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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sex With Strangers

Figured that headline would grab you. Actually, that’s the name of a play Molly and Mick saw last night here in the Windy City.  The review is here.

What drew our attention was the plot line: young studly sex blogger,  hits it big  with a book based on his blog about sexual encounters with women he meets at bars. He hooks up with  somewhat older female novelist in a charming Michigan Inn, and  introduces her to the world of sex blogging, in between their own sexual encounters.

It may not be Pinter or Mamet, but the play is well acted, funny and entertaining. And of course we could relate to the themes: the high of getting comments from the blogosphere, whether its safe or taboo to write about a partner who is also reading your blog, and the alternative universe that develops when you create an alternative identity to share chunks of your life with strangers out there on the internet.

Afterwards, we lingered for some discussion led by one of the theatre’s creative types and the male actor. There were some  intriguing questions and answers about the characters and the imagery used by the author. Towards the end of the discussion,  Slave was tempted to make known that these strangers among them has a sex blog of their own, and could validate some of the experiences of the play’s characters.   But Mistress gave me a sharp elbow, to stifle my revelations, and I kept in “my place”, as a good Slave should.

Before heading to the theater, we did have a nice final day here in the Windy City. There were some sultry and satisfying sexual activities here in our comfy king bed, both in the morning, before my final session of my meetings here, and then later in the afternoon, after we lunched with Surly teen #2 and walked back down a crowded, sun lit Michigan Ave.

But there will be a sad lost opportunity.

We have to get going early this morning – I have a sister visiting in River City and a big family dinner extravaganza is planned at our house. So we will miss a full blown Switch Day here.

And our room has a great unexpected prop for it: a large pillar, perfect for binding a lovely naked Molly.  I had her pose against it yesterday for you to see.

Imagine her: legs spread wide, arms overhead (just need a hook for the ceiling). A bit of cropping, then the punitive application of the power tool until she is wheedling and whining and begging for my cock.

But alas, no sufficient binding materials. And not enough time before the kids need to be collected and we hit the long road back to River City.

Maybe next trip. When I ask for a reservation I need to remember to request a pillar room.  I wonder how often that happens?

Mistress did have a brief chance to talk to our Western Correspondent yesterday morning. It seems he decided to take his recovery on the road, disconnecting his IV’s. Presumably the MD substituted sufficient meds. Of course we remain worried and think he is a bit insane. But we hope he knows what he is doing and will continue to recover.

Apparently M is the medical equivalent of a “home school-er”. 

Don’t get me started on them.

Donna, our Southern Correspondent, made these worthwhile observations in an email to Molly after we shared that news with her:

“An ill Dom, especially a recently hospitalized Dom, is not an easy being to deal with. They are like caged lions, and that analogy isn't so far off.

I would bet that in addition to leaving the hospital early, WC will also want to stop taking his medications before he should. Let me tell you, when Bill is ill, I am the one who could use some decent drugs. LOL Not that all men aren't overly dramatic about illness, but male Doms? Geez!”

It sounds as if Donna speaks from well learned experience. Maybe we need to get Ms. Marie to take over our WC’s recovery…. M does seem to have a soft (or is it hard) spot for her.

I doubt she would have allowed any disconnection of IV’s!

Donna is also anticipating boot week, which will start tomorrow.

“Can't wait to see the boots! Bill walking around naked in his boots so I could take a few pics just didn't do it for me! Although his attempts at provocative poses did send me into hysterics. Lol”

We are looking forward to some of those shots, Donna!


sin said...

Oh the play and the book and the blog sound wonderful. I'm going to check them out.

I understand the impluse of wanting to reveal yourself, we were talking about it at Aisha's blog. And I certainly understand Molly's warning elbow in the ribs too.

And I'm with you on home-schoolers. At least I think I am. How can I really know if you don't go there?

beingaisha said...

Omigod, I totally want to see that play. How cool!

Too bad about losing out on switch day - the pillar would have been great, and of course the photo is fantastic anyhow.

Can't wait to see boots...


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

The funny part I forgot to mention: when you walk into the lobby the greeter asks everyone this question"

"Are you here for sex with strangers?"

MissBehaviour said...

The entire trip was worthwhile just for the opportunity to see a 'full' picture of the divine Molly - at least in the eyes of her worshippers ;-)

You didn't tell us whether you got the pleasure of pleasuring her right though those gorgeous lace panties....


sissy tammy said...

It's a good thing Suzanne didn't know the play was running in Chicago. She might have foregone Her weekend of skiing in Vermont!

Our best wishes to WC once again for a full recovery.

WC said...

Donna I love the banter we share back and forth and I really respect all you a have overcome

of course I forgive u and you do need your orgasms

and tell that cheapskate Mick Collins to spend a little of UCTMW's war chest to get me a cock cozy so this never happen again!

The loves to banter with Donna


Donna said...

YES! Thank you, thank you...must go...things to take care of....

Donna said...

Ah...Sooo much better! Thanks WC!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

it's good to hear from the beleagured WC... and yes, MisBehavior, I did feast on Mistress through those hot black lace panties. Mick

WC said...

My pleasure Donna,

I always love your wit and wisdom,

The glad to have been of assistance