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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boots of Spanish Leather

Today’s theme music…..courtesy of Nanci Griffith and Bob Dylan."Boots of Spanish Leather"

Mistress and her Slave do spend a lot of time out West…. In fact we are headed there tomorrow morning… solo…. For a long weekend of skiing and doing what we do when the kids are far away.

All that time in the Mountain Time Zone means we have acquired some lovely cowboy boots. Mistress has picked out the three pairs I have. And of course she has acquired several pairs of her own. They look a lot hotter on her than on me….do you think it's the unshaved leg thing?

I suppose we should put them to the test and try having sex in them this weekend to put an exclamation point on boot week!

It may seem that the boots have gotten on the way of sexcapades this week. Actually, its been a very busy work schedule that have impaired us a bit. Monday night, Mistress was out late at a rather dreary business dinner. By the time she got home she was bone tired and only ready to crash. And of course I was understanding, though I did want to hear about her evening.

“Did anyone flirt with you, Mistress?”

He snorted, in her very feminine and sexy way.

“No, Slave… it was a pretty dull group.”

Then yesterday morning, Mistress had an early call, and we had to be out the door by 7:30 am.

“Sorry, Slave…. But no sex this morning. Not enough time.”

Fortunately, I was able to drive with her, so I could avoid time in my cage. There’s nothing worse than cage time when it’s been a whole 24 hours or so since the last engagement. (Yeah, I know, Tammy and others out there, I’m a very spoiled Slave.)

Mistress did have a chance to stop by the office before lunch yesterday for a little personal attention. She had crushed velvet pants on, and ankle boots (damn, forgot to snap a photo), so there was a little more disrobing than normal before she assumed her throne and let me have at her. And she must have been a tad horny herself, as I remember her hips rising up off the share to meet my greedy mouth as her legs wrapped themselves around my neck and she came for me.

She gave me a little pat on the crotch as she was restoring her polished business look, “getting a little horny, Slave?”

“Uhh, yes, Mistress.”

She wiped my mouth a bit with her fingers.

“Got some lipstick there, Slave…”

“It may just be your sweet nectar, Mistress.”

We left the office around 5 pm. I was planning dinner of grilled Salmon and roasted potatoes. And Surly teen #2 had an interview at the house at 7:30 for a trip she may be taking next school year. But I was determined to end our “fast”, which by now was pushing 36 hours or so.

I must have seemed a little pathetic as I suggested that we quickly disrobe and get down to business. But Mistress was merciful, and indulged me.

First, I burrowed under the sheets, making sure that my lips and tongue showed her my gratitude. And then Mistress returned the favor, using her velvety lips to assure that my desperate cock met her standards.

Then she pushed me back, and straddled me.

“I think I’ll take it for a ride, Slave….”

“It’s ready to be ridden, Mistress….”

Ah, yes. And by the time we were done, there was just enough time to grill that Salmon.

During the interview that occurred later, our daughter was asked questions about her home life – to make sure she would be compatible with a family selected to host her next year.

“So, how would you describe your parents…. Quiet and reserved, or outgoing and adventurous?”

“Definitely quiet and reserved.”


By the way, things have not been so quiet in the comments section these last few days. It seems that our Western Correspondent M must be rallying from his health crisis, by the tone of his increasingly outrageous demands for corporate advancement. My theory is that one never gets a big promotion when out on sick leave. And before he has a personal interview with the CEO, who of course will make the final call on any re-shuffling of corporate titles.

So cool your jets and get yourself healthy and back to work, M.

And I’ve enjoyed the loyal responses from our new Senior Correspondent, Donna, who knows how to spout the company line. That woman has a future here at UCTMW Enterprises!

In particular, M was grousing about the temerity of a lowly Chief Safety Officer suggesting some job safety re-training for the CEO and our Western Correspondent, with the help of Ms. Marie. But keep in mind that my prime directive is to assure the profitability of UCTMW. That means making sure our key employees live to write another day, and also keeping a lid on health insurance and workers’ comp premiums.

Reckless behavior, whether in a branch office or in the executive suite here at our World HQ is sure to compromise our corporate mission.

And, let’s be honest, wouldn’t some time spent down in Ms. Marie’s dungeon, chained to one of her utilitarian furnishings, with that little electric shock collar tightly gripping the special occasion cock, help re-focus M on doing his job and doing it safely?

And wouldn’t a nice week of tight restraints, corporal punishment and orgasm denial in the hands of a professional remind our CEO that she can’t ride a bike and have sex chat with our WC at the same time?


beingaisha said...

Dear Quiet and Reserved Mick,

Your fantasies of other people - well, the WC and your Mistress - in Ms. Marie's dungeon are delightful, alhtough it strikes me as a little dangerous for you to wax too enthusiastic about it. I particulary liked the way you referred to your Mistress as the CEO - didya think she wouldn't realize you meant her? I'm just thinking some payback might be in order, from her perspective.

On the other hand, you are right - there should be consequences for wanton disregard of safety standards... but what do i know?

Glad you got some release lately too!


Donna said...

I've been promoted! Woo-hoo! Will my salary be doubled? Wait, I seem to remember from the math classes of my youth something called the zero-product property: 0 multiplied by any number a is 0.

Speaking of my youth, there is a little situation with the name of the position, SENIOR Correspondent. Mick, you may not be aware of this, but after a lady's 50th birthday, about the same time her first AARP card arrives in the mail, a lady no longer wishes to be referred to as a SENIOR anything. Might we substitute OUTSTANDING or DAMN FINE or SIMPLY WONDERFUL for the word Senior?

Just to keep you posted, I was unable to find a desk in the dumpster behind Aaron Rents as you suggested, but I stopped by Ethan Allen and they were happy to accept an order for a beautiful Walnut desk, credenza and bookcase set, all to be delivered next week. Don't worry about arranging for payment, I found your MasterCard number in the file at the office and it is all taken care of.

I'll use the same card number to buy appropriate clothing and shoes while you are out of town on vacation next week.

Was there anything else you want me to handle today?

Your Damn Fine Correspondent,

Donna said...

PS I took the liberty of leaving a can of a product called Nair on your desk. Instructions are on side of the can. You might want to leave it on for a few extra minutes.

WC said...

Donna its good to see you are not the corporate suck up Mick Collins believed you to be.

You will be a damm fine correspondent, following in My tradidtion of bucking the home office, Mick Collins in particular.

Feel free to used his credidt card for any expences yuou deem necessary.

The future CFO,


And Aishi,
I think you are exactly right, some payback is definatly in order and I will be talking to our beloved CEO about just that subject this afternoon!

The outraged on behalf of our beloved CEO,


The way that man carries on you would think he was the CEO.

Anonymous said...

Hello Our Friends,
I have been remiss in providing any feedback. Vanilla life in the WAY for sure.
1) Miss B: your comments about my body are beautiful. Thanks. Mick does NOT permit plastic surgery -- so am stuck with what I've got.
2) Donna: your passion and tenacity is appreciated!
3) Aisha: Ditto
4) WC: thanks for looking out for my interests. This sucking up will serve you well.
CEO and Super Dom and Sub

Mystress said...

Looooove those Spanish boots. Quite an inspiration. Me thinks me needs to find a few none severe weather boots. Does Molly have any fave boot links to share by any chance?

As a side note for boot week, Paladin and I were once at a Dommes-R-Us Christmas party and watched a male sub undo his Mistress's knee high lace boots with only his teeth. Took him well over a half hour. It was fascinating to watch him in such deep sub space as he focused on his endouver. We were both quite fascinated.

Loving the theme week,
Would like to see the W C in boots too!
Best to all,
Mystress & family