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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dispatch from the City on the Lake

The UCTMW mobile unit headed north yesterday, surly teens on board, for a little mid-winter get-away to what soon will be Rahm-Town.  Slave has some business meetings today and tomorrow. And the Women folk will be visiting a college campus and enjoying the amenities of this grand town.

The good part is that the teens are staying at a relative’s apartment, leaving Molly and Mick to this nice hotel room, the muted sound of the L ten floors below providing the background music.  So if our entries are a little on the pithy side this weekend, it’s because Mistress seems so lonely in that big comfy king sized bed just behind me.

I know all are expecting an update on the sad plight of our Western Correspondent, who remains in hospital, though he claims he is going to bust loose today.

In the morning, I sent a text to him expressing the good wishes of Suzanne and the Sub-sisters. His grogged out response was somewhere between gibberish and “thanks for the good words.”  And as we drove north yesterday afternoon, Mistress was receiving some rather disjointed messages from him – probably fit in between tours conducted for the nursing staff to share surreptitious viewings of his 8th wonder of the world.

“I’m not sure why, but they keep giving me sponge baths…” seemed to be one of his messages, if you could translate from the ham fingered drug induced ramblings. We can suspect exactly why, M.

Mistress told me she responded, “wish I was there to administer a very thorough sponge bath….”

At one point Mistress held up her I-phone to show me a photo he sent via text message of an arm with various bandages and tubes running in and out.  Yuck. I hate hospitals. I cringe at the thought of all those invasive devices.

Of course we got a few more messages as we drove north. Donna shared some clever get-well cards, for us to pass onto M. I’ve posted one of them here.  And she and Suzanne have already sent us some images to use for “Boot Week”.  Please keep that in mind. We will kick things off on Monday.

By the time we checked into our hotel room, it was around 8 pm here, and Mistress was anxious to hear M’s voice. AS I checked some work emails, Mistress was finally able to get through on the hospital phone next to his bed. 

They chatted with animation, suggesting that M must be recovering slowly but surely. And  here’s the cutest thing: Because M is computer-less in his little hospital room, he is missing the chance to read this and the other blogs he follows. So Mistress did some reading to him, like she was at bedside. She read all of your clever and puckish comments from yesterday, which I am sure warmed M’s little heart and larger cock. Then she read our whole blog, including Donna’s dispatch about their trip to the shoe store.

And Mistress summarized with her own lascivious commentary some of the other blogs, with particular emphasis on the cunning surprise Jay and Tammy threw for Suzanne on Valentine’s night.  I suspect that one did more than warm his heart!

Listening to how this talk clearly cheered our WC in his hour of need made me all the more aware how our blogs can bring some cheer and light (and maybe a little more) to those of you who follow. One more reason to get up early in the am for these little home work assignments.

After their call, Mistress and I adjourned to the hip if noisy hotel bar for a drink and some light repast. It had been a long day and we knew the large cozy bed awaited. But as we sipped our beverages and eyed the animated bar crowd – all trying a little too hard to pretend they were in the Big Apple rather than the 2nd City – we talked about our fallen comrade.

“I hope it’s not too weird listening to me talk to him, Slave…”

“Not at all Mistress. I’m certainly used to it. And I think of him as my good friend too. Not the kind with benefits, of course…. That’s your privilege.”

And it’s true. Mistress has been talking to M for about a year now. He’s a regular and positive part of her life. It’s no wonder she was very worried about him these last few days.  Let’s hope he follows Doctor’s orders and is up and back in action soon.

Soon Mistress and Slave were headed back to our hotel room. And you can imagine what developed next.

Mistress had a lacy thong on and under the covers, I proceeded to slide it aside as I devoured her, squeezing a seemingly satisfying starter cum from those fragrant folds. It had been what …. 13 hours.

 I was hungry for her.

Then Mistress was up, next to me.

“Let me suck it slave….”

And she did. With a teasing fervor, combining mouth and those lovely well manicured fingers until her Slave was writhing on the bed, begging to fuck her.

“Why Slave…. What’s the rush..  Maybe I should make you come this way….”

“Arghhh…. But you don’t want to waste a good hard cock, do you Mistress…..”

“Excellent point, Slave…..”

And with that she released her grip, lay back, and gave me clearance.  And I leapt at the opportunity.

It was an excellent way to end our day here along the lakeshore


nilla said...

Chi-town is chock-full of pleasant memories for nilla two youngest were born there, and many adventures ensued as we headed west to scoop them up into our family fold...*smiling*

Hope your time there is hot and wet.


and continuing to send the WC hugs and whammies and "get better soon you big Lug" thoughts.

As for you two? *grins*

you know what i'm thinkin...


Donna said...

Mick, you cringe at the thought of invasive devices? That's odd. I thought you enjoyed a couple of well placed invasive devices when administered or ordered by your Mistress. My mistake.

Speaking of my mistakes, my Dom/Hubby/Bill read all the posts for the week (along with the comments, sadly) and now requires that I offer WC a sincere apology for my comments of the 14th, referring to WC's Great Magnificence as his "chilly-willy" and making a certain comment about clothespins. I tried to point out to Bill that WC seemed to take it well, but I am now in the land of no rewards (if you know what I mean) until I make things right.

So, here we go.

Dear WC, Sorry about that. Donna

Really, that's the best I can do; verbal apologies are not my forte. I'll try to give him a few positive strokes when he shows up for his fitting.

Enjoy your room, and all the amenities!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Poor WC.. his cell phone died and we've not heard whether he's been sprung loose yet. so keep sending him those get well vibes. meanwhile, Mistress has been out on Michigan Ave. with the surly teens, surreptitiously taking boot photos. Mick

WC said...

Thanks for all the kind wishes, I am on the slow road to recovery.

The ever humble


beingaisha said...

Gosh - glad the WC is better, but -

Donna, sorry you had to apologize on pain of "no rewards.."

On the other hand, that wasn't much of an apology, so I guess it works out, right?

And glad, as always, that all is well in Mick and Molly world.