize UCTMW, and you can keep your position as chief safty officer and will not have to return to the mail room.

I will be promoted to CFO, to manage all financial matters reguarding UCTMW's vast financial empire. I along with Bernie's ex acxcountant, will be solely in charege of all financial matters involving UCTMW.

I trust you will find this arangement satifactory.

This offer is made solely with the best interests of UCTMW in mind and in the spirit of compromise and good will.

I trust this finds you well,

The ever humble and just looking out for the best interests of UCTMW,

WC soon to be CFO

OH, and btw,get this, there will not be any more disputes about my comp claims as I will simply pay myself, thus ending the ugly disputes we have been having. It is definately a win win situation!

Donna said...

Is Bernie's former accountant permitted to run a business from the slammer? Does he happen to be related to you? And is your middle name Guido? Mind you, there's nothing in the world wrong with that, I'm just wondering. Bill just finished reading a wonderful new book you might enjoy, Eminent Gangsters by James Fentress. Don't know how that happened to come to mind...

WC said...

You are too funny Donna,

No I am a decendant of Jimmy Hoffa's, all I care about is the good the the working man versus the heartless corporations. We have our ways of getting accountants to work from prison, I just am not a liberty to tell you about them.

Just know that with me at the controls UCTMW's money could not be any safer, In fact Im thinking of taking a controling interest in one of Las Vegas's biggest hotels.

The bigger question is what punishment Mick Collins should recieve for recomending his mistress be sent to Ms Marie ro "retraining". Have you ever heard a more outlandish proposal from a slave? Just though you might want to weigh in one the discussion.

The outraged on behalf of his beloved CEO,


WC said...

Ok Mick I can't resist,

What is the quote from shylock's speach in the Merchant of Venice?

Donna said...

Well, weighing is really not my favorite activity...oh, weighing in on the discussion. Got it now!

I would say you might give a bit more thought to this re-training thing. Ms Marie does seem to be quite talented in training subs, and since Molly will be subbing to you as her Dom, wouldn't re-training be to your benefit? You know, after all the Domme work Molly has being doing with Mick, she might appreciate a touch-up on her sub skills, and you would be the eventual recipient of all that good training.

While he may have been a tad overzealous in suggesting you both need training, I suspect he was panicked to think that his beloved Molly might have been injured on her bicycle. And he really was concerned that you had left the hospital too soon. You might be able to look at it as Mick's interpretation of doing what a good sub does in serving his Domme and her Dom. Oh Damn-Dom that's confusing.

But, Mick's heart is in the right place even if his wallet is glued shut. Besides, he's a masochist like me; punishment is it's own reward. :)