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Thursday, February 3, 2011

HNT / Planning a Ski Trip as Ass Week Continues

Our second entry for Ass Week here at UCTMW is a shot from a recent switch day. You can’t see it, but Mistress’s legs are tied tightly to the bed. Her arms are cuffed and likewise bound to the bed. I enjoyed seeing her wriggle that lovely ass as she tried to get the power tool positioned just right. It took her a lot of time. And a lot of energy. By the time she finally was begging for position to come, the poor dear was all tuckered out. But it seemed the effort was worth it…..

Hope that gets the jaws flapping over at All Mine. We like the idea of getting Suzanne’s gents in trouble.

And speaking of Jay, Tammy and Suzanne, well, actually we were -- at our local watering hole last night.

The Great Storm of 2011 was petering out here – River City had just received a glancing blow – and a gentle snow was falling on the quiet streets of our little town. The brutal wind had died off. It seemed like a nice night to bundle up and walk down to our “local”. As Mistress sipped her Amaretto, and I my Jamieson, we talked about an upcoming ski getaway at the end of this month.

“You know, Mistress. Jay and Tammy sometimes ski together. Maybe we should invite the three of them to join us out there sometime….”

“Hmmmm….. that would be interesting….”

Mistress raised an eyebrow. Her curiosity was piqued.

“It sure would be nice to have someone else to help with the chores.”

I was thinking Tammy doing some light dusting, as I carted in wood for the fire, or maybe cleared some dead brush in preparation for spring. It might be natural for our chores to break down into the traditional “house slave” / “field slave” categories.

“But where would they sleep, Slave?”

“Well, if they joined us, they could have the guest bedroom and the “office” (with its fold out couch) to divide up as they saw fit, Mistress…. We wouldn’t want to micromanage.”

Then again, there are some lovely B & B’s nearby, should they want a little more privacy.

“I suppose that might work, Slave.”

“Of course the pecking order would be a little more complicated wouldn’t it?”

“How do you mean, Slave?”

“Well you have to admit that Suzanne, is a lot more Dommish than you are. And Tammy, certainly is required to submit much more thoroughly than me….and on Switch Day, well, the permutations are unlimited.”

“It would certainly be intriguing, Slave….maybe I could get Suzanne to give me a few pointers on how to manage you better…. I bet she thinks I’m a little too indulgent.”

“No doubt, Mistress … No doubt …. And since she seems so generous with Tammy’s attentions, we might even get to have  a little “worship-off” – I wonder who could get you off faster only using lips and tongue?”

Not that speed in necessarily a good thing Maybe we could devise a scoring system.

As we walked home through the snow, watching our footing as best we could, the talk turned to how the Western Correspondent would react to these arrangements.

“My guess - it would drive him crazy, Mistress.  He’d want to be in on the ‘action’”.

“Well he certainly has been invited in the past, Slave…. And he’s only a few hours away.”

“Knowing he might get a glimpse of all these characters that enrich his smutty fantasy life would make a quick drive south rather hard to resist….”

Back at home we shed the thick coats and prepared for bed. And, sure enough, there was a text from the WC, asking if Mistress had time to chat.

I offered to leave the room, but she demurred.

“No, Slave…. Get into bed next to me.”

They talked  a bit about their day, and she shared our little speculations about inviting the All Mine crew out West for a long ski weekend.

“Mick says it would drive you batty to miss that gathering, M….”

Of course, I did not catch the response.  Just Mistress’s giggles, and the subtle little signals her body sends off when she is stoking her infatuation with our WC.

And soon I was setting aside the Sports page from the Times to do what this Slave does best.

“He’s at it again M, under the sheets… attacking me with his lips ….”

And M quickly got with the program. Mistress soon was focused on his voice as I acted as the instrument of whatever crude fantasy he was spinning for her.  Mistress took her time, building to a lovely crescendo, all the while murmuring to him those sweet little phrases ….

“Yes…. M….I would M….”

Oh, I am sure she would.

Mistress had one of those hip bucking, leg scissoring cums,  with the benefit of our mutual attention. Then she rolled over and whispered some sweet good nights to M. They confirmed their plans for a “date” this morning, after Mistress attends a little conference with Surly Teen #2’s guidance counselor.

I guess that means it’s a cock cage day for me…. Better remember to slide on that ring before I go out into the cold and retrieve the newspapers.

Stay warm out there!


Suzanne said...

Someone in the Quantitative Analysis Dept. is working on the permutations as we speak. If the WC's brother is invited (the one who goes around sticking his finger up female's asses), count me out :)

WC said...


I don't think a finger up your ass is what you need to be worried about!

The greatly amused ,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

for any number of reasons, the WC's brother is not in the invitation list. Mick