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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Press It Up Against Me, Slave."

That’s what Mistress said last night when it was lights out here in River City. In fact, that’s what she usually says. She likes the feel of my cock pressed up between the cheeks of that delightful ass as she slips off to dream land.

And of course I try to accommodate, spooning up against her, an arm wrapped around her resting on a breast. 

Last night, the cock was all worn out, a little damp from some power fucking, the type that goes on for a long time, in part because after a long and busy day, Slave has the energy to get his cock nice and hard (with some handy provocation from Mistress) but not the energy and focus for a quick cum, once Mistress’s needs are “resolved”.

So Mistress had the experience of me taking a long slow and persistent time before I begged for permission. And I heard no complaints. In fact, Mistress seems to enjoy that long slow fuck, with a few additional orgasms tossed in to keep her entertained along the way.

Before the fucking part, we had been laying in bed, watching the uplifting if unnerving news from Cairo on my laptop (That Erin Burnett on NBC must have packed a lot of wardrobe for this story – I swear we saw her in 3 tops over the course of the evening).

Mistress was multi-tasking: trolling through facebook to check out photos of friends, while texting back and forth with our Western Correspondent.

M’s town, out there on the edge of the Rockies, was in the crosshairs of the weather Armageddon that the networks are obsessing about, and M texted Molly that the temperatures were supposedly headed for 17 below.

“Better warn him to protect the equipment, Mistress …. They say once a body part suffers frost bite, it’s even more vulnerable the next time….”

We sure don’t want to see  UCTMW Worker’s comp premiums spike. Profit margins are pretty thin already, and can barely keep Mistress in power tools and tricked out black tights.

Mistress must have passed on the message. When the little text chime went off, she snickered.

“He wants to know when Donna is going to deliver his cock cozy…. He may need it this week.”

A bit later, Mistress was texting some more, and mentioned that M was complaining that he’s getting “fat”…. Has all that rehabilitation  made him a couch potato?

“I guess we could adopt a wellness program, Mistress …. Don’t want our far flung staff getting too thick… that’s going to drive up health care costs.

When M got wind of this possibility, he began layering on the demands …. Gym membership …. Massage therapist …. You get the picture.  I’m wondering if we can outsource his job to someone in India, who won’t abuse the expense account, but can still keep Mistress entertained with the occasional rampant cock shot?

Something to consider when we update the UCTMW strategic plan.

It was about that time that Mistress signed off with M, and I shut down the news feed.

“I told him we’re having sex now, Slave.”

And so we did.

But at around 4:15 am, I heard from Mistress again.

“I’m having trouble sleeping Slave….”

Hmmm. I wasn’t. But I do live to serve her.  I stifled a yawn, and did my best to respond.

“Would you like me to deploy your power tool, Mistress?”

I wasn’t too confident that the batteries on my organic tool had recharged sufficiently, if you know what I mean.

No, Slave…. I think I want the real one….”

I tried to wake myself, then sidled up next to her. Fingers slid between those familiar folds. Already damp. Teeth latched onto vibrant nipples. Deep kisses were exchanged as Mistress’s lovely body wound itself around mine.

Soon my fingers were having the desired effect, as Mistress moaned and writhed her way through a seemingly satisfying cum.

Would this make her drowsy?

Uhhh, No.

“How’s my cock, Slave….”

Her well manicured hands sought it out… and, I was surprised to discover that it was …. interested. Soon, with some additional provocation from Mistress’s skilled fingers, it was very interested. So interested that I was begging for the opportunity to demonstrate it’s intended purpose.

Not unlike a few hours earlier, this turned into one of those long drawn out affairs. At some point I took a break to slide off my T-Shirt.

“It’s getting hot in here, Mistress….”

“Yes, Slave…. Very.”

And when we were finally done – after permission was granted and taken – I slid back to sleep for a while, having served my purpose. But Mistress  -- she was up and running – on her lap-top, responding to office emails, checking the weather.  Very focused.

No wonder she’s the CEO. And I’m the lackey.


beingaisha said...

I love the way sex and orgasms wind their way through your lives... and of course the snappy patter of the WC - you might be able to outsource the cock (no offense, WC) but not the patter.


WC said...

Thank you Aisha,

It is just a good thing that Mick Collins is not the CEO of this media empire. He truly is heartless in his treatment of the poor over worked and under paid WC. My god, you would think he got his professional training in the Wallmart HR department.

I think I will call him "old bottom line Mick " from now on. You would think that he was writing the checks from his own account, instead of UCTMW's billion dollar war chest.

Thank goodness our CEO has a heart.

And btw CEO molly... that spa in arizona told me the would give me a special rate, only $750.00 per night plus meals, drinks and gratuity ( and get this, they told me my massage therapist could stay for free!).

Should I book the trip or do you want to book it from UCTMW headquarters . I would like to get the miles my preference would be to book it myself as long a UCTMW will reimburse me before my American Express bill comes due.

Oh, and btw I can get a first class upgrade for only $200.00 dollars more, and I think that would be much better for the injured member, It really does not like flying with the great unwashed masses.

Your ever humble servant,


over worked and under paid,

and badly injured,


WC said...

Oh and Molly,

A few other things. With the $ 200.00 upgrad my gofg clubs will fly free, no bag charge. And the course next to the spa (spipperyrock CC) has a "play three and the forth is on us program." And get this , the green fee's are only $425.00 per round. The medical professionals hace recomended the in addition to the thrice dayly massage threaments, of the injured member, that I play 36 holesw of golf per day. Therefore, UCTMW will be saving $425,00 every other day!

Slipperyrock has assured me the this program will stay in effect until April, 1 2011. By the time April rolews around it will be getting a little too hot for the WC's liking so I am checking rate at the Del Cornada in San Diego. Will get back to you on that.

But June 1, 2011 the WC should be well enough to return home, and will only need UCTMW to pay the dues on my golf and swim country club for the rest of the year.

As you can see I am trying to keep the costs of this injury as low a possible so as not the strain the budget at UCTMW.

I remain,

your humble servant,

the badly injured,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I have a feeling the WC is taking a page out of the Hunter S. Thompson playbook .... but at least he wrote a few articles every now and then. Mick

WC said...

Hunter used to hang out at one of the WC's favorite watering holes, the Woddy Creek Tavern, near Aspen. Princess Di once went there and used the bathroom. As soon as she left they hung up the toilet seat with a sign that the last bare bottom on the seat was hers!

The greatly amused,


Mystress said...

Greetings.. my first time here.. and a delightful posting to read indeed! Very well written and enjoyable. The subject line caught my eye on another blog (as it happens to be one of my favorite things to say to Paladin), and I followed it here. And I am very glad that I did..I'll certainly be back!

Safe Paths to all,

mouse said...



PS mouse made your crisp recipe today (with small variations) and it looks very yummy.