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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Funny Valentine

It certainly was very nice to have Mistress back yesterday. And to be out of that infernal cage.

Not that it was all that annoying … or painful. Just a constant reminder that Slave was…. Well … a Slave. And I suppose I signed up for that duty when I signed the contract, didn’t I?

There was still a good deal of pent up demand percolating down there after (almost) three days of abstinence, so our morning sex, and the resulting orgasm that I was permitted was particularly … explosive.

We had no pressing engagements, so afterwards we both drifted back to sleep for a while, Mistress still catching up from that long and frustrating day on Friday, stuck at LGA.

Then I was off for some play time with my cute grandson. When he was returned at nap time, Mistress and Slave had a nice bracing bike ride here in the neighborhood, as the temperature finally climbed into the 40’s.

Then… I know this comes as a big surprise …. It was back to bed. Mistress had told me what was in store earlier in the day.

“You were such a good Slave this week, I’m going to fuck you in the ass as a reward.”

Funny. I do see it as a reward now.

She reminded me that her first deployment of the strap-on was on Valentine’s Day two years ago. It was before we conceived of the contract, or blogging about it… we had only been back together full time here in River City for about 6 weeks.

But our exploration of putting Mistress in more of a “management” position when it came to our sex lives had been percolating for 6 months or so.

It’s hard to recall how and when the notion of her taking me this way first came up…. No doubt Mistress can fill in the blanks…. She has a very good memory for such things. But as I recall it, her interest was piqued by perusing one of those kinky “Stockroom” catalogs that came in the mail.

“Don’t you think that would make a good Valentine’s Day present?”

Gulp. But I got the picture. And I was enjoying giving Mistress rope….

We planned to make a night of it. We packed a picnic. And Mistress packed some very sexy lingerie … stockings, garter belt and all. The venue was our charming little city home (It’s rented out now), which still had a bed and some other basic furnishings. It made a nice little hideaway from the eyes and ears of our teens.

When the ceremonial loss of my back door virginity was completed, the nature of our relationship shifted a bit more in the direction where we find ourselves today.

Flashing forward, back in our bedroom, on a Saturday afternoon..

“Get out my supplies, Slave….”

Once her harness was buckled into place, Mistress slid into bed next to me, embarking on some extended “make out” time. The kissing and her roving fingers made sure that my newly liberated cock was fully activated before the main course.

“Time to get into position, Slave …. No spanking today, since you’ve been so good this week.”

Appreciative, I rolled over for her, sliding a pillow under my hips to make the anle just right for her.

And soon she was sliding firmly into me, gently at first, then with considerable gusto. It’s an experience that still is hard to describe. But there is nothing like the feeling of my commanding Mistress filling me that way, and absorbing her own spasms as she comes with abandon as she pumps into me.

By the time she was done with me, her Slave was in a zone. I felt her pull out, heard her shed the harness. And pulled myself off the bed when she said “go insert your device Slave….”.

Then I was allowed to take her in the conventional way, making sure she had at least one more orgasm before I came with her permission.

“I think you liked that, Slave…..”

No doubt.

We dozed a bit, before dressing for our dinner date.

This was our little V Day celebration. Dinner at a classy restaurant, one of our favorite venues, with sweeping views of the sparking lights of River City.

There’s been some discussion on the blogs this week about the significance of Valentine’s Day. And I agree it’s a bit of a commercial scam. But we’ve always used it as a good excuse for some private time to remind ourselves of the importance of our relationship. For us it comes about 6 months before and after our anniversary in July…(now contract renewal day too). So we spent the evening, over dinner, talking about where we’ve been, how far we’ve come and our plans for the future, when the nest here is empty.

A good chance to take stock in a romantic room, with good wine and food.

And don’t think we did not cover you too, WC.

Mistress reported some unusual silence yesterday from our branch office out West.

“He spent the day in bed, he says…. Maybe the flu?”

“Let’s hope it’s not complications from that frozen cock, Mistress.”

Readers, please send your thoughts and prayers to our WC in his hour of suffering. Let’s hope he recovers soon. We miss his contributions here, just as Mistress misses his seductive and commanding voice.

But when desert was finished, and as we were making the transition from restaurant to the bar next door, Mistress got a text.

“M wants to know if I can talk for a minute, slave. Do you mind?”

“Of course not, Mistress.”

As Mistress chatted a bit, I sat on a comfy leather couch, sipping my Jamieson and watching the diverse crowd –ranging from elderly blue hairs to lesbian elected officials – swaying on the dance floor to a jazz combo and a smooth singer channeling Sinatra.


And soon Mistress was returning to me. I enjoyed watching her enter the room, elegant in a subtly colorful multilayered dress, her black boots and tights, turning heads as she approached me. I think the ancient couple next to us were stunned that this sexy lady elected to sit next to the older guy with the missing hair.

I handed her an Amaretto, the soft lights turning the concoction a shimmering gold.

“So how is he, Mistress….”

“Still under the weather, Slave. I told him about fucking you in the ass today. That seemed to get him going….”

“I’m sure he’d enjoy that, Mistress…. But maybe you’d need a bigger faux cock for him, if only to keep things in scale….”

We enjoyed cuddling against one another, ogling the  crowd, and then slid onto the dance floor for the moon songs….you know…”Fly Me to ….” And “How High….” (There are some links to share the mood).

And before heading home for the evening, we had the chance to sway and hold one another close as the singer crooned “My Funny Valentine”.

Once again, I was with the most beautiful woman in the room. And I was in (almost) full agreement with the lyrics, particularly this part:

“Don’t change a hair for me.

Not if you care for me.

Stay little Valentine, Stay.

Each Day is Valentine’s Day.”

I am a very lucky Slave to have such a lovely Valentine.

But just for the record, her looks are hardly laughable, and her figure is no less than Greek.


sin said...

Thank you for the back story Mick, I think the histories are fascinating.

And an interesting proposal for Molly to use a bigger faux cock for WC. Is that the first mention of such a proposal?

KellyRed said...

I love the way you speak about Molly, Mick. You are always subtly romantic in tone. And to ruin the moment with geeky scientific fact, missing a little hair is the result of a larger dosage of testosterone running through your veins. A trade off I'm sure Molly much prefers.

Suzanne said...

Glad you two started off this Valentine's Day weekend so well....enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hey all
it was a wonderful night. Mick and I are in a very good place on all levels..hope that you guys have nice valentine's days too...

Little Butterfly said...

Your post *does* sound very similar to ours on this day. :) Sounds like a great time!

nilla said...

funny, sweet, sexy...just one of the many things i enjoy about you two...