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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ass Week Ends, as Cage Week Begins.

Today marks the 7th consecutive days of photos of Mistress’s lovely ass, inspired by Suzanne, Jay and Tammy over at All Mine.

But of course, we are still waiting for that ass shot from the WC.

I thought I could shame him into coming up with one by finding large and hideous “ghost asses” for him, but apparently the man has no shame.

Which I suppose makes him well suited to serve as the Western Correspondent for the UCTMW Media Empire.

But a new week has begun, and it’s turning out to be “Cage Week” for Mick. Our policy here is that on days when we don’t drive to work together, Mistress requires me to be “caged up”. And as luck would have it there is a full work week in store for me.

Mistress had some kid related errands to run at the beginning of her day yesterday. The same today. Then On Wednesday she’s headed out of town until Friday evening. So my cock and balls are adjusting to the tight grip of that hard steel ring.

Yesterday morning, I was alert enough when I crawled out of bed to grab the hard steel ring from my dresser drawer. Downstairs, I smushed my balls and cock through the tight enclosure before embarking on my morning tasks. It’s always easier when things are loose and dangling, before the morning chill tightens things up, so to speak.

And when Mistress offered me the opportunity to fuck her, after being properly serviced, she found the type of hard and insistent tool that only a tight confinement at the base of my package can produce. Of course, coming is a little harder with that constriction, but when the countdown reaches “lift off” and my commanding officer drops the green flag, all things are very, very Go.

Last night I arrived home at around 6 pm, and Mistress was already lying in bed, waiting for me. After worshiping to her satisfaction, she kindly reached for the little key to spring me loose.


But come Wednesday I may be in for a longer period of confinement.

“I suppose it’s good that you are getting a little warm up before I leave town, Slave….”

Not so sure. God forbid I go Cold Turkey into the cage for three days….

Before we leave the subject of the NFL behind …. And it could be a while before those guys are back with a lock out looming over protracted labor negotiations .... I wanted to mention the role our long lost cousin played in making all those Cheeseheads happy, and saving Suzanne’s Ass from Jay’s visit.

When the Packers opened up a 14-0 lead late in the 1st Quarter, I swore I heard Troy Aikman point out that Safety Mick Collins was the guy hauling in that key  interception and running it to the house. Mistress and I smothered our laughs, as the folks in our house cheered the impending comeuppance of the dreaded Stillers.

AS it turn out it was Nick Collins…. Stud of the game for the Pack.

And here’s a great post game interview of him. He is a cocky and confident fellow, who does the Collins family proud. Collins interview

They say the “Black Irish” arose from the gene pool created when more than 50 ships of the Spanish Armada met their comeuppance on the rocky shores of Ireland’s West Coast back in 1588. The survivors scrambled ashore. Some were slaughtered by the British occuppiers of that wondrous but long oppressed Isle.

But others found some fair Irish maidens to provide them shelter and nurse them back to good health.

(Wondering now what therapy was provided for cocks frozen in the brutal North Atlantic. Maybe there is an answer on Wikipedia we could share with the WC).

I am wondering if cousin Nick can trace his ancestry back to some Moor gunner or deck hand, who met up with one of my great great great great great grandma’s back in County Kerry all those years ago.

Maybe he’d agree to be our Dairy Country Correspondent.


beingaisha said...

Wow, hope you have a lot of pleasure today - sounds like your week's gonna get real long after that! Poor baby...


MissBehaviour said...

Always worth trying to enlighten the masses with a history lesson. Are you thinking about opening a degree-granting educational arm of UCTMW Inc? If so I assume you'll be first in line for the janatorial position?


nilla said...


That Spanish Armada attack was a Jeopardy! question last night, Mick! Timely lesson...i'd wondered where those "black Irish" origins came from...for sure, not from my own Viking ancestors...

ps. i must admit to keen disappoint in the last few weeks. First, no Pats in The Game. Then the Steelers melted. Then to top it all off....the WC doesn't participate in Ass Week.

What is this world coming to?


(also an 'ass week' no-show...)

Suzanne said...


Caged for three days? Is Molly taking the key along?

Mystress said...

Hello there Mick,
Sounds like your in for an interesting week! Perhaps if it gets chilly out you can use that to help 'shrink' things so they fit better? Just a friendly suggestion. *wicked grins*

KellyRed said...

Oh Mick, your usage of the word "smush" sent chills down my spine...erk.

I have a two suggestions...first, a combo of peat, fresh from the bog, stinging nettle, moistened with uisce beatha (whiskey, or the breath of life)applied as a poultice, should perk the western corespondant's member right up. I am decended from a long line of McInerny's, charlatans, healers, and kirk caretakers all.

Second suggestion...why doesn't UCTMW publish a company directory, complete with pictures? Your ass doesn't contribute, then your ass is fired? I know I can't be the only one longing to view the nether parts of your corporate officers, and corespondants. You could offer advertising space in the back.

WC said...

Kelly Red,

That is a horrible idea!

The doesn;t want any of that stuff on his cock,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Miss Behavior, The idea of a classroom here at UCTMW sounds a little too much like Glenn Beck.

Suzanne- Mistress has not figured out what to do with the key.

Kelly- you should send that mix into a drug testing protocol. and we are happy to volunteer the WC to try it out. I will take the Placebo, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Mistress is hiding the key in case Mick has a client emergency and has to go to federal court (he might not make it through metal detectors in the cage)...he will only be told where it is in the instance of REAL emergency (I might need to hear from the judge directly). At any rate..let's see what kind of blogs he writes thursday/friday without me to inspire (as Nilla would say "giggles and grins."

WC said...

Dear Mick,

As we are both slaves to this media empire, and our over bearing CEO I would remind you that you do not have the power to volunteer the poor over worked and under paid WC for anything!

I guess we will both have to see who can suck up to her the most.

222 funny!

The ever humble, hard working, devoted to UCTMW media empire, selfless, and deserving of 5 months is fancy hotels, with my massage therapists and the CEO,

I remain your fateful servant,

The also still getting screwed,


I would advise you however,that she is m

Anonymous said...

NOW WC and Mick,
enough complaining from each of you. I am leaving town in the morning and I hope for some attention, respect (and in Mick's case) restraint while I am out of town. This is a tough economy. You are both fortunate to have jobs.
your Molly