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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ass Week

After that 4:30 am command performance yesterday, both Slave and Mistress were a little tired by the end of our workdays. As we drove home from the gym last evening, Mistress described our state to our Western Correspondence in a brief conversation:

“I’ve told Slave no sex tonight…. Too tired. But at least we did have that worship session in his office….”

Yes, Mistress did stop by after lunch. She was wearing those tricked out tights, with the nice convenient opening between her thighs. So nice for some drive by pleasuring during a busy workday. And when I was done, still on my knees, I took a photo of her: smug smile, legs spread, pink lips showing, to be sent to M via text message.

Mistress wanted to keep him up to date. Would that be penalized as taunting in the NFL?

Mistress relayed to me that it was 17 degrees below back in his home town. SO cold that they closed schools, even though the snowfall was minimal.

“Remind him that he needs to keep his equipment protected, Mistress….frost bite can easily reoccur once that sensitive flesh is compromised.”

In several comments yesterday, our WC had been escalating his demands for more accommodation for his sad, disabled special occasion cock. Somehow an extended recuperation at a San Diego golf resort had been added to his wish list.

“M, I’ve told you that the CEO is willing to drop everything and fly out to supervise your recovery…. “

But somehow M has ignored that generous offer by our “hands on” Boss.

“Maybe he’s afraid you will use the trip to inventory all those “office supplies” that keep showing up on his expense account, Mistress….”

So said the always paranoid CFO.

But the conversation soon turned to today’s reading material.

“Really …. Suzanne’s blog is about my ass?”

Clearly, M had been perusing the blogs during his work day.

“I’m not surprised, Mistress…. You really do have a very remarkable ass.”

Mistress noted my compliment. But her curiosity was clearly piqued.

“That will be my first priority when I get home, M.”

Sure enough, once we had prepared a light repast, we flipped open our laptops, to read what Suzanne was up to with her devoted stable of men. Here is the link.

I do think the attention made even Mistress blush.

It seems that both Jay and Tammy have been commenting on Mistress’s alluring ass, raising some concern about the level of discipline for Tammy over at All Mine.

Of course, based on data collected from secretly installed video monitors at our Mountain Zone branch office, we know that our Western Correspondence sometimes conducts his own workday “meditations” with the help of some blown up photos of Mistress’s lovely bottom. (No doubt the evidence of these little sessions will make good evidence in Court someday, should he pursue an intentional tort claim based on the alleged damage to his “frock”).

Now, of forced to choose favorite physical attributes, I would go for Mistress’s legs. But that’s just me. I have long been a devotee of the stems. And Molly has primo stems. But I can certainly understand why others might focus on Mistress firm and shapely ass.

And with Suzanne’s own ass on the line, depending on the outcome of Sunday’s Big Game, well, it seems only fair to make this “Ass Week” here at UCTMW….

If the “vanilla” world will have to look at photos all week of Troy Palamalu’s long hair, and Ben Rothlisberger’s beard, why shouldn’t we do a little counter-programming, here at the UCTMW media empire, and flood the zone with multiple shots of Mistress’s million dollar ass, collected in our extensive photo archive.

I may even be able to persuade Mistress to pose for a few new ones for this celebration of one of her finest physical attributes.

This one is from a few months back, when Mick and Molly “did it”, after hours, on my office floor.

Maybe by the end of the week we can take a vote on our readers’ favorite ass shot, for permanent posting here at UCTMW.

In the meantime, stay safe and warm out there. Here in River City, we are in the proverbial arm pit of the Great Storm of 2011: On the cusp between freezing rain and snow. Which means we seem to have been spared all but the howling wind, whipping through here off the plains, by way of Oklahoma.

I guess that means we won’t have Mistress pose for any outdoor ass shots anytime soon.


xantu said...

Lovely, very lovely. Rules at this corporation strictly proscribe nude photos so must decline any challenges for said photos.

Suzanne said...

I only find out about "Ass Week" on Wednesday..bummer. I hate falling behind on things. Just four days to make up for lost time, since my weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. Good thing the Super Bowl wasn't this past Sunday and the Steelers victorious. Would've made for a shitty Ass Week for yours truly.

KellyRed said...

Mick, It doesn't qualify for penalty status unless you do a little dance while sending it to the WC.

WC said...

I remember when you sent that pic to me as I was riding my bike home from work. If I remember corectly my comment was "are you guys trying to kill me?" too funny u 2 lunatics!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Suzanne- I promise to extend the week, at least through Stupor Sunday. After that... well maybe Jay will share with us a photo of your ass? But it is a shame he will be away.